Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ron Paul Is Really Racking Up 
Those Endorsements, Eh? 

Vote for me or you hate the Constitution!
Whaddya mean you won't endorse me? Haven't you been listening to my 
minions?! I'm the ONLY MAN who can save America!!!

Due to a recent, ugly protracted discussion with a Paulbot on Twitter, allow me to point something out to the people still trying to push The Evil Gnome on American Conservatives:

Not a single prominent Conservative is backing Ron Paul.

A list of Ron Paul's Non-Endorsers: 

1. Rush Limbaugh
2. Sean Hannity
3. Michelle Malkin
4. Mark Levin
5. Glenn Beck
6. Sarah Palin
7. Ann Coulter
8. Newt Gingrich
9. Rick Santorum
10. Rick Perry
11. Grover Norquist
12. Tammy Bruce
13. Jonah Goldberg
14. George Will
15. Charles Krauthammer

Wait, wait, I'm going about this wrong, aren't I?  How about I make a list of prominent Conservatives that HAVE endorsed Ron Paul?  Sound like  a better idea?  OK, here we go!

........And that's all, folks!

There's a reason Ron Paul isn't getting any endorsements from Conservative leaders.  That's because Ron Paul isn't a Conservative.  He is a Libertarian and an extreme one.  He is an anti-Semitic clown that can't shuffle off the national stage fast enough.  Perhaps he can join Pat Buchanan on MSNBC.  I really don't care.

What's important is after this election at long last the utter stupidity of this guy's personality  cult swarming the internet trying to fool Conservatives into backing this quack will at long last be over.

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