Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fiction Becomes Reality: Donald Trump Is A Modern Day 
'Lonesome Rhodes'

Like The Fictional Rhodes, Trump Is Becoming Drunk On His Power Over His Followers 

The growth of Donald Trump's personality cult has now reached the malignant stage.  We know this because Trump can now openly brag he could shoot somebody in public & suffer no backlash from his supporters at all.
A candidate for President has now openly boasted before the world about how blindly his personality cult will follow him. 

If you trust the media polls, Trump's boast looks accurate. This was just another example of a long line of outrageous things he's said during this campaign that likely would have derailed another candidate.

Some commentators have claimed what Trump meant here was that he thinks anything he does is right, he can't do something wrong. That's not my sense of what he means.  He knows shooting someone on Fifth Avenue would be wrong.  The point he's making here isn't about his moral sensibilities, it's about the blind devotion of his followers, which has grown to a point that perhaps even he himself is starting to be amazed by it.

What Trump's 'I could shoot someone!' boast gets at is that he sees himself as being unstoppable because of the blind commitment his followers have made to him.  Trump truly believes his personality cult has grown so large, his winning this race is a foregone conclusion. And there's nothing he could ever do that would cause him to start losing his devoted fans.

Trump is a mass media creation who had a direct hand in fashioning the image of himself he is now selling to the public.  In the public eye since the 1970's, Trump has carefully crafted a public persona of himself as always right, always in charge, always successful and always very, very rich.

Much commentary has been spent this election cycle looking at how the media covers Trump and how Trump reacts to media coverage, especially any criticism he receives from it.  He demands uninterrupted adulation at all times, and woe to any reporter or media person who dares to offend him.

In the current news cycle, Trump has spent the last few days loudly complaining that Fox News has dared to defy him by not removing Megyn Kelly from the scheduled Thursday GOP debate in Iowa.

As many in the media stare aghast at this monster they helped create, let's take a look back at a perceptive film from the 1950's that presciently explored many of the mass media themes that have arisen from Trump's presidential campaign.

The rise of mass media & it's use of personality cults to drive popular opinion was explored in director Elia Kazan's 1957 film 'A Face In The Crowd'.
The film depicts the rise and fall of Larry 'Lonesome' Rhodes, an Arkansas grifter plucked from obscurity to become a radio & TV personality who sells products like mattresses and energy supplements.

If all you know of Andy Griffith is his wholesome portrayal of Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry RFD, here in his first big role he turns in an Oscar worthy performance as a man who's about to gain the whole world while losing his soul.

With his folksy charm, country singing and down home humor, Rhodes becomes an instant hit who's popularity grows to such an extent he quickly becomes a national celebrity.

Rich, famous, and now with millions of people hanging on his every word waiting to see what he'll say next, at first Rhodes can scarcely believe what's happening to him. Then human nature takes it's course and Rhodes begins taking advantage of his newfound power over others.

As the story unfolds, we watch as all this goes straight to Rhodes' head. Drunk on the power he now holds over his fans, he becomes contemptuous of them and the people who are sponsoring him. He realizes he's the public face of a huge con game.  He knows in his heart he's still just a grifter running a con, and it eats at him.

Rhodes is exposed when the network executive [Patricia Neal]  who helped create him can no longer bear the sight of what he's become.  As Rhodes is in the studio bragging about how stupid and blind his audience is, she turns on the microphones and gives America a look at the true face of the man they've become enthralled with.

As a stunned America watches, Rhodes boasts to his fellow cast members:
“Sell that stuff about a man among men to those morons out there? Shucks,” says Lonesome, “I sell them chicken fertilizer as caviar. I can make them eat dog food and think it’s steak.
Sure, I’ve got them like this. You know what the public’s like? A cage full of guinea pigs. Goodnight, you stupid idiots. Goodnight, you miserable slobs. They’re a lot of trained seals. I toss them a dead fish and they’ll flap their flippers.”
The scene in which Rhodes' contempt for his followers is exposed and his downfall begins can be seen in this Youtube clip:
The development of the personality cult has come a long way in just the last few years, however.  

While Rhodes was exposed when it was revealed he held his audience in abject contempt, Trump can openly boast his followers are so enthralled by his awesomeness they will instantly ignore any wrong done, any blasphemy uttered. 

Rhodes was mouthing words given to him by others to sell products & political candidates.  Trump is different because he's writing his own script.  And with this campaign for President of the United States, at last Trump can now try to close the deal in which he's selling the object closest and dearest to his heart:  himself. 

By the way, I'm far from the first to make the connection between Donald Trump & 'Lonesome' Rhodes. This appeared in the New Mexico Political Journal in October of last year

The post isn't signed, but whoever wrote it was prescient. 

It's been incredible watching some of the same people who spent 8 years marveling at the personality cult that sprang up around Barack Obama actively help to create one around Donald Trump.  

You can't spend all this time decrying Obama's over reaches & expansion of Presidential powers at the expense of the other two Constitutional branches...and then turn around and throw your support behind Donald Trump, who has literally promised to be Obama-On-Steroids.  

If you listen to what Trump says, he doesn't talk about working with Congress or respecting court rulings.  Asked how he'll accomplish he agenda, he deliberately avoids specifics for generalized answers like "I'll fix it, it'll be awesome."  If you get the impression he thinks he's going to make stuff happen by sheer willpower, you're not alone.  
A few years ago, Ann Coulter wrote a book called 'Demonic' in which she laid out in great detail how Democrats use mobs and personality cults to drive a progressive agenda forward.  She now apparently believes naked populism is the only way to win an election and has ditched Conservatism to adopt the tactics of the mob because it will 'work' and this election is too important to lose. 

Not a single vote has been cast in a single primary at this point and the present election cycle has served a useful purpose:  it's separated those who really believe in and stand on Conservative principles and those who don't.  

Friday, January 15, 2016

Iran Just Told The World 
The United States Is 
Now A Paper Tiger

And Iran is Right

The real point of what happened with Iran seizing our sailors & making propaganda out of it is to understand what they want the world to see

US & Western presence on the international trade lanes has kept criminal regimes like Iran's in check for decades.

Without the presence of US & British navies in the region, Iran would keep enlarging their boundaries, choking the shipping lanes and shaking down smaller, weaker countries for the right to pass through 'their' ocean. It'd be the Barbary pirate days all over again, with feral navies prowling the waters looking for shipping they can seize and hold hostage.

While the world largely doesn't pay attention to this until something dramatic happens, there's been a 'cold war' underway between Iran & the US on the seas as Iran continually claims international waters as actually being inside their territory. Periodically Iran 'tests the doorknob' with a direct provocation to see what the Western response will be, such as when they grabbed 15 Royal Navy sailors in 2007
We pay attention when Iran decides to directly challenge the naval powers enforcing international boundaries. But there's all kinds of shenanigans the Iranians are engaged in on the seas that don't get wide attention.  Such as their grabbing foreign ships and demanding they pay 'fines' for passing through the Strait of Hormuz.
Iran lays claim to all of the Strait of Hormuz but 'recognizes' the international water lanes, and insists any shipping that strays into their section of it is violating their territorial waters and must pay a fine, as a Marshall Islands-flagged ship had to do in May of 2015.

Note how the Iranian Navy dealt with this cargo ship. They didn't demand it leave their waters at once; no instead they claimed they were seizing the ship and demanded that it follow them deeper into Iranian waters. And the cargo ship was fired on when it didn't immediately comply.  This was a shakedown from the start. 

How valuable is the Strait of Hormuz? The New York Times explained:
The Strait of Hormuz, the slender waterway that connects the Persian Gulf to the rest of the world and is a critical conduit in the global oil supply chain...
And Iran claims 'historically' this Strait is in their 'sphere of influence' and so any shipping that uses it only does so at their forbearance.

Of course, this has been nothing but propaganda for decades, since the presence of US, British, and other allied navies has guaranteed the safe passage of shipping through the Strait without their having to pay fines or tribute to Iran to do so. If they could, the Iranians would be exacting tribute from every ship passing through the Strait of Hormuz.  

 The international water boundaries were set, and the ships of all nationalities may pass through them unhindered.

As long as their security is guaranteed by the patrolling allied navies.

And here comes the problem.

Iran suspected - correctly, as it so happened - that if they directly challenged the US Navy by seizing some of it's ships & personnel, nothing would happen.  They can't shake us down for a fine or tribute they way the can shake down the Maersk company, but they're not after money here. The Iranians were provided with a perfect opportunity to demonstrate something else to the world. They were given propaganda. And they took full advantage of it.

The propaganda from Iran that is now rocketing it's way around the Middle East is this: that the biggest navy tasked with ensuring the security of international boundaries for shipping through the Strait of Hormuz is now a paper tiger.

"Look," Iran said it's smaller neighbors in the region, "you think the Americans guarantee the safety of your ships? Watch THIS and learn something! They can't even keep us from seizing their own boats & sailors if we want to!  You think YOUR shipping is going to be safe from us any longer?  You had better just pay up!"

Incredibly, yesterday the State Department said Iran using our captured soldiers as propaganda didn't violate the Geneva Convention.  

Due to Obama & Kerry's incredibly weak response to this incident, you can fully expect to see Iran's Navy begin to flex it's muscles in the Strait of Hormuz more than ever.

Determined to do whatever it takes to 'save' his nuclear deal, which is non-binding & which Iran didn't even sign - Obama will forbear any Iranian provocation.  The Iranian leadership know this, and has just graphically demonstrated this to the rest of the world.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Nikki Haley Rule

Ever since South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley used her State of the Union response to attack a certain loudmouth blowhard who also just happens to be the current GOP front runner, if you believe the polls, I've been repeatedly told this was a horrible, rotten, terrible, no good thing for her to do.


'The GOP Front runner is untouchable! Didn't everybody already know this?!"

Apparently, there's some rule I've never heard of in 35 years of following politics that says candidates for a party's nomination can't ever attack or criticize the current front runner.

I'm willing to admit for the record, I am not omniscient. It could very well be there is such a rule and I just wasn't paying attention and missed it.

This was the look on my face the 1st time I ever heard the 'Nikki Haley Rule'
I call this my 'WTF??!! Face'

Or it COULD be that the Entertainment Talk Radio/TV/Web Clicks Wing invented this rule out of thin air to try to cover the ass of the deeply flawed candidate they are relentlessly shilling for and are now invested deeply in.
We've had over six months of Trump relentlessly running his mouth off in attacks on everyone, fellow candidates, politicians, journalists, anyone who gets in his way even momentarily. And every single time someone dares to fire back at Trump instead of meekly rolling over & showing their belly, the same pundits shriek in high holy horror.

This new 'rule' we've been hearing about nonstop from the Entertainment Wing for the past two days is bullshit. When Trump suddenly ceases to be the front runner, you think he'll suddenly zip his lip and not attack relentlessly whoever replaces him? And if he doesn't the Entertainment wing will call him out for it?

The moment Trump isn't the front runner, watch what happens to this supposed rule that says nobody can criticize the GOP front runner. It'll disappear into the ether, never to be heard from again. 

Goodbye, Nikki Haley Rule! We hardly knew ye!

If Trump isn't in the lead any longer, you think he's gonna zip his lip criticizing whoever replaces him at the top? Oh PLEASE.

Watch these same people not say a word when Trump loses the top spot once the primaries are being held, & he goes after Cruz with gusto.

This is nothing more than a double standard they made up to protect Trump from any criticism.

The hysterically funny thing is, many of these entertainment wing pundits are the same people who've spent over 8 years decrying the personality cult that worshipped Obama. Now here they are using the same personality cult tactics to ensure their new God can't ever be attacked. Well, as long as he's in front of the pack. Supposedly.

"Personality cults are a bad thing. *Unless* it's one I'm helping to build myself. To save America!"

And when Cruz or whoever is suddenly leading and Trump isn't, we'll have to remind the Entertainment wing:  "Hey, remember the Nikki Haley rule? Didn't you guys just spend all that time pontificating to the rest of us how the front runner can't be attacked?  Why are you now silent as Trump goes after Cruz? What's up with that?" 

This is when the double standard is going to be laid bare. Trump can't be attacked. Ever. Front runner or not.  He is a deeply flawed candidate and they know it.  That's why they shriek so loudly whenever anyone starts talking back to Trump.  It can't be allowed. Whoever starts to talk back to Trump must be instantly shouted down. 

Trump can attack whoever he wants at will and anybody who fires back at him is 'destroying the GOP' or something. What bullshit.  And it's time to call it what it is: bullshit.  

So from now on, as long as these Entertainment Wing Pundits are going to engage in this Personality Cult nonsense & invoke this Nikki Haley Rule they just pulled out of their asses, here's your response. 

When they tell you that you MUST NOT criticize or talk back to Donald Trump because he's the awesome untouchable front runner or something, you say: 


Friday, December 11, 2015

It's Time For Conservatives To Take Out The [White] Trash

Drunk And Stoned Losers On Social Media Plan To Create A 'White Race' Movement To Replace Conservatism

by Brian Cates

It became clear soon after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the US Presidency that there is a small but highly vocal group seeking to use his campaign to raise it's profile. 

Alternately called the 'Alt Right', 'White Culture' or even the 'White Race' movement, one of the first things you learn upon engaging it's members is their virulent hatred for Conservatism. 

This hatred is often expressed by the use of the epithet 'cuckservative', which means 'white race traitor'.  You quickly discover that in their view Conservatism has failed to represent the interests of the white race, and therefore it must now be thrown upon the ash heap of history.  Once Conservatism has been destroyed, the Alt Right can go about doing the job Conservatism failed to do: defend & protect the white race.

Anyone who thinks the goal of Conservatives was to represent the interests of 'white culture' never understood what the United States of America, Conservatism, or our Constitutional system were about in the first place. Conservatism doesn't represent a race and it never has or will.  So how it could have 'failed' to do something it was never created or designed to do is nonsense. 

Conservatism arose as a political philosophy with the overall goal of protecting & preserving the Constitutional system of government established by America's founders, as well as the common American culture.  

Although America's Founders were white, this was not a 'white government' they created.  Neither was the American culture they formed a 'white culture'.  

What the Founders created and why it worked: 

What makes America special & unique is that the Founders set up a system that TRANSCENDED race and class.  A system based on equality. 

Progressives have spent decades trying to balkanize America in pursuit of undermining the Constitutional system so they can replace it with a elitist system based on Marxist principles. 

Now the Alt Right shows up insisting the only answer at this point is not a return to the Constitutional Republic as it was founded, but instead to discard the Constitution & complete the total balkanization of America by having the white race join all the others in open competition.  

This goal of the Alt Right could not be more hostile to Conservatism if it tried. 

Instead of a color blind government treating all citizens equally, what the Alt Right wants is a racial spoils system with a dominant white race in charge reaping most of the rewards. 

The Founders deliberately set up a system of equality specifically to avoid this kind of thing, the racial and class strife that predominated in Europe.  

There are 'thought leaders' of the Alt Right who think racial competition is the natural order of things, and by trying to preclude it the American Constitutional system has been trying to do the impossible.  

Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War

My favorite part is about 15 minutes in where some of these losers sit down to watch 'Triumph of the Will'.  Their voices slurred from all the drinking & toking they've been doing, each one tries to outdo the others in praising the Nazis while decrying the evil United States, their own country which played such a key role in destroying what they view as a White Paradise.

It's 30 years later and the only difference now is all these drunk, stoned losers are on social media bothering everybody else. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Donald Trump Isn't Running To Help Conservatism

His Goal Is To Lead Conservatives Into The Wilderness - And Leave Them There

Brian Cates - @drawandstrike

Let's not pretend we don't know what the goal is with Trump. It's to get a whole lot of Conservatives to abandon the GOP & go 3rd party. For Conservatives to leave the GOP at this point & go 3rd party is to exile ourselves to the wilderness for the next decade or more.

I don't know about you, but I actually want to turn things around now, not more than a decade and a half from now. People already forgot the goal was to take over the GOP from bottom to top? And we're already 2/3rds of the way there? All that progress since 2010, they're ready to ditch it & spend 15+ years starting over from scratch with a new party?

Nah, bro. Let's not do that.

Just as the Democratic Party faces a cliff & is about to plunge over it, & GOP is set up for more than a decade of dominance...TRUMP!


Split the GOP vote, lead a big chunk of angry Conservatives into the wilderness and....leave them there. It's brilliant, really.

Trump didn't jump into this race because of his deep abiding love for America, or his being a Republican or caring about Conservatism.

Trump jumped into this race because BILL CLINTON urged him to.

Not for any love of the GOP or our Conservative movement.

If not for the email scandal dragging Hillary down, Dems would be watching our GOP Trump-led clown show as she dominated the polls.

Time to cut through all the BS and get real. You're mad at the GOPe & you want to turn America around, repair the damage?

We're 2/3rds of the way in painting the map red & taking over the GOP. We can take out this leadership in another 1-2 elections.

OR....OR we can all throw a temper tantrum right now, burn the whole house down, move to the wilderness & spend 15 yrs making a new party.

And hey, newsflash: look at what Obama's 'accomplished' in 7 years and tell me this nation will last another 10 yrs under Dem 'leadership'. So no, we don't have time to all move to the wilderness and spend 4-5 election cycles making a new viable 3rd party. So quit dreaming.

You forgot the goal was to totally take over the GOP & throw this present leadership out on it's ass? That's OK because I didn't forget.

Oh, you're MAD at the GOP leadership? Guess what? So am I. But what's the best approach to dealing with them?

Is the best approach to do exactly what the GOPe wants and have all the Conservatives abandon the party. leaving them in power? Because absolutely, the GOPe elites would much prefer to hang onto power & lose the next couple of elections.

You want to pay them back? You want revenge? Let me tell you what the best revenge is then.

You take control of the GOP away from them and toss them out on their asses. What could POSSIBLY top that?

There's already rumblings in the ranks. McConnell/Boehner are already scared, they see the base coming for them.

I'm a realist, I don't have time for fantasies concocted by people who think a fantasy 3rd party is the ticket to turning the US around.

Of course they will tell you Conservatives taking the GOP over is 'impossible', it 'can't be done', etc. etc. Well they're wrong.

"Impossible" things happen all the time when enough people decide to take action.

Trump is doing nothing to help the Conservative movement take the GOP over. In fact, he's doing nothing to help Conservatism, period.

Trump's strategy in playing up how much he - and you - don't like the GOPe doesn't have as it's goal making a more Conservative GOP.

Trump's goal is to lead you out of the GOP into the wilderness. He's a Democrat Pied Piper leading you towards futility. And if he succeeds, he'll go right back to being the same Democrat crony capitalist he always has been, only now the GOP is no threat to Democratic dominance whatsoever. And that'll be true for Conservatives too. 

Trump's not out to empower you. He's out to nullify you. 

At least if Conservatives fight for control of this GOP party, we have a shot at saving this country in time. 3rd party remains a fantasy.

Go ahead and vent your rage at the GOPe sellouts. Then roll up those sleeves & go to work taking their party away from them.

Anybody who thinks the Trump endgame is a stronger Conservative movement or a stronger GOP once he's done is only fooling themselves.

So I've had to watch 3 months of people venting anger, and many of them also fooling themselves about what Trump's goals are.

I realize what many Conservatives like @NolteNC, @AnnCoulter, @marklevinshow & @IngrahamAngle think they are using Trump for their own purposes. Well Trump isn't stupid and he has his own goals.

The more Conservatives like @NolteNC @AnnCoulter @MarkLevinShow @IngrahamAngle empower Trump, they more they need to realize his real agenda is NOT theirs. They are playing with fire here.

Trump's got Conservatives at each's other throats over him, which is exactly what he was supposed to do.

Trump isn't here to unite the Conservative movement, strengthen it, & lead it to victory. Far from it. 

He's here to marginalize it by leading it into exile.

And if that truth is too raw for you to hear, if you think it's mean for me to say that, let me leave you with Andrew's own words:

The truth isn't mean. It's the truth.

Monday, August 10, 2015

DNC Media Thinks They've 
Stopped The Signal By Embargoing 
The 5th Planned Parenthood Video. 

They're Wrong. And Their Nightmare Is Only Beginning

The DNC Media still has this conceited idea that if THEY don't deign to cover a story, that story is a nonissue. To disprove this idea, you need look no further than the Planned Parenthood videos.

After the 5th video debuted, DNC Media realized what it showed was literally unspinnable.  Following the method of the slow video rollout designed by Andrew Breitbart & James O'Keefe, The Center For Medical Progress had put all of the Planned Parenthood lies on record for the entire world to see, giving Cecile Richards & her organization enough rope to hang themselves with.  With the debut of the 5th video, the noose began to tighten. 

At the same time, lead investigative journalist for CMP, David Daleiden, appeared on CNN and was more than capable of turning back every single Planned Parenthood talking point that was thrown at him. 

At this point, the DNC Media decided the best way to protect Planned Parenthood from what it's got coming was to go silent on the video's contents.  

It hasn't worked.  

Look around this country the week since the DNC Media went radio silent on the contents of that 5th video and tell me the Planned Parenthood videos are a 'nonissue': 

Alabama Becomes 3rd State To Defund Planned Parenthood In One Week

Louisiana, Alabama and New Hampshire voted to defund Planned Parenthood. They now join other states such as Texas and Florida and Wisconsin, who moved to defund Planned Parenthood earlier.  

Over 12 states are now investigating Planned Parenthood for selling organs of dismembered human beings. 

There's around 6 videos left to go. Daleiden & Co. aren't even halfway done.  And if the first 5 were any indication, & David Daleiden's word is good, the worst videos are yet to come.  

If my hunch is correct, CMP didn't just set up a fake biomedical company to FILM Planned Parenthood officials talking about human organ sales.  CMP actually went on to PURCHASE human organs from Planned Parenthood. 

In fact, during the actual filming, the moment  people on the videos discussed having bought intact human bodies from Planned Parenthood, if I'm David Daleiden & CMP, my main goal at that moment becomes getting Planned Parenthood to sell one to my fake biomedical company.  Could he actually pull that off?  We'll see as the remaining videos are released.  

But make no mistake. Those videos are coming.  

That means more states launching investigations, more states defunding this criminal enterprise  and more donors backing away from these bloody ghouls.  

So hey, DNC Media, you don't NEED to cover what's in the videos themselves, you can keep right on focusing attacks on the people making the videos and lying about Planned Parenthood doing mammograms.  

Because it doesn't matter.  

This is the Internet Age, and enough people are seeing the videos without your involvement.  You've been removed as the middle man.  Your days of playing gatekeepers of what the public can/can't see are over.  You don't matter any more.  You can't stop the signal.  

Planned Parenthood isn't the only thing being exposed by these videos.  The DNC Media is being exposed as well.  And that's a beautiful thing. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

What Obama Hath Wrought:  
He's Killed That 
'Permanent Democratic Majority' 
Stone Cold Dead

Democrats Will Spend More Than A Decade Fighting To Get Back To Where They Were In 2008

DNC Media has no interest whatsoever in reminding everybody about this, and for some strange reason the GOP leadership never seems to bring this up.  But that's OK. That's what I'M here for.  

Let's take a walk down memory lane, folks.  

2008 House Elections. Democrats gained 21 seats, increasing the majority they held to 271 to only 164 held by Republicans.

2008 Senate Elections. 33 seats were contested.  Democrats gained 8 seats, increasing the majority they held to 55 seats to only 41 held by Republicans.  
2008 Governor Election Results.  Of 11 states contested, Democrats made a gain of +1.  After the 2008 elections, 28 states were being governed by Democrats, only 22 were held by Republican governors. 

2008 State Legislature control.  Prior to Obama, Democrats held 23 state legislatures compared to only 14 by Republicans. 

After the elections of 2008 we were treated to endless crowing from the Progressive Left about the new 'Permanent Democratic Majority', as Left wing pundits waxed rhapsodic about the coming death of the Republican party.  All that was necessary now was to hold the last rites and throw it upon the ash heap of history.  

And then Obama went to work in earnest.  Let's check the results since 2008, shall we? 

2014 House election results.  Republicans now hold 247 seats to only 141 currently held by Democrats. 

2014 Senate election results.  After the 2014 elections, Republicans took control of the US Senate with a 54-46 majority.  So the numbers since 2008 have flipped from 55-41 Democrats in control to a 54-46 Republican majority.  

2014 Governor election results.  Republicans now hold a 38-18-1 lead in Governorships compared with 2008, when Democrats held a 28-22 advantage.  

2014 State Legislature control.  After the 2014 elections Republicans now hold control of state legislatures by a majority of 30, with 12 under Democratic control and 8 being split.  If you count Nebraska, that puts Republicans in control of 31.  

To help all my Democratic friends out there fully grasp just what Obama and Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi have done to their party, here's a handy side by side comparison between where we were after 2008 and where we are now: 

While Progressives have been eagerly egging Obama on into even more outrageous power grabs & acts that undermine our Constitutional form of government with separated powers and checks & balances, they haven't noticed the ground has shifted at the state level.  

I've said for years to change deep blue Washington you've first got to change more than 75% of America into a Red State. Change the country, then force change on DC.  It's the only way. 

All the people mad at the present GOP leadership need to understand one thing: that leadership's time is almost up.  Democrats aren't the only ones who see the voters coming for them.  The squishy GOP leadership in Washington that has consistently failed to keep it's promises or put up much of a fight at all is on notice. Voters aren't bathing America in a sea of Red just so it can be business as usual up there inside the Beltway.  This leadership hasn't delivered and soon it will be replaced. 

In the meantime, as things gear up for the 2016 elections, lets stop for a moment and reflect on just how far the voters have swung that pendulum back the other way since all the Lefty morons crowed about their 'permanent' Democratic majority.