Friday, April 28, 2017

Planned Parenthood Is Going To Get What It Deserves

And DNC Media Won't Be Able To Stop It

Citizen journalist David Daleiden always said he had videos that were more damning. He wasn't lying.  He just dropped another one.
Planned Parenthood Official Caught On Tape

You know why this sting by The Center For Medical Progress has worked so brilliantly thus far? It's so obvious yet it's never really stressed.

Somebody flipped.  And it had to have been somebody really HIGH UP inside this network of baby butchery & organ selling for profit.  Somebody who intimately knew all of the details of how Planned Parenthood circumvented federal & state law to sell human organs for profit.

Daleiden & CMP knew EXACTLY how to approach these top Planned Parenthood officials, what pitch to make, what questions to ask.  That's not being lucky or an accident. Somebody who knew how the game was played coached these journalists on how to set up this sting.
With this latest video release, CMP just destroyed 2 years worth of Planned Parenthood lies that fees are only paid to reimburse their own costs.  "We make no profit from these human organ sales," Planned Parenthood has insisted since the 1st videos surfaced 2 years ago.
"We merely accept money to meet our own expenses."  

The new video utterly destroys this defense.

In the new video, Dr. Mary Gatter makes it very clear the organ buying company needs to have it's own agent in the clinic when the abortions are done.  This agent from the organ buying company is right there as the abortion is performed, taking the organs, packaging them, leaving with them.  Dr. Gatter makes it clear this is the preferred procedure, even mentioning another company by name that does this, Novagenix.

Dr. Gatter asking to be reassured Daleiden will have his own agent there inside the clinic to handle the organs is incredibly damning.
Recall what the sting was. Daleiden & his fellow journalists who are filming are pretending to be agents of a new organ buying company.  They set up pricing per specimen in the video, then Dr. Gatter wants to be assured they will have someone in the clinic itself.  That is, Dr. Gatter wants to be told Daleiden's fake company will have an agent in the clinic to handle the organs and take them away.

What possible costs could Planned Parenthood be incurring if an agent from the organ buying company is right there doing the collection and transportation of these human organs?  What exactly would Planned Parenthood need reimbursing for if the buying company's own agent is right there doing all the work?  If the Novagenix agent named 'Heather' takes the organs, packages them, leaves with them, what possible costs are incurred by Planned Parenthood?

Dr. Gatter gives the game away on Planned Parenthood's claiming they only take $ for these organs to match their 'costs'.  Because there are no costs to Planned Parenthood since 'Heather' is on the scene, any funds paid to Planned Parenthood by Novagenix is 100% pure profit & a violation of both state and federal laws.

An organization that receives $500 million+ tax dollars a year is being shown to be engaged in an ongoing criminal conspiracy to break state & federal law on human organ sales.

DNC Media is still selling after 2 years the narrative that Daleiden & CMP are trying to 'frame' Planned Parenthood using clever editing.  As this latest video clearly demonstrates, Planned Parenthood is not being 'framed'.  They are being exposed as a criminal enterprise.

DNC Media still doesn't get it. They think they can still stop what's going to happen by helping Planned Parenthood tell lies about what it's been caught doing.

You know what's going to happen at the end? Once the last couple of videos have been released, the ones that are the worst of all?  Daleiden's source for all this knowledge about how the illegal PP scheme to profit from baby organ sales is going to come forward.  

And believe me, the entire abortion industry is going to know the game is up when they finally realize who it is who flipped on them.  It's going to be somebody who was so high up, who was so intimately involved in this illegal trade they can't use the usual playbook.

Planned Parenthood's usual trick when somebody like a former clinic director becomes pro life is to deny that person ever worked for them. 

 That's what they claimed when Abby Johnson & others in TX blew the whistle on Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast's massive Medicaid fraud scheme: 

Former Planned Parenthood Clinic Director Exposed Extensive Medicaid Fraud
When whistleblowers came forward to expose Planned Parenthood's Medicaid fraud, Planned Parenthood settled out of court for millions while claiming no wrongdoing.  The organization also claimed Abby Johnson & the other whistleblowers never worked for them. In court that would've proved to be a lie.  They paid a $4.3 million fine rather than go into court & face discovery on issues like Abby Johnson & others working for them.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Pays $4.3 Million Fine,Admits No Wrongdoing
That's just 1 case in one state where this criminal organization got caught breaking the law. 

When the highly placed person inside the illegal human organ trafficking scheme comes forward, the usual playbook won't work.  Planned Parenthood & these organ buying companies like Novagenix won't be able to sneer "That person never worked here."

What DNC Media doesn't realize is that Daleiden successfully pulled off his sting.  They still don't grasp the endgame.  And the endgame is when this source comes forward and demonstrates actual organs bought where the abortion clinic incurred no costs whatsoever.  It will be irrefutably shown that an agent for a company like Novagenix was right there on camera as the abortions were done.  The agent will be shown ON VIDEO inside the clinic gathering, cleaning, packaging the baby organs and then leaving with them.  The financial records of the transaction will then be produced & Planned Parenthood will have no answer for what 'costs' they were supposedly being 'reimbursed' for.

Daleiden has always had evidence that these organ sales were 100% pure profit for Planned Parenthood.  The slow rollout over the past 2 years may have fooled a lot of people into thinking this story is 'over' but it's not.
People are going to end up going to jail at the end of this, but those who think it's Daleiden & Co. are in for a shock.  Not only is this criminal enterprise going to have it's $500 million in tax dollars cut, top people in it are going to prison.

DNC Media wants to pretend this story is 'over'. They will stick to their narrative right up to the bitter end. 


This sting by real journalists not only will bring down a huge criminal enterprise in Planned Parenthood.  It's also going to be another example of how DNC Media can't prevent the truth from coming out.   Yet again they are embarrassed, humiliated.  

DNC Media will utterly fail to prevent Planned Parenthood from being exposed as a criminal conspiracy. 

And that's going to be awesome.

Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Time For Cities To Stop Coddling The Black Bloc

There Is No Constitutional Right That Allows You to Protest In Public Wearing A Mask Over Your Face 

The cool new term they've adopted for themselves is 'Antifa' which is short for 'Anti-Fascist', but those who've followed this violent group for years knows it still the same old fascistic Black Bloc. 

They hate free speech, they hate property rights and for years these masked goons have been allowed to wreak havoc on American cities and innocent passerby in cities like Seattle, Berkeley, Oakland, and elsewhere.  Though this started as chiefly a California phenomenon, it has spread to the rest of the country.  

Why? Because gutless city officials and police departments have been allowing it to.  

For almost 2 decades this violent group has been allowed free reign to engage in violence and vandalism with their masks firmly in place. 

And there is absolutely no reason it should have been allowed. 

The LA Time Black Bloc Profile

Recently when Richard Spencer, the nation's most visible white supremacist, gave a speech at Auburn, the Auburn police department demonstrated how you keep the Black Bloc under complete control with this one amazing trick: 

They made the Black Bloc goons take their masks off before allowing them into the area. 

The anonymity of being allowed to wear their masks and keep their faces hidden is what emboldens the Black Bloc to engage in most of the violence and millions of dollars worth of vandalism it has engaged in.  

On April 15 at Berkeley, here is just 1 of many assaults carried out that day by the Black Bloc. Watch them jump this guy for getting too close with a camera.

In the 1999 protests in the city of Seattle, Black Bloc anarchists managed to inflict $20 million dollars worth of vandalism as they violently protested the World Trade Organization meeting there.  

You'd think city officials and police departments would have taken action to crack down on these kind of Black Bloc groups after a display like that, but you'd be wrong.  Black Bloc anarchists have been allowed to continue to operate with impunity.  Not only did California police departments let these goons continue to appear masked in public, it's now spread all over the country.  

We're now in 2017 and still these Black Bloc activists are being allowed to show up in public places in groups with masks covering their faces.  Almost every time this allowed to happen, assaults and vandalism occur.  This group is not peaceful, it's not interested in peaceful protest and they make absolutely no secret of this. 

Listen as Yvette Ferlarca, one of the few Black Bloc leaders who has no problem publicly identifying herself, casually promises more violence unless the country starts giving radical far Leftists what they want:  

So this is a wakeup call to every single police department and every single mayor of cities in which these anarchists appear:  

Unmask them.  

If you refuse to do this, then you are being derelict in your duty to protect the public and the public's property.  You may as well sign a pledge saying you will allow the Black Bloc to continue their acts of violence and vandalism in anonymity, that you will not do anything that will allow them to be identified so they can be held accountable for their actions. 

And the voters should and will begin to hold you accountable for this.  People have had enough of these masked goons rampaging through their cities.