Thursday, May 10, 2012

Washington Post Caught Making 
Sh!t Up Again

Remember when Gov. Rick Perry of Texas was looking like a viable candidate? 

Oh God, please don't remind me...I'm almost over it....

Yeah, sorry about this Rick, but it's gotta be done.  Just as Perry was getting his campaign moving the Washington Post decided this would be a perfect time to dredge up some useless fact from decades in the past about a piece of land the Perry family leased to hunt on that had this big rock with a racial slur painted on it.  

The MSM spent over a week flogging the story to death from coast to coast despite the fact that if you looked at the details you would notice: 

1. The Perry family only leased a part of the land, they did not own it, it did not belong to them.  
2. They did not paint the offensive slur on the rock. 
3. The rock was painted over long ago.  

But this apparently was the only way the MSM could tie 'Rick Perry' and the word 'N***r' together in the same sentence and hey, you have to work with what you get.  So we got days 'n days of outrageous OUTRAGE!!! over this LAND THAT THE PERRY FAMILY OWNED where they had PAINTED THIS TERRIBLE WORD n stuff! 

Today the Washington Post thought it would be a great idea to look back into Mitt Romney's school days way back in 1965 at some pranks he did as a kid.  

There are several real problems with that article, but thus far here's the main one that has developed over this particular passage about a prank where Romney cut another student's hair: 

Click for larger image of Stu White being troubled for years by Lauber incident

Stu White was interviewed today after WaPo put that article up about the cutting of Lauber's hair.  What did he say about it? 

Click for larger image showing WaPo reporter Jason Horowitz to be a lying hack


Retracto, the Amazing Retraction Alpaca at Big Journalism has contacted WaPo reporter Jason Horowitz to ask 'Hey Dude, WTF?!':

Waiting to see if a retraction/correction occurs. Stay tuned! 

When I checked the WaPo article again at 9:40 pm CST, it has now been changed to read this way: 

Click for larger image showing the new text

Nowhere in the article does the Washington Post admit they have made a retraction/correction to the news story.  

UPDATE II:  ....and the story just keeps falling apart:

Now one of Lauber's sisters says she had no knowledge whatsoever of any bullying incident: 

Not only did she have no knowledge of this supposed life-defining moment for her brother, the entire family has released a statement in which they castigate WaPo for turning their brother into a political football, and state that the portrayal of him in Horowitz's article is 'factually inaccurate'.  

UPDATE III:  After 2 days, WaPo finally admits they changed the story: 

The following text now appears at the end of the article: 
Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story reported that White “has long been bothered” by the Lauber incident. White later clarified in a subsequent interview that he has been disturbed by the incident since he learned of it several weeks ago from a former classmate, before being contacted by The Washington Post.
Yeah. Uh-huh. Sure. Horowitz can't get the facts straight from an interview he had with a living person. I'm sure this means the 2nd hand conversation with a dead man that forms the bulk of the articles thrust, that Lauber was scarred for life by this incident or something is beyond reproach.


  1. Are you sure you have enough ads on your site? It's like goddamn Nascar here.

    1. Sorry about that. I got dumped by Google ads, this was just about the only alternative. At least I've found the ads are easy to close............

    2. AdBlockPlus FTW. Sorry, Bri.

  2. It's just another reason why the definition of journalist and prostitute have become the same.

    1. You shouldn't insult hard working prostitutes like that--they are honest about what they do!

  3. What do you make from the ads, like 30 cents a week? Come on...

    1. more than the WaPo makes on their "evolving" story

  4. I'm thinking that lefty propagandists...I mean, "journalists" are a lower form of life than trial lawyers.

  5. If this is the best the pukes at WaPo can deliver, then we are "in like Flynn". Gosh, my brothers did crap like this and got roasted but we all thought it was pretty funny. Everybody gets a turn(s) at being the goat in real life...gee the libs should love this as it makes everyone eqqqqqqqquuuuuuuaaaaaaaallllll!

  6. I'm sorry, but exactly WHO presumed this man (boy) to be gay? Jason Horowitz? And how the hell can you publish a story about a deceased private citizen without speaking with his family?

  7. Looks like the washington post is sucking on the Obama teat, doesn't it? Kinda like the offensive TIME magazine cover coming out soon.

  8. Journalism and prostitution are NOT the same! Prostitutes are up front about what they are selling, the media not so much.

  9. It sure seems like an awfully coordinated meme by the Preazy and the press is coming together around the whole gay issue. Just a coincidence I'm sure.

  10. Back in the day lots of people made fun of guys with long hair. No one presumed/thought the person was homosexual. As a matter of fact most of the guys who were gay had short hair. The hippie types had long hair. Leave it to the leftist media, always looking for a "gotcha" to make Mitt look like a homophobe. What a croc.

  11. Hazing was a part of growing up back then. Hell, when I was in high school in the 1980's, we were still taping each other to goalposts and dousing with water.

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