Friday, May 25, 2012

Flooding The Zone:
It's Blog About 
Brett Kimberlin Day! 

Do you know who Brett Kimerlin is?  If not, then this post is for you! 

Brett Kimberlin is a big-time Democratic political operative these days.  It's an amazing success story, how he turned his life around after being sentenced to over 50 years in prison back in the 1970's for setting off a series of bombs, including one that severely injured two people.  

Through hard work, sweat, and entrepreneurship Brett transformed his life, started up two political activist organizations which today receive millions of bucks in grants and donations, and works hard to achieve victory for Democrats in elections.  

These are the two organizations Kimberlin started

Unfortunately, Brett has a problem.  He doesn't WANT people to know this incredible success story of how he turned his life around.  He doesn't want people to know he's a convicted bomber & felon.  Instead of going with the facts and holding himself up as a testament to how great America is, Brett apparently decided to try another strategy when his past started coming to light in 2010.  

What strategy did he decide to pursue?  

Well here's some links where you can read all about it:

Note that particular diarist at Daily Kos got all kinds of grief from people trying to claim that Kimberlin had been 'exonerated', a lie Kimberlin himself frequently makes.

Here's Aaron Worthing on Glenn Beck's radio show discussing how Kimberlin's harassment led to him & his wife losing their jobs, among other things: 

This is the video taken at a courthouse in which Brett Kimberlin had Aaron Worthing
subpoenaed to appear simply to learn his real name.  Outside the courtroom Kimberlin then attempts to use his iPad to take Worthing's picture, in direct violation of the courthouse rules. Worthing will take the iPad from Kimberlin, and then give it to deputies who intervene & give Kimberlin the iPad back. Kimberlin then storms out & later fakes hospital records to back up his claim that Worthing hit him 3 times and 'decked' him, a physical assault so great it supposedly put Kimberlin in the hospital.
Now watch that video and tell me how vicious that 'physical assault' was.

Here's Patterico aka Patrick Frey, on Glenn Beck's radio show today talking about the SWAT'ing incident: 

Here is Beck's interview with Stacey McCain: 

I was on Twitter when @BreitbartUnmask name checked McCain's two sons to him.  McCain has only mentioned one of his sons; the troll then came back with both of their names.  

Lee Stranahan made this handy video to introduce Brett Kimberlin to those who don't know his story: 

Yes, this is the sad, sad story of Brett Kimberlin.  A man who totally re-invented himself, but then when his past kept resurfacing he decided to engage in lawfare, intimidation, threats and even worse in an attempt to get people to shut the hell up.  

When only a small handful of bloggers were on the story, this sort of strategy might work. When over 100+ are on it, it's gets harder to try to silence the facts.  

You can't try 'SWAT'ing on 100 people, and the more you engage in lawfare and intimidation tactics the only thing you end up doing is growing the story. 

In football parlance this is known as 'flooding the zone' - there are so many people out there now you have no idea which one to cover and stop the ball from being passed.  

Engaging in harassment of bloggers who were reporting what is in fact in the public record about your past is just short sighted and stupid.  Now more people know about Brett Kimberlin and what he did than ever.  

Good luck suing them all, Brett! 

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