Wednesday, May 9, 2012

After The Vote In North Carolina Yesterday On
Same Sex Marriage, Democrats Still Can't
Face The Truth

If you can't keep SSM from being banned in deep blue North Carolina or California, the problem is not Republican homophobic rednecks.  

It's that a large chunk of your own base doesn't support your policy on SSM.  Deal with it. 

I'm tired of watching Liberals try to avoid the fact they can't get the Blacks, Hispanics & Catholics in their own base to vote the way they want them to on this issue by claiming it's eeeevil Republicans that are causing this to happen.  

Democrats rule in North Carolina. That's why the DNC Convention is being held there this year.

In 2008, Democrats had a whopping 13 point lead over Republicans in the state: 

With Democrats having that kind of advantage, passing anything they wanted should have been a snap. The problem isn't that Republicans in the state are outvoting the Democrats; it's that a sizable chunk of the Democrats own base don't share the Party's view on SSM. 

Yet for the next couple of weeks expect the Democrats & their MSM media shills to continue avoiding dealing with this uncomfortable truth by instead pointing the finger at Republicans and wailing about Conservative homophobia.  

Here's Mary Katherine Ham explaining the bitter truth to a Democrat last night as the primary results in NC came in:

Tom Blumer at NewsBusters catches the Associated Press telling a howler: 

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