Monday, May 21, 2012

Newark Mayor Corey Booker 
Quickly Discovering What Happens When An 
Articulate Black Man
Wanders Off The 
Progressive Reservation

A very surprised Cory Booker is
about to get a lesson in message discipline.

Yesterday on Meet The Press Newark Mayor Cory Booker strayed off message & made the mistake of saying what he really thought  about the Obama campaign's targeting of Bain Capital in it's attack ads against Mitt Romney: 

Fact is, the private sector isn't like the public sector and Booker has enough smarts to know this.  In the private sector there comes a time when  you have to cut losses and admit not every business or job can be saved. Bain Capital had hard choices to make in some cases, because not every failing business can be turned around. 

Since it's not their own money, in the public sector bureaucrats have been far more willing to subsidize failure.  Witness the present Energy Secretary Stephen Chu stubbornly insisting that federal loans to green tech companies will continue even as the litany of spectacular failures such as Solyndra continue to mount. Failures that have cost the taxpayers billions & billions of dollars.  
It doesn't matter how badly something is failing, more money must be poured into it because that's what public sector bureaucrats do.  They develop a 'program' then shovel other people's money into it.  It doesn't matter if the program is working or not, or getting results because these aren't results-oriented people.  As long as they have more money to throw into it, they'll keep doing it. They'll only stop when the money runs out or gets cut off.  They get a certain amount of money for their program in the budget and if they don't spend it all they get less the next year.  So the goal is to SPEND THE MONEY - results come in second, if they are even noticed. 
Unlike the Federal Government, private equity companies do not have billions and billions of taxpayer dollars to squander on projects that produce no results.  They cannot spend decades pumping their shareholders money into failed projects while boasting how compassionate they are. 

Note how Obama casts the story, as Bain Capital 'putting profits above people' because they couldn't save every failing business and keep every single job.  

Well the private sector is SELF-CORRECTING.  You make mistakes, you are stupid, you make dumb decisions, you will end up out of business.  Public sector bureaucrats deliberately set up their system to KEEP IT FROM BEING SELF-CORRECTING.  No matter how many bad decisions they make, no matter how many dumb things they do, they can NEVER go under because they have a supposedly limitless amount of other people's money at their disposal, and they'll simply bury their mismanagement with more of it.  

Investor's Business Daily put it succinctly in an editorial today:
Private equity firms such as Bain Capital just don't pick winners and losers based on ideology and "invest" with other people's money. Capitalism is a lot like gardening. It prunes the dead branches of those plants and trees deemed to have a chance to succeed in the expectation of reviving the business and reaping a word anathema to this administration — profit. Sometimes you just have to pull the weeds and the dead plants.
Cory Booker is smart enough to see this & so he said so yesterday on Meet The Press.  He's also aware the basic facts of the Obama ad are false: Mitt Romney had left Bain Capital 2 years earlier to work on supervising the Salt Lake City Olympics & also how Bain Capital created many more jobs than were lost during his tenure.  

But what Cory Booker knows doesn't matter because the Obama Administration had Set The Narrative and Booker strayed from it.  He told the truth.  And you can't do that.  

The backlash wasn't long in coming, and it's going to keep coming for the next week until everybody on the Left has gotten the message loud and clear.  

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