Friday, May 11, 2012

Just In Case You Needed 
More Evidence Of What A Freaking Joke MSNBC Is,
Here You Go!

Timothy Carney for the Washington Examiner and was brought onto MSNBC today during host Tamron Hall's show to discuss the unraveling 'Let's Talk About Mitt Romney' High School Pranks From 50 Years Ago' story.  

Watch how host Tamron Hall reacted to having her viewpoint challenged: 

That's right. She cut Carney's mic, lectured him for over a minute, then dismissed him without giving him a chance to respond. 

Why even have a guest on if  you don't want to talk about their opposing viewpoint?  What was the point of even having Carney as a guest if hearing something she disagreed with was so upsetting to Hall she needed to cut Carney's mic and give him a scolding he wasn't allowed to respond to?  

Is this some new interview technique they are teaching in journalism schools these days?  Or is this the only way they can keep a failing narrative going now as it comes apart, shouting down guests and cutting their mics to try to keep it going a few more days? 

Free Beacon has a transcript:

HALL: So there you have it Tim. And the point is, he’s doing local television—that’s a local reporter asking something that is important to the people of that particular state. His response, you know, people are raising an eyebrow about. 

CARNEY: Okay, well, I’ll talk about the marijuana in one second. But what you’re doing here is a typical media trick: You hype up a story, and then you justify the second-day coverage of the story by saying, “Oh, well, people are talking about it. Here’s how Romney responded to it—“ 
HALL: You don’t have to answer a single question I ask you. You do not. And you did not have to accept the invitation to come on. You knew what we were going to be discussing. [Unclear] 
CARNEY: [Unclear] 
HALL: Hang on, Tim. You’re kind of in my house here. The problem is this: The story’s out there, and you’re right—I am not saying that we should belabor what happened 50 years ago. We are talking about the response by the campaign and the governor, not just on this issue, but— 
CARNEY: You are bringing up a meta story here, which is, “What is the Romney response to this other non-story?” I’m trying to go meta-meta on you, and say here’s some media treatment - 
HALL: You don’t want me to go anything on you, because you are actually irritating me right now. I’m going to be honest with you—yes, you are, because you knew the questions and topics we were going to discuss. You knew them; you agreed. And we are not talking or demeaning—listen, 50 years ago, I was a much tougher kid probably than Mitt Romney was in high school. I’m not talking about the issue of whether he was bullying or not. He says he doesn’t remember; to be fair, I cannot say he does. What I am asking about is how the campaign has handled this situation, how he handled the Colorado reporter, how he handled same-sex marriage where he said he agrees with gay parents be able to adopt, but he does not agree with same-sex marriage? Just the handling of questions beyond the economy. If you’re not comfortable talking about that, I am a-okay, but you’re not going to come on and insult me, you’re not going to come on and insult the network when you knew what you were going to come on and talk about. Done. Now, let me talk to Jimmy, I’m done.
CARNEY: Are you going to cut me off?
HALL: Yes, I am.
UPDATE! Allahpundit @ Hot Air shows how Tamron Hall couldn't bear to have a guest on who was pointedly exposing their strategy in covering the Romney bullying non-story:

It’s Tim Carney of the Examiner, unable to resist pointing out on air how our very serious media parlays a moronic one-day distraction into a moronic two-day distraction. Day one: Feign outrage over a non-story about something Romney did 50 years ago that’s being pushed for political advantage. Day two: Cite the fact that people are now talking about the non-story as proof that it’s a story worth talking about.
 Carney hits the first point at the beginning of the segment and then, at around 4:00, hits the second, and it’s all downhill from there. In fact, watch the second vid below to see how the segment ended. Hall didn’t simply dismiss him at the end of the first clip; they kept him around and put him back onscreen at the end of the interview with his audio cut as some sort of visual reprimand. This is what happens, I guess, when you note precisely how the media carries Obama’s water on the unofficial network of Hopenchange 2012.

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