Monday, January 20, 2014

Obama Explains His Dropping Poll Numbers By Claiming Racism Rather Than Admitting His Lies Over ObamaCare Have Caught Up With Him

Too funny.  A sitting President who has now been elected twice and is currently in power for over 5 years is claiming some racist people out there are JUST NOW DISCOVERING that there's some kind of black fellow in the White House. 

And this is what has led to his poll numbers dropping to below 40% approval recently.  

In recent comments during an interview with New Yorker magazine, President Obama made the claim 'racial animus' is the cause of his sagging approval rating the past few months: 
President Barack Obama said that racial tensions may have softened his popularity among white voters within the last two years, according to a story posted on theNew Yorker magazine’s website today.
“There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president,” Obama said in the article by David Remnick, appearing in the magazine’s Jan. 27 edition.
Standard racial demagoguery.  Deflect attention from the fact there are people out there with very real issues with your policies & where they are taking the country by constantly floating the idea they're just a bunch of racists all upset there's a black guy running the country from the White House.  

In fact, as the polls show, it's quite evident why Obama's poll numbers have dropped the past few months: 
“Poll after poll makes it very clear that Obamacare and other job-killing policies are the reason” for the president’s decline in popularity, Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer said in a phone interview today.
Getting ObamaCare passed by the skin of it's teeth by relentlessly lying to the American people about what the new law would actually do to them will go down in history as the biggest political dirty trick ever.  

Democrats actually thought they'd be able to handle pretty well any sort of backlash once their litany of lies about ObamaCare were exposed when the law actually began to take effect.  After all, they have the mainstream media on their side, helping them sell the reform and doing it's level best to mitigate the building backlash by helping to spin the abject failures.  

In fact, the mainstream media covering for Obama relentlessly explains why it's taken THIS LONG for his poll numbers to drop as low as they have.  If we had a mainstream press that was holding Obama accountable the same way they went after President Bush, Obama's job approval would have dropped into the toilet years ago.  Instead of holding Obama accountable as watchdogs on behalf of the people, the mainstream media has been shown time and again to be completely in the tank on his behalf.  They do their level best to spin away any damage from Obama, the exact opposite of what they would do for a Republican President.  

Unfortunately, spin is of limited value in a situation where millions of Americans are forced to confront the reality of the ACA every single month as they struggle to find new insurance coverage that they can actually afford.  People paying hundreds of dollars more a month for their health insurance - or being forced to go without any insurance at all for now - are going to continue to see that the Democrat's increasingly desperate rhetoric does not match their experience.   

If Democrats think things are bad now, just wait a year.  If the Employer Mandate takes effect this year - assuming Obama doesn't just delay it again - more than half the 157 million Americans who currently have their health insurance provided by their employers will be losing their coverage and have to go to the exchanges to find new plans.  When more than 75 million Americans are suddenly demanding answers about what just happened to them, expect to see Obama refuse to honestly own up to what his reform did.  

What's he going to say then?  75 million more people just discovered there's a black man in the White House? 

If it's laughably funny right now that Obama's trying to pass off his declining popularity & job approval as being due to racism, you haven't seen anything yet. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meet The Queen Of No: 
The Principal Of NYC's 
Worst Public School

A devastating New York Post story reveals the horrible conditions at a elementary school in New York City. PS 109 has a $2.9 million yearly budget, a principal that makes $128,000+ a year, and yet the students have no books, no gym classes, no new curricula, and spend many days just watching movies inside of rat infested trailers.

The conditions and practices the reporters found at PS 109 are truly horrible. But what thus far has garnered the most attention since this story broke on Monday is how PS 109's principal goes about her job.

When she bothers to show up for it.

As related in the Post's story, PS 109 Principal Marcella Sills is a frequent no-show at the school. When she does bother to come in, she shows up driving her BMW and wearing fur coats, rarely showing up before 11 am. Last week she only bothered to show up for work once.

In a followup story that appeared today, the Post reports that Sills showed up today at 7:30 am, and a source told Post reporters this is the earliest Sills has shown up for work "in six or seven years." It behooved Sills to be on time for once since the Post's revelations of conditions at PS 109 on the previous day had at last moved NYC's school officials to finally investigate numerous complaints.

After seeing the Post report, new Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina assigned a deputy to visit PS 106 Monday morning.
“What was reported … is unacceptable, and if true will be immediately addressed,” Farina said in a statement.
I can't think of a starker case that demonstrates why public employees should not be allowed to unionize. It's a well known fact it's virtually impossible to fire a bad or dangerous teacher in the NYC public education system. Hundreds of teachers and administrators that can't be fired still draw their paychecks for doing nothing.

It's not surprising at all that in a corrupt system like this, someone like Marcella Sills was able to spend over 9 years turning a public school into a virtual hellhole. Let's hope the NY Post's shining a light on the situation gets some results for those poor kids trapped in a failing system.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

ObamaCare & Global Warming Frauds Reveal Progressivism's Biggest Flaw

"May You Live In Interesting Times" is an old Chinese proverb that often comes to mind these days because America's Conservatives do indeed live in interesting times.

We live in interesting times when the two biggest Progressive causes advanced into public policy by deceptions are unraveling before our eyes. What two causes are those, do you ask? State control of health care & state control of the energy industries leading to command economies via ObamaCare and Global Warming policies.

NRO contributor Charles C. W. Cooke wrote a thought-provoking column at National Review in which he pointed out many key media figures on the Left are now belatedly admitting that ObamaCare was sold to the country based on lies.

At the same time that ObamaCare's litany of lies are being exposed, we've also been treated to the unraveling of the Left's great Anthropogenic Global Warming fraud. [shortened hereafter to 'AGW Fraud'] Although this might be news to those who only get their information from the usual Politically Correct Sources, it's been admitted by all those who follow the issue that the latest warming trend ceased around 1998. The leak of the Climategate e-mails in 2009 revealed that as early as 2003 the climatologists driving the fraud were well aware of this fact and were discussing among themselves how to keep it hidden even as they spent the next decade shrieking 'DENIALIST!' at anyone who questioned their duplicity.

The biggest flaw of Progressivism which latest events have brought to the fore, is that it's adherents cannot honestly argue for what they want, and thus have to use deception and trickery in order to get a free people to go along with their agenda. And once they get items on their agenda enacted, pretty much whatever they say goes, peasants.

As Charles Krauthammer pointed out in a recent column, right now health insurance in this country is basically whatever Obama & Kathleen Sebilius say it is, according to their political needs of the moment:
Obamacare posed as a free-market alternative to a British-style single-payer system. Then, during congressional debate, the White House ostentatiously rejected the so-called “public option.” But that’s irrelevant. The whole damn thing is the public option. The federal government now runs the insurance market, dictating deadlines, procedures, rates, risk assessments and coverage requirements. It’s gotten so cocky it’s now telling insurers to cover the claims that, by law, they are not required to.

Welcome 2014, our first taste of nationalized health care.
In my opinion the unraveling of AGW Fraud is even bigger than ObamaCare's crashing and burning since that policy push via lie was truly international in nature. The Left has invested almost a decade and a half in selling AGW Fraud with religious fervor from a supposed moral high ground. They have gotten dozens of countries to alter their energy production & consumption.

In fact, if the theory that man-released carbon caused a catastrophic warming trend was true, with all the new carbon humanity put into the atmosphere the past decade, the warming trend should have accelerated, not stopped altogether. Peter Fererra at Forbes explains how sunspot activity and cycling of ocean water explain the natural cooling/warming trends the Earth has undergone as long as it's existed. The perpetrators of this AGW Fraud simply took a natural warming trend and tricked it out into a man-caused disaster in order to push the kinds of socialist policies they wanted to see enacted.

These two frauds sold on lies demonstrate the true nature of Progressivism: that people can't be trusted with the truth. Deep down when they are honest with themselves, Progressives are very well aware that if they are honest from the beginning with those who's lives they mean to control, they'd never get their policies enacted. And so the lies become vitally necessary to the success of the The Glorious Cause. Which is ever and always moving a capitalist country based on freedom of choice and free markets into a top-down socialist command economy with a small set of political elites making all the really important decisions for everyone, economic and otherwise. 

You can only get so far in openly talking people into handing over their rights, liberties and freedom of making their own choices in exchange for really great 'free stuff'. Then you'll have to bring your 'A' game and get really clever in order to fool them into letting you take things further down that road.

Conservatives get roundly pilloried for advocating their actual policy goals while Progressives tell tall tales about theirs and then once they can't deliver the results they promised pretend everybody is upset over nothing and can we please all move on now to the next item on their agenda?

Progressives often win policy disputes because they've learned to dress up their Trojan Horse policies in 'compassion' & 'fairness' language. They care so jolly much more that their dishonestly sold policy just HAS to win out. And because those with alternative policies for addressing the problem don't really 'care' as much as Progressives do, those alternative means of addressing the issue aren't worth a second glance. Why, even discussing other policies or ideas besides the Politically Correct One makes you a hate-filled racist who wants people to die.

"ANYONE who opposes our policy goals wants SICK PEOPLE TO DIE and wants THE EARTH TO BURN UP! They don't CARE about the sick and about the Earth like WE do!"

This is called an 'empathy slander', in which the person distracts you from noticing you are giving up freedom to make your own choices along with crucial rights and liberties because he keeps telling you how much he cares about you. Someone who genuinely cares about you would not keep telling you so over and over again. This is what con men do. Liberals actually try to make this into a criticism about Conservatives, because they don't constantly go around insisting to everyone who will listen how much they CARE.

Progressives make a naked power grab while constantly blathering about just how bloody much they care about everyone and everybody in the whole world-wide world & if you point out what they're doing, they simply howl their fake empathy slander even louder. Once Conservatives & Republicans learn to expose and counter these fake compassion/fairness empathy slanders, they'll have more success in getting their own policies implemented.

As I related in an earlier column, many Progressives are not going to go into a defensive posture as their lies on ObamaCare unravel and certainly not on AGW Fraud. Instead they are simply going to try to distract the country while continuing to demonize their opposition as they put new clothes on the same old policy goals. Whatever it takes to get to a state-controlled economy, that's what they'll pursue. This is why Obama & Co. are desperate at the present time to change the national conversation from their ObamaCare lies & incompetence in implementing it to 'income inequality'. A government cannot dictate what people should earn for their labor without greater control of the economy and the markets. So it's kind of obvious where that national conversation will go if Obama gets his way.

Those who expect the ObamaCare train wreck and the exposure of the Anthropogenic Global Warming fraud to automatically accrue dividends for the Right are mistaken. There will be no automatic gains. Any such political gains from Progressives having exposed themselves will have to be earned. If they are allowed to, the Progressive Left shall simply pretend nothing at all was shown about them from the exposure of these two gigantic frauds, and blithely march on. This must not happen. And it'll be up to all of us to keep it from happening.

The problem with the Right, and especially with Republican leadership - as Ann Coulter as noted more than once over her career - is that they are far too nice and polite. This is a time to get in the faces of the Left and make sure there's a full accounting for what's been done in pushing these two Trojan horses on this nation, to it's great detriment.

If you do the polite, low key thing, Progressives will merely move on to other deceptions, cloaking their future Trojan horse policies in compassion/fairness language and selling them fervently and incessantly to the country while the Right stands off to the side politely trying to get some attention. People will be tricked into handing over yet more liberty and allow more stifling government control over their lives because we were too polite to speak up. And speak up loudly.

In short, it's time to get in the faces of the people who got into other people's faces when they were selling these two frauds to the country. And to make sure they get the tongue lashing they so richly deserve.

Not a single person's been fired for ObamaCare's lies yet. Not a single climatologist who conspired to cook the evidence to perpetrate the AGW Fraud on the world has seen the inside of a prison cell yet.

Well maybe we'll never have a full accounting for the damage that's been done. But what we CAN do is make sure these terrible policies are rolled back. And that most Americans never again fall for this Progressive dirty trick of dressing up their socialist Trojan Horse policies in awfully nice sounding compassion/fairness language.

There's much work to be done. Let's get started.