Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Epic  Public Employee Union Fail
In Wisconsin

In an earlier post I talked about the millions of bucks & manpower unions had poured into Wisconsin in a national, concerted attempt to turn back Republican Governor Scott Walker's union reforms.

For the past couple of decades, unions have focused on coordinating nationally to defeat any one state's attempts to end closed union shops and to reform PEU collective bargaining. Any brave Governor or Legislature that tried to bring reform and accountability to the wasteful, corrupt system quickly found themselves isolated and overwhelmed, the battle often over before it was even joined.  

"Why yes, I am in fact kicking ass & taking names. 
Thanks for noticing."

A lot has changed in just the past few years.  As Scott Walker is demonstrating in Wisconsin, it's now possible to withstand this barrage of national money, manpower & media coverage and even defeat it.  

Last night, after months of campaigning, spending millions & millions of their members dues money, sending in plenty of manpower, and getting lots of positive media coverage from their friends in the mainstream media, how did the union-backed candidate do in the Democratic primary?

Kathleen Falk ponders why Dem. Party & Unions weren't able to
convince most WI Dem. voters that Walker's reforms weren't working.

The answer is, she didn't just lose, she got CRUSHED. 

Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, didn't even RUN on opposing Walker's union reforms and he got 58% of the vote compared to Kathleen Falk's 34%.  

Even more humiliating? Notice that Gov. Scott Walker got 626,538 votes, more than Barrett and Falk got COMBINED (390,109 + 228,940 = 619,049)

Scott Walker has won. The verdict on his reforms are in, and Wisconsin voters know what it is.  It'd be impossible for Barrett to shift gears now and run the next month again Walker's reforms.  


  1. "more than Barrett and Falk got COMBINED"

    And this includes the Operation Chaos voters who crossed party lines to toss their wrenches into the works. If the 17% figure is to be believe, the combined candidates actual votes they recieved would be right around 520,000...

    ..."crushed" indeed.

  2. Meanwhile, back in California the public employees unions continue to crush the private sector under mountains of regulations and taxes as Governor Moonbeam cheers them on.

    1. Sadly, you are correct. CA's boned. Totally boned. Anybody who can should just get out now. The high speed rail thing is emblematic of the problem; not really needed, costs doubled before anything really got done, the red flags are literally everywhere, but Gov. Moonbeam and the idiots in Sacramento say it's full speed ahead.

      And when they go bankrupt they'll go running to Washington demanding/whining/crying for a Federal bailout on the backs of taxpayers from states that DIDN'T embark on insane spending sprees - like Texas, for instance.

      Just another reason to vote a straight Republican ticket this year. We need to send a message to the idiots running states like CA that a Fed bailout is NOT going to happen so they better get their act together fast.