Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No, That WASN'T Your
Imagination Playing
Tricks On You

Obama really DID lose 40% of the vote or more in 3 Democratic primaries in 3 states in the past 2 weeks.  

Had that been an incumbent Republican President losing over 1/3rd of his own party's vote in a re-election bid, you can bet it wouldn't have been quickly memory-holed like it was for O. 

If this had been, say...George W. Bush in 2004 running for re-election losing 40% of the vote or more in Republican states like AZ, OK, etc. etc. this would have been good for more than a week of MSM pundits stroking their chins for the camera as they opined about the deep and serious problems facing Bush & the Republican party.   It would have dominated news cycles for some time.

It's not important news if we bury it after 2 days. 

Because it's Obama? It got about 2 days of coverage, reluctant at that & then it was quickly shoved down the memory hole.  Aside from racist working class Dems in KY, ARK and WV, nothing to see here folks! 


BTW, for those of you who need a reminder, Keith Judd does not even live in West Virginia. He lives in Texas.  In a prison. Due to the fact he is a convicted felon serving out a prison sentence.  

I can't even find West Virginia on a map! 

Click image for larger version of Democratic party hilarity

Kentucky had a closed primary, which means only registered Democrats were allowed to vote.  Of 202,216 that did so that day, a full 42% selected 'Uncommitted' instead of the guy who's been President for the last 3 1/2 years, Barack Obama.

That Uncommitted is a hell of a guy in Kentucky!
More popular than ever! 

Click image to see how many votes a guy who doesn't even live in 
Arkansas got vs. Obama

Like Keith Judd up there, John Wolfe does not even live in the state in which he garnered over 42% of the vote away from Barack Obama.  He's a Tennessee attorney and one of those guy's who's hobby is running for President.  

It was this or fly fishing, and you get more hot chicks
than fly fishing. 

This late in the process if the Democrats can't unite behind their own guy, that's a hell of a story.  But don't wait for the Old Media to tell it to you.  Only if it's the Republican in trouble is it worth a full week of coverage.  

With more primaries coming in the next few weeks in states like Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico & South Dakota, it very well could happen again.  

The MSM's quick burying of Obama's triple-primary-embarrassment coupled with last week's laughable rollout of the narrative that all of Obama's stimulus spending was actually BUSH'S FAULT! [complete with MOSTLY TRUE! rating by Politifarce!] is not only a study in denial, it's a study of desperation. 

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