Monday, April 24, 2017

It's Time For Cities To Stop Coddling The Black Bloc

There Is No Constitutional Right That Allows You to Protest In Public Wearing A Mask Over Your Face 

The cool new term they've adopted for themselves is 'Antifa' which is short for 'Anti-Fascist', but those who've followed this violent group for years knows it still the same old fascistic Black Bloc. 

They hate free speech, they hate property rights and for years these masked goons have been allowed to wreak havoc on American cities and innocent passerby in cities like Seattle, Berkeley, Oakland, and elsewhere.  Though this started as chiefly a California phenomenon, it has spread to the rest of the country.  

Why? Because gutless city officials and police departments have been allowing it to.  

For almost 2 decades this violent group has been allowed free reign to engage in violence and vandalism with their masks firmly in place. 

And there is absolutely no reason it should have been allowed. 

The LA Time Black Bloc Profile

Recently when Richard Spencer, the nation's most visible white supremacist, gave a speech at Auburn, the Auburn police department demonstrated how you keep the Black Bloc under complete control with this one amazing trick: 

They made the Black Bloc goons take their masks off before allowing them into the area. 

The anonymity of being allowed to wear their masks and keep their faces hidden is what emboldens the Black Bloc to engage in most of the violence and millions of dollars worth of vandalism it has engaged in.  

On April 15 at Berkeley, here is just 1 of many assaults carried out that day by the Black Bloc. Watch them jump this guy for getting too close with a camera.

In the 1999 protests in the city of Seattle, Black Bloc anarchists managed to inflict $20 million dollars worth of vandalism as they violently protested the World Trade Organization meeting there.  

You'd think city officials and police departments would have taken action to crack down on these kind of Black Bloc groups after a display like that, but you'd be wrong.  Black Bloc anarchists have been allowed to continue to operate with impunity.  Not only did California police departments let these goons continue to appear masked in public, it's now spread all over the country.  

We're now in 2017 and still these Black Bloc activists are being allowed to show up in public places in groups with masks covering their faces.  Almost every time this allowed to happen, assaults and vandalism occur.  This group is not peaceful, it's not interested in peaceful protest and they make absolutely no secret of this. 

Listen as Yvette Ferlarca, one of the few Black Bloc leaders who has no problem publicly identifying herself, casually promises more violence unless the country starts giving radical far Leftists what they want:  

So this is a wakeup call to every single police department and every single mayor of cities in which these anarchists appear:  

Unmask them.  

If you refuse to do this, then you are being derelict in your duty to protect the public and the public's property.  You may as well sign a pledge saying you will allow the Black Bloc to continue their acts of violence and vandalism in anonymity, that you will not do anything that will allow them to be identified so they can be held accountable for their actions. 

And the voters should and will begin to hold you accountable for this.  People have had enough of these masked goons rampaging through their cities. 


  1. Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of Yvette Felarca's BAMN it is on his facebook page, he is also friends with her there too. They are complicit in sedition.

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  3. Some guy in Alabama says....
    Alabama has a law specific to wearing a mask at a public gathering / meeting. Ironically, this law was passed many years ago to discourage and disrupt the KKK.

    Law enforcement in Alabama has no problem taking down spoiled snowflakes in ninja Halloween costumes.

  4. Excellent reporting, Brian! Thank you.

  5. Great blog! You are right, we are absolutely tired of their violence and vandalism!! We will show it at the ballot box!

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