Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Time For Cities To Stop Coddling The Black Bloc

There Is No Constitutional Right That Allows You to Protest In Public Wearing A Mask Over Your Face 

The cool new term they've adopted for themselves is 'Antifa' which is short for 'Anti-Fascist', but those who've followed this violent group for years knows it still the same old fascistic Black Bloc. 

They hate free speech, they hate property rights and for years these masked goons have been allowed to wreak havoc on American cities and innocent passerby in cities like Seattle, Berkeley, Oakland, and elsewhere.  Though this started as chiefly a California phenomenon, it has spread to the rest of the country.  

Why? Because gutless city officials and police departments have been allowing it to.  

For almost 2 decades this violent group has been allowed free reign to engage in violence and vandalism with their masks firmly in place. 

And there is absolutely no reason it should have been allowed. 

The LA Time Black Bloc Profile

Recently when Richard Spencer, the nation's most visible white supremacist, gave a speech at Auburn, the Auburn police department demonstrated how you keep the Black Bloc under complete control with this one amazing trick: 

They made the Black Bloc goons take their masks off before allowing them into the area. 

The anonymity of being allowed to wear their masks and keep their faces hidden is what emboldens the Black Bloc to engage in most of the violence and millions of dollars worth of vandalism it has engaged in.  

On April 15 at Berkeley, here is just 1 of many assaults carried out that day by the Black Bloc. Watch them jump this guy for getting too close with a camera.

In the 1999 protests in the city of Seattle, Black Bloc anarchists managed to inflict $20 million dollars worth of vandalism as they violently protested the World Trade Organization meeting there.  

You'd think city officials and police departments would have taken action to crack down on these kind of Black Bloc groups after a display like that, but you'd be wrong.  Black Bloc anarchists have been allowed to continue to operate with impunity.  Not only did California police departments let these goons continue to appear masked in public, it's now spread all over the country.  

We're now in 2017 and still these Black Bloc activists are being allowed to show up in public places in groups with masks covering their faces.  Almost every time this allowed to happen, assaults and vandalism occur.  This group is not peaceful, it's not interested in peaceful protest and they make absolutely no secret of this. 

Listen as Yvette Ferlarca, one of the few Black Bloc leaders who has no problem publicly identifying herself, casually promises more violence unless the country starts giving radical far Leftists what they want:  

So this is a wakeup call to every single police department and every single mayor of cities in which these anarchists appear:  

Unmask them.  

If you refuse to do this, then you are being derelict in your duty to protect the public and the public's property.  You may as well sign a pledge saying you will allow the Black Bloc to continue their acts of violence and vandalism in anonymity, that you will not do anything that will allow them to be identified so they can be held accountable for their actions. 

And the voters should and will begin to hold you accountable for this.  People have had enough of these masked goons rampaging through their cities. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When History Turns On You

Understanding The Pathological Progressive Hatred In The Era Of Trump

Brian Cates

Despite Progressives selling a narrative for decades of pushy Conservatives trying to tell Americans how to live their lives, too many voters no longer buy this because Democrats & Progressives keep making it crystal clear who's really doing that.

Who is it that keeps insisting they will allow no safe spaces anywhere until they get their way? Is that really the Conservatives? 

"You're going to buy this health insurance or we'll punish you. You're going to let that guy into the women's bathroom or else."

"We're going to constantly harangue you at awards shows, in your movies, TV, comic books, video games, magazines & sporting events until you give in!"

You can't even retreat into sports any more, they won't let you. The elites are determined to raze every safe space for that Other America to the ground. 

You know what a fanatic is? It's someone who won't stop talking and won't change the subject who follows you around everywhere.

Americans have noticed which side keeps poking them in the chest & snarling "YOU WILL DO THIS OR ELSE!"

 Too many Americans constantly see who it is that's dictating their lives to them. They are very well aware of who's using the power of the government to force them to align with beliefs they don't hold. 

As long as their program was running smoothly, the Progressives didn't need to be so 'in your face' about it. But when people have had enough of the Progressive bullying & Democrats lose a few elections, watch out! 

Progressives move to scorched earth tactics. They will polarize & politicize everything in one long sustained tantrum that *must* touch every single aspect of American life.

The Left simply does not grasp that this is how they got Trump. They really don't. They are doubling down. They are going in even harder. 

Trump won because he managed to tap into the anger Americans feel at constantly being dictated at by their 'betters', the elite class. 

You can't hide the Progressive Agenda any more when so many Americans have seen that it boils down to "YOU ARE WRONG AND WE ARE GOING TO FORCE YOU TO CHANGE." 

The use of political correctness & peer pressure to try to drive Americans into conceding to a Progressive agenda backfired.  Once you've figured out the con, you don't fall for it any more. "Give us more power over you so we can make you live how we want or you are a racist/misogynist/fascist!" 

The only American response you can make to a Progressive that constantly wants more power over you to control your life is "F**k off."  Only as we're discovering, Progressive fanatics don't like being told to 'f**k off!'. They get really agitated when you do that. 

Remember all that BS we've heard for almost a decade about how Progressives are on the 'right side of history'?  The Left works  hard to develop this mindset that History Is On Our Side Not Yours, our agenda is inevitable, forward, comrades!

And then all of a sudden they lose a few elections and all the 'progress' they've been making is threatened and they don't handle it very well.

Using government force to enact their 'progress' on the rest of us is what warms the Progressive heart. And when all of a sudden the control of the government is wrested from their hands, Progressives begin to doubt. 

Their faith is shaken. 

The heretics are winning.  

That's impossible. 

That simply can't be happening. They must have cheated! 

Most Americans just want the gov't to leave them alone to live their lives as they see fit.  This bothers Progressives. A whole lot.  What's the point of having a gov't with all that power if you're not using it to force people to live the 'right' way?  The Left has always had an agenda for reshaping American society from the top down using gov't power.  They just don't openly talk about it. 

You know why Progressives lose their minds when they can't use the gov't to force people to live the way they want them to? 

It's because these fanatics have no other purpose in their lives other than this. 

This is it. 

That's all there is. 

Conservatives have God. We have our families. We have sports. We got other stuff we can do until the next election. We don't melt down. We don't get 'Obama Flu' or have to cancel college classes or threaten to endlessly leave the country if the 'wrong' person wins a political office. 

Progressive fanatics don't have or value these things. They lose an election and they lose their minds. You may have noticed this phenomena in the past when Progressives lose an election. "Bush Flu".  All those news media stories about wilting Lefties in dire need of counseling and trauma therapy to cope with a reality in which the wrong party was voted into power. 

They lose control of the government, their whole agenda to force you to live how they want grinds to a screeching halt. This is no joke. They are psychically traumatized by this loss of control. It wounds them to their very soul. 

And that's why since Trump won the election, & as he's gone about reshaping the leadership and direction of the federal government, the Progressive Leftists  are freaking out. 

It has only just now begun to dawn on these Progressive fanatics just how ephemeral & illusory all of Obama's 'progress' really was.  While Obama rammed through his stimulus bill & ObamaCare when Dems had control of all of Congress, he lost that in 2010.  For his last 6 years in office, Obama was frustrated & held in check on many issues by Congress & the Courts. 

The only type of 'progress' Obama could really force on the country was through control of the federal agencies & his pen & phone.  While he was in office, Obama could get through bureaucracy what he failed to achieve legislatively by making use of the EPA, the IRS,etc. 

The only real lasting changes are in the law & besides the ACA, Obama got precious little done on that front.  So for the last 6 years in office Obama contented himself with enforcing his 'progress' on the country using executive orders.

The problem with not being able to work with Congress & compromise your agenda is that most of the changes you make using Executive powers can be reversed later once Some Other Guy is in the White House. Obama didn't work with the Congress & contented himself with using federal agencies & his pen to effect a Progressive agenda.

Now, if Hillary Clinton had won this last Presidential election, for Progressives, things would've been mostly fine.  Sure, Hillary would've come in facing a Congress with both houses under Republicans, but she'd STILL have control of those federal agencies.  Like Obama, Hillary would've used her control of the federal government & her pen and phone to bypass Congress and keep the 'progress' moving forward. 

But Hillary didn't win. 

She lost. 

Trump is now the President. 

And all of a sudden, Progressives awaken to the danger. But they awaken far too late. 

The transitory nature of the 'progress' under Obama was driven home repeatedly from the very first day Trump was in office. In just 2 weeks Progressives have had to watch in stunned horror as Trump uses his own pen to undo vast swaths of Obama's 'progress'. 

While Trump uses his pen, the Progressive fanatics have also had to watch their precious federal government agencies endure a hostile takeover.  Instead of the EPA, ATF, Dept. of Ed., IRS being used to enforce a Progressive agenda, they are now being placed under 'enemy' control. 

Understand, in the progressive mind, any use of the government that doesn't enforce a progressive goal is by nature either useless or illegitimate.  To these fanatics, bureaucrats forcing Americans to live like Progressives wanted was fine. After all, that's what government is FOR, you hicks.

So Lefty fanatics having to watch that selfsame federal government suddenly being used *against* the Progressive agenda reduces them to a mouth-foaming frenzy.

We have hurt them deep into their souls by doing this, you know. In case you're wondering why they take this so personally.  For the Progressive fanatics, this is war. They are not being hyperbolic. They honestly and truly hate you. With a red hot passion. Just by using Trump to try to put the federal government in a posture where it'll leave you the hell alone to live your life how you want to live it. 

So as you watch the histrionics unfold in the coming years as these Progressive fanatics get more & more insane, just remember this: 

It's really upsetting to the snowflakes when they discover History really wasn't on their side after all.

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Left Prepares To Launch Donna Hylton As The New Spokesperson For Their Pet Causes

Hylton's Story Needs Serious Vetting Before The Book & Movie Based On Her Life Come Out

Meet the person the Left is grooming to be the public face of the narratives they hope to push on the country over the next few years:  Donna Hylton. 

Donna Hylton was a featured speaker at the recent Women's March in Washington DC. A women's rights activist who also champions prison reform, she joined far Left radicals such as Angela Davis in calling for a more Progressive America.  

[Quick refresher: Angela Davis was a Black Panther radical in the '60's who purchased guns that were smuggled into a courtroom that led to 4 people being shot to death. ]

You can view the speech Donna Hylton gave at C-SPAN'S website. She begins her remarks at 2 hours, 19 minutes and 40 seconds into the video. 
You can find plenty of pictures of Donna Hylton on-line with no problem whatsoever.  She's quickly found posing with a virtual Who'sWho of the radical Left.  

You know who you can't find a picture of?  The man she was sent to prison for helping to kidnap, torture for 2 weeks, and murder, Thomas Vigliarolo [or Vigliarole, depending on which news story you look at]. 

Hylton is intimately familiar with the US prison system, having served 27 years for participating in that crime. That's why since her release from prison on 2012, in addition to being a women's rights advocate, she's also speaking out for extensive prison reforms.  

You cannot Google Donna Hylton without quickly encountering mention of her powerful biography, "A Little Piece Of Light".  After 4 different mentions of the biography, I decided to try to track down a copy of it and discovered this as impossible as it has not yet been published. 

Of the articles and news features I saw discussing Hylton's bio, "A Little Piece of Light, all gave the impression that this was a powerful story that had already been published and this is story is what was making Hylton famous.  None mentioned the fact that not only has Hylton's biographical book not been published yet, the author tasked with writing the book may not have even finished it , as it's not due to hit bookshelves until Fall 2017.  

As the Hollywood Reporter reveals in the above link, books rights to Hylton's life story were sold at a competitive auction.  

Searching Hylton's name on-line also brought up the fact that not only is her biography not yet published, a movie is in pre-production based on this not-yet-published book in which actress Rosario Dawson will portray her.  

My guess is at various speaking engagements Hylton has so impressed some people with her account of her life story that there is real eagerness to bring that story to the public in both book and movie form.  

But this brings up an interesting question: is everybody just taking Hylton's word for it? Has anybody actually checked the veracity of the story she tells about her early life? 

Are people about to invest their money into publishing Hylton's story in book and movie form without doing basic fact checking to verify any of the details? 

As notes in it's article on Hylton, virtually all of her details about her early life are 'self reported'; that is, she's the only source for her history of adoption and childhood sexual abuse.  Is she telling the truth, or is it now just her personal version of the truth? 

Let's take a look at the story of her life that Hylton recounts to Jill Neimark, the writer of  the 1995 "Psychology Today' article, "The Story of a Murderess"

1. Her mother physically abused her.
2. She was adopted [legally?] by a couple that lived in NYC
3. She had a sister who was also legally adopted by this same couple.
4. Her adoptive father sexually abused her.
5. Her adoptive mother covered up this abuse more than once when questioned about it. Hylton claims repeated cries for help were ignored.
6. She was sexually abused by her math teacher.
7. She was sexually abused by her female babysitter & next door neighbor.

Let's ask some questions: 

Do Hylton's family members endorse and back up her story?

Are her adoptive parents still living? If so, what is their response to the story that Hylton tells about growing up in their home? Is there any record of this adoption having taken place?

Does Hylton's sister who was also adopted into that home confirm Hylton's version of events? 

The account of her early life found in the Psychology Today article was published in 1995.  Does the story Hylton tells today match what she told Jill Neimark in 1995?  

If I was someone preparing to spend my own money or attaching my name to a project to publicize this person's life story, I would make sure I did my due diligence first and checked all the basic facts.  

Because it should be evident if Hylton is not being forthright about her life story, especially the early years, *after* a book is published and *after* a film comes out, you'll end up not getting your money back after most of what the book and film recounts has been demonstrated to be bogus.