Monday, September 14, 2015

Donald Trump Isn't Running To Help Conservatism

His Goal Is To Lead Conservatives Into The Wilderness - And Leave Them There

Brian Cates - @drawandstrike

Let's not pretend we don't know what the goal is with Trump. It's to get a whole lot of Conservatives to abandon the GOP & go 3rd party. For Conservatives to leave the GOP at this point & go 3rd party is to exile ourselves to the wilderness for the next decade or more.

I don't know about you, but I actually want to turn things around now, not more than a decade and a half from now. People already forgot the goal was to take over the GOP from bottom to top? And we're already 2/3rds of the way there? All that progress since 2010, they're ready to ditch it & spend 15+ years starting over from scratch with a new party?

Nah, bro. Let's not do that.

Just as the Democratic Party faces a cliff & is about to plunge over it, & GOP is set up for more than a decade of dominance...TRUMP!


Split the GOP vote, lead a big chunk of angry Conservatives into the wilderness and....leave them there. It's brilliant, really.

Trump didn't jump into this race because of his deep abiding love for America, or his being a Republican or caring about Conservatism.

Trump jumped into this race because BILL CLINTON urged him to.

Not for any love of the GOP or our Conservative movement.

If not for the email scandal dragging Hillary down, Dems would be watching our GOP Trump-led clown show as she dominated the polls.

Time to cut through all the BS and get real. You're mad at the GOPe & you want to turn America around, repair the damage?

We're 2/3rds of the way in painting the map red & taking over the GOP. We can take out this leadership in another 1-2 elections.

OR....OR we can all throw a temper tantrum right now, burn the whole house down, move to the wilderness & spend 15 yrs making a new party.

And hey, newsflash: look at what Obama's 'accomplished' in 7 years and tell me this nation will last another 10 yrs under Dem 'leadership'. So no, we don't have time to all move to the wilderness and spend 4-5 election cycles making a new viable 3rd party. So quit dreaming.

You forgot the goal was to totally take over the GOP & throw this present leadership out on it's ass? That's OK because I didn't forget.

Oh, you're MAD at the GOP leadership? Guess what? So am I. But what's the best approach to dealing with them?

Is the best approach to do exactly what the GOPe wants and have all the Conservatives abandon the party. leaving them in power? Because absolutely, the GOPe elites would much prefer to hang onto power & lose the next couple of elections.

You want to pay them back? You want revenge? Let me tell you what the best revenge is then.

You take control of the GOP away from them and toss them out on their asses. What could POSSIBLY top that?

There's already rumblings in the ranks. McConnell/Boehner are already scared, they see the base coming for them.

I'm a realist, I don't have time for fantasies concocted by people who think a fantasy 3rd party is the ticket to turning the US around.

Of course they will tell you Conservatives taking the GOP over is 'impossible', it 'can't be done', etc. etc. Well they're wrong.

"Impossible" things happen all the time when enough people decide to take action.

Trump is doing nothing to help the Conservative movement take the GOP over. In fact, he's doing nothing to help Conservatism, period.

Trump's strategy in playing up how much he - and you - don't like the GOPe doesn't have as it's goal making a more Conservative GOP.

Trump's goal is to lead you out of the GOP into the wilderness. He's a Democrat Pied Piper leading you towards futility. And if he succeeds, he'll go right back to being the same Democrat crony capitalist he always has been, only now the GOP is no threat to Democratic dominance whatsoever. And that'll be true for Conservatives too. 

Trump's not out to empower you. He's out to nullify you. 

At least if Conservatives fight for control of this GOP party, we have a shot at saving this country in time. 3rd party remains a fantasy.

Go ahead and vent your rage at the GOPe sellouts. Then roll up those sleeves & go to work taking their party away from them.

Anybody who thinks the Trump endgame is a stronger Conservative movement or a stronger GOP once he's done is only fooling themselves.

So I've had to watch 3 months of people venting anger, and many of them also fooling themselves about what Trump's goals are.

I realize what many Conservatives like @NolteNC, @AnnCoulter, @marklevinshow & @IngrahamAngle think they are using Trump for their own purposes. Well Trump isn't stupid and he has his own goals.

The more Conservatives like @NolteNC @AnnCoulter @MarkLevinShow @IngrahamAngle empower Trump, they more they need to realize his real agenda is NOT theirs. They are playing with fire here.

Trump's got Conservatives at each's other throats over him, which is exactly what he was supposed to do.

Trump isn't here to unite the Conservative movement, strengthen it, & lead it to victory. Far from it. 

He's here to marginalize it by leading it into exile.

And if that truth is too raw for you to hear, if you think it's mean for me to say that, let me leave you with Andrew's own words:

The truth isn't mean. It's the truth.

Monday, August 10, 2015

DNC Media Thinks They've 
Stopped The Signal By Embargoing 
The 5th Planned Parenthood Video. 

They're Wrong. And Their Nightmare Is Only Beginning

The DNC Media still has this conceited idea that if THEY don't deign to cover a story, that story is a nonissue. To disprove this idea, you need look no further than the Planned Parenthood videos.

After the 5th video debuted, DNC Media realized what it showed was literally unspinnable.  Following the method of the slow video rollout designed by Andrew Breitbart & James O'Keefe, The Center For Medical Progress had put all of the Planned Parenthood lies on record for the entire world to see, giving Cecile Richards & her organization enough rope to hang themselves with.  With the debut of the 5th video, the noose began to tighten. 

At the same time, lead investigative journalist for CMP, David Daleiden, appeared on CNN and was more than capable of turning back every single Planned Parenthood talking point that was thrown at him. 

At this point, the DNC Media decided the best way to protect Planned Parenthood from what it's got coming was to go silent on the video's contents.  

It hasn't worked.  

Look around this country the week since the DNC Media went radio silent on the contents of that 5th video and tell me the Planned Parenthood videos are a 'nonissue': 

Alabama Becomes 3rd State To Defund Planned Parenthood In One Week

Louisiana, Alabama and New Hampshire voted to defund Planned Parenthood. They now join other states such as Texas and Florida and Wisconsin, who moved to defund Planned Parenthood earlier.  

Over 12 states are now investigating Planned Parenthood for selling organs of dismembered human beings. 

There's around 6 videos left to go. Daleiden & Co. aren't even halfway done.  And if the first 5 were any indication, & David Daleiden's word is good, the worst videos are yet to come.  

If my hunch is correct, CMP didn't just set up a fake biomedical company to FILM Planned Parenthood officials talking about human organ sales.  CMP actually went on to PURCHASE human organs from Planned Parenthood. 

In fact, during the actual filming, the moment  people on the videos discussed having bought intact human bodies from Planned Parenthood, if I'm David Daleiden & CMP, my main goal at that moment becomes getting Planned Parenthood to sell one to my fake biomedical company.  Could he actually pull that off?  We'll see as the remaining videos are released.  

But make no mistake. Those videos are coming.  

That means more states launching investigations, more states defunding this criminal enterprise  and more donors backing away from these bloody ghouls.  

So hey, DNC Media, you don't NEED to cover what's in the videos themselves, you can keep right on focusing attacks on the people making the videos and lying about Planned Parenthood doing mammograms.  

Because it doesn't matter.  

This is the Internet Age, and enough people are seeing the videos without your involvement.  You've been removed as the middle man.  Your days of playing gatekeepers of what the public can/can't see are over.  You don't matter any more.  You can't stop the signal.  

Planned Parenthood isn't the only thing being exposed by these videos.  The DNC Media is being exposed as well.  And that's a beautiful thing. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

What Obama Hath Wrought:  
He's Killed That 
'Permanent Democratic Majority' 
Stone Cold Dead

Democrats Will Spend More Than A Decade Fighting To Get Back To Where They Were In 2008

DNC Media has no interest whatsoever in reminding everybody about this, and for some strange reason the GOP leadership never seems to bring this up.  But that's OK. That's what I'M here for.  

Let's take a walk down memory lane, folks.  

2008 House Elections. Democrats gained 21 seats, increasing the majority they held to 271 to only 164 held by Republicans.

2008 Senate Elections. 33 seats were contested.  Democrats gained 8 seats, increasing the majority they held to 55 seats to only 41 held by Republicans.  
2008 Governor Election Results.  Of 11 states contested, Democrats made a gain of +1.  After the 2008 elections, 28 states were being governed by Democrats, only 22 were held by Republican governors. 

2008 State Legislature control.  Prior to Obama, Democrats held 23 state legislatures compared to only 14 by Republicans. 

After the elections of 2008 we were treated to endless crowing from the Progressive Left about the new 'Permanent Democratic Majority', as Left wing pundits waxed rhapsodic about the coming death of the Republican party.  All that was necessary now was to hold the last rites and throw it upon the ash heap of history.  

And then Obama went to work in earnest.  Let's check the results since 2008, shall we? 

2014 House election results.  Republicans now hold 247 seats to only 141 currently held by Democrats. 

2014 Senate election results.  After the 2014 elections, Republicans took control of the US Senate with a 54-46 majority.  So the numbers since 2008 have flipped from 55-41 Democrats in control to a 54-46 Republican majority.  

2014 Governor election results.  Republicans now hold a 38-18-1 lead in Governorships compared with 2008, when Democrats held a 28-22 advantage.  

2014 State Legislature control.  After the 2014 elections Republicans now hold control of state legislatures by a majority of 30, with 12 under Democratic control and 8 being split.  If you count Nebraska, that puts Republicans in control of 31.  

To help all my Democratic friends out there fully grasp just what Obama and Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi have done to their party, here's a handy side by side comparison between where we were after 2008 and where we are now: 

While Progressives have been eagerly egging Obama on into even more outrageous power grabs & acts that undermine our Constitutional form of government with separated powers and checks & balances, they haven't noticed the ground has shifted at the state level.  

I've said for years to change deep blue Washington you've first got to change more than 75% of America into a Red State. Change the country, then force change on DC.  It's the only way. 

All the people mad at the present GOP leadership need to understand one thing: that leadership's time is almost up.  Democrats aren't the only ones who see the voters coming for them.  The squishy GOP leadership in Washington that has consistently failed to keep it's promises or put up much of a fight at all is on notice. Voters aren't bathing America in a sea of Red just so it can be business as usual up there inside the Beltway.  This leadership hasn't delivered and soon it will be replaced. 

In the meantime, as things gear up for the 2016 elections, lets stop for a moment and reflect on just how far the voters have swung that pendulum back the other way since all the Lefty morons crowed about their 'permanent' Democratic majority.  


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Point Of Hillary Breaking Her 87 Day Silence For That Interview On CNN Wasn't To Make News

It Was So The Democrat Base Could Hear Her Say What It Wanted To Hear

And Hillary & her interviewer, CNN's Brianna Keilar, gave Hillary's far left base what it wanted in the first few minutes of the interview.  

What did Hillary's base want to hear 87 days after she launched her candidacy for President? 

After disclosures that she'd accepted donations from foreign governments for the Clinton Foundation while serving as Secretary of State, something she promised she wouldn't do? 

After she hid her private emails from Congress & avoided subpoenas for over 3 years until they were discovered just a few months ago? 

That she hadn't handed over all her work related emails from her private homebrew server after saying she had? And destroyed over 30,000 other emails still under subpoena? 

That she and/or her staff had edited the emails she did hand over, a violation of the law? 

What did Hillary's base want to hear her say on the record?  Two things: 

1)  "I've done nothing wrong."


2)  "This is all right wing attacks." 

That's it. That was the entire point of the campaign infomercial that CNN aired last night. Because it gives Hillary's base the denial it wanted and a target to go after.  

Hillary is dusting off the same old Clinton Playbook from the 1990's, where none of her & Bill's multitude of scandals were their own fault, it was all the result of a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. 

You may think it's nothing short of stunning for Hillary to still be playing this card at this late date, that none of the scandals facing her are self-inflicted, it's all just right-wing noise, but this is exactly what her base wants to hear, so that's why this interview was done.  

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy didn't FORCE Hillary to accept the millions in donations from foreign governments and corporations while she was serving as US Secretary of State.  She did that herself.  She broke her own promise.  

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy didn't FORCE Hillary to hide her private email accounts on a homebrew server &  deliberately ignore 3+ years of subpoenas.  This was Hillary Clinton's deliberate decision. 

And then once the emails were found, nobody in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy FORCED Hillary to pick which emails to hand over, which to hold back and destroy.  This was all Hillary.

And no one in a VRWC forced Hillary to deceptively edit some of the emails she handed over.  She did that herself of her own volition.  

ALL of Hillary's problems are self-inflicted due to her own dishonesty and corruption.  

But this doesn't matter.  Her BASE wants to hear that Hillary is being 'persecuted' by a 'conspiracy' of 'right-wing attackers', and so here we are.  And CNN willingly played along with this agenda.  

Even when Clinton tells Keilar a bold faced lie about having turned over all her work related emails, Keilar doesn't bat an eye or challenge her on it, she just nods her head and moves on.  
Now Hillary's base has what it needs.  They'll spend the next few months claiming Hillary has 'addressed' the 'non-story' of the emails & foreign donations in this CNN interview and it's time for all the rest of you to 

This wasn't about winning any new converts, it was about shoring up her base in the face of doubts and perhaps defections to Bernie Sanders. 

This interview should have been given to Jake Tapper.  But of course, as we all know, Hillary wouldn't have agreed to be interviewed by Tapper since he has a well earned reputation of being tough but fair.  That's not what Hillary wanted out of this 'interview'.  She wanted a campaign infomercial and Keilar & CNN willingly handed it to her.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Progressive Left Still Clings 
To It's Myth That Ronald Reagan 
Didn't Care About AIDs

Gay activists flip off Reagan's portrait in the White House

30 years on, the Left still clings, like a child throwing a tantrum, to the myth that President Ronald Reagan made the AIDs epidemic of the 1980's worse because he didn't do enough to find a cure.  

You know who REALLY made the AIDs epidemic so deadly for gays in that decade? 

By fighting to keep San Francisco's bathhouses open & deliberately spreading misinformation about AIDs. 

Randy Shilt's describes the actions of gay activists that led to the virtual wiping out of an entire generation of gay men in the book 'And The Band Played On'.  This was the first time treatment & prevention of a fatal disease ran headlong into political correctness. And Political Correctness won.  Gay men were actually ENCOURAGED to continue engaging in risky sexual behavior while people who tried to prevent the spread of the disease were attacked, often viciously with smears. 

But what do you do when it's all over, when you realize your stupid actions encouraged people to continue engaging in the same risky behaviors that left them vulnerable to this disease?  THOUSANDS of gay people who would otherwise be alive today ended up dying because they didn't change their risky behavior because you keep telling them they didn't need to.  

Simple.  You project your responsibility for this onto someone else.  Which is what they've done to Reagan for 30 years now.  

It's all Reagan's fault! That asshole!!!!

Promiscuous gay men engaging in risky unprotected sex didn't need to change their behaviors in the 1980's. No, what was REALLY needed was for Ronald Reagan to come up with a cure for this disease and fast, and because he didn't spend enough on AIDs research or something, this caused a lot of gays to end up dying. 

This is the myth these people cling to still.  And there's more evidence against it than ever.  

Here's the real facts about Reagan and the search for an AIDs cure: 

For the record, Reagan first mentioned AIDS, in response to a question at a press conference, on Sept. 17, 1985. On Feb. 5, 1986, he made a surprise visit to the Department of Health and Human Services where he said, “One of our highest public health priorities is going to be continuing to find a cure for AIDS.” He also announced that he’d tasked Surgeon General C. Everett Koop to prepare a major report on the disease. Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, Reagan dragged Koop into AIDS policy, not the other way around.
As for Waxman’s recollections about AIDS funding, he does an unusual thing for a politician: He’s forgotten the success he and other Democrats had in convincing Reagan to spend more money. The administration increased AIDS funding requests from $8 million in 1982 to $26.5 million in 1983, which Congress bumped to $44 million, a number that doubled every year thereafter during Reagan’s presidency.
Finally, the claim that Reagan spoke about AIDS sufferers with “disdain” is simply a smear. Nothing like that ever happened, except maybe in the fictional “The Reagans” miniseries in which Barbra Streisand’s husband played Reagan as a bigot and rube.
Projection and psychological displacement explain why the people most responsible for the gay holocaust of the 1980's so vociferously attacked and vilified Ronald Reagan.  Like every group they appear to champion, Progressives actually end up harming it, then need to find a scapegoat to project the failure onto.  

When it comes to the AIDs crisis of the 1980's, Reagan is their scapegoat.  They really shouldn't be allowed to get away with this any longer.  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Latest NYT's Rubio Hit Piece Blows Up In Their Faces

But You Know They'll Keep Trying!

So today the New York Times tried to launch a new narrative about Marco Rubio.  

The Unbearable Shame Of Marco Rubio's Financial Struggles

OK I might have played around with the headline there. 

Hey, you know who else struggles with their finances a lot? Ordinary Americans, that's who. Especially in Obama's America.  

But the new narrative for this upcoming 2016 election is that people who aren't rich and elite and who actually have to struggle with their finances aren't fit to be President. 

At a time when the top of our political landscape is rife with people who are multimillionaires many many times over, it's supposed to be troubling to encounter a politician who actually struggles to make ends meet on a modest income.  

If you're wondering why the DNC Media is suddenly trying to make Marco Rubio's financial struggles a campaign issue, allow me to explain it for you. 

To get an incompetent, lying Obama reelected vs. a competent, accomplished problem solver like Mitt Romney the Democrats and the DNC Media made the 2012 election about one issue: EMPATHY. 

They needed the low info voters who decide elections to buy into the narrative that Obama should be reelected because he CARED more about ordinary Americans, unlike that elitist, rich, Otherized guy, the corporate shark Romney.  

Well Democrats & the DNC Media have a hard sell with the low info voters when it comes to this 2016 election.  While Obama could run as a Rorschach blot candidate, inviting people to project their desires upon him because he was relatively new to Washington, Hillary Clinton can't do that.  She's not new. She's well defined and is a known quantity, having been in the public eye since the late 1980's.  

Accordingly, the Democrats & their DNC Media are having to shift the gears dramatically from OBAMA CARES SO VERY VERY MUCH ABOUT CHOO! to OF COURSE HILLARY IS TOO ELITE TO CARE ABOUT CHOO AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT IN A PRESIDENT! 

Now that's a tough sell, but that's what they're stuck with.  She's gotten fantastically wealthy off of that pay-for-play fake charity that was a front for a bribery & protection racket and she's been in Washington as part of the inside-the-Beltway royalty since the early 1990's. 

So trying to recast her as a Washington outsider who's got her finger on the pulse of the common folk is out for this election.  

What they are forced to do is to make a 180 degree turn and now sell the low info voters on the idea that our leaders MUST come from an elite political class that is extremely wealthy and lives completely different lives from that of ordinary Americans.  

People in this elite political class just have this special 'something', and Hillary's got it in spades, people!  And of course, the converse to this, which is what the NYT's new narrative is all about, is that whatever 'it' is, Rubio ain't got 'it'.  

Rubio, Walker, Perry, Jindal, most of this GOP field most manifestly does not come from the nation's elite monied and politically connected class.  Recognizing the backgrounds of the candidates, the Democrats are attempting to turn the 2016 campaign into the opposite of the 2012 one. 

Being too close to the common people is now going to be a bad thing, you see.  It's actually a good thing that Hillary Clinton has lived a sheltered, pampered elitist life because that's helped prepare her for the rigors of the White House! 

Meanwhile, we're going to get countless stories that presume to prove that members of the GOP field just aren't elite enough, aren't special enough to be President.  

Now, that's what they're going to TRY  to do. That's the sell they're going to attempt to make.  Thus far, they are doing comically bad at it.  

How bad?  

Look at this line from the NYT's story today: 
Earlier today Dylan Byers tracked down a picture of what Rubio's 'luxury speedboat' looks like: 

Blake Hounshell also weighed in: 
After getting a $800,000 advance for a book, Rubio paid off all his debts and then used $80,000 of the money to buy himself a fishing boat.  This, according to the NYT's, demonstrates that Rubio has a 'problem' with managing his money.  

I can't wait for the debate moment when the woman who raked millions while running a fake charity as a cover for pay-for-play bribery racket demands this commoner upstart explain his purchase of that $80,000 'luxury speedboat' with his own money. 

If the Democrats want to make finances an issue, well fine, let's go there.  

The State Department lost $6 billion of the taxpayers money while Clinton was in charge of it.  And just recently it was disclosed that the Clinton Foundation gave less than 10% of the hundreds of millions it raked in to charity.  All the rest of it went for salaries, travel and 'other expenses'.  In fact, more than $250 million donated dollars is chalked up to that 'other expenses' category.  Hillary doesn't want to spell out where that money went.  
Chart via The Federalist

They want to make financial comparisons between our candidates and theirs? Fine with me. Rubio bought himself a nice boat for $80,000 after paying off his debts.  Hillary just dropped a cool $10.5 million on a luxury apartment for her daughter as a wedding gift. 
I'm aware all the news stories make it a point to claim 'Chelsea Clinton' is buying this luxury apartment for $10.5 million bucks.  I'm also aware of where that money really came from, thank you very much.

Selling an elite, super wealthy, out of touch, and increasingly frail Hillary Clinton is going to be a super tough job.  And thus far, they are really, really sucking at it. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

New York Times & ABC News Are Demonstrating DNC Media's 
New Strategy

Caught Red Handed In An Ethical Lapse By New Media? No Problem! Run To Politico

This is THREE TIMES in the past 2 weeks DNC Media caught in an ethical lapse by New Media reporters have refused comment on the story while running to a friendly outlet to try to do a controlled explosion. 

First, ABC News stiff armed the Washgington Free Beacon's request for comment about George Stephanoupoulos's failure to disclose his donations to the Clinton Foundation by running to Politico to break the story themselves in a more favorable light. 

"That was a real low blow there, George."

Then two days ago the New York Times refused to comment when a Free Beacon reporter asked about it's Rubio Traffic Ticket 'scoop', as to whether that story was shopped to the NYT's by David Brock's Hillary PAC, American Bridge. Instead the NYT's followed ABC New's example and tried a controlled release of this info at Politico. 

17 traffic tickets between them. Oh hey, that means Bill & Hillary share a disbarment & impeachment! Yes, let's play that game!

And now it's happened a third time. 

Hillary Clinton & NYT's Both Fail To Disclose $100,000 Donation

"No one will ever know the NYT's endorsed me after I gave their charity $100k! Muwahhahaha!"

THIS is their new strategy for fighting the New Media, folks.  This is no longer a bug, it is now a feature.  

The biggest job of the New Media, as Andrew Breitbart tirelessly taught, is to hold the Old DNC Media accountable, to expose their lies, their bias and their deceptions.  

Now that New Media has gotten better than ever at doing it's job of holding the DNC Media accountable, the Democratic Party operatives embedded in the DNC Media who have disguised themselves as journalists have hit on a new strategy for dealing with this.  

New Media is engaging in journalistic integrity when it tips it's hand on a story it's working on by asking a DNC Media entity caught in an ethical problem for comment.  You know who's not practicing journalistic integrity? 

 The DNC Media groups who say 'no comment' to the New Media reporters and then speed dials Dylan Byers & Co. at Politico to shop the story to a friendly outlet where they can try a positive spin. 

Byers is already digging in his heels as being unwillingly designated as the DNC Media Story Shopping Go-To Guy, so look for them to try to find a more willing accomplice soon.  But the STRATEGY for dealing with these cases is now set, and you can fully expect to see the DNC  Media engaging in it as they try to drag Hillary over the finish line and into the White House in 2016.