Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh Hey, Just Wanna Point This Out:
If These Guys Plotting To Blow Up A Bridge
In Ohio Had Been Tea Party, 
It Would Have Been Wall-To-Wall 
Non-Stop Coverage For 2 Whole Days Now

Good thing they weren't Tea Party and instead were OWS, otherwise they might have stolen coverage from Obama spiking Bin Laden's head in Afghanistan.  

It was obvious months ago the whole 'Tea Party Bad, OWS Good' BS meme wasn't going to last.  Logging over 7,000 total arrests in 8 months with millons of dollars in vandalism damages, assaults, rapes, drugs now terrorism means that meme is now stone cold dead.  

Good riddance to it.  

UPDATE: Yep. All 5 of the plotters are Occupy.  And ABC News knew this and deliberately left it out of their coverage: 

If you're only getting your news from the Mainstream Media, probably time to start asking yourself why that is.  

Of the five alleged terrorists who were arrested last week for attempting to blow up a bridge, one was an Occupy Cleveland spokesman and another signed the lease for Occupy Cleveland’s warehouse.


  1. You do know that the Black Bloc/Anarchists aren't OWS, right?

    Also, you should do some more reading on how the FBI basically gives these rudderless fringe groups all of the tools they need to entrap themselves. This isn't even remotely the first time.

    You're not very good at spotting patterns. - JF

    1. These guys are OWS.

      Also OWS has been pretty open for weeks in many cities about the black bloc training they've been doing.

      This excuse about how the 'anarchists' show up and 'take over' OWS peaceful demonstrations is pure-D BS. OWS went black bloc even if you don't want to admit it.

    2. So again - meme that OWS is a peaceful movement? It's dead. Just pointing that out.


    3. Where did the woman in the video talk about training the Black Bloc for OWS, or even supporting their actions? OWS leaders since the beginning have condemned violence and vandalism. The Black Bloc certainly has more affinity politically with the OWS than the Tea Party, but that doesn't mean their methods are condoned by OWS as a whole.

      I'm not saying there aren't some full fledged nuts in OWS, but they are not quite as homogeneous as the TP'ers and the proverbial professional protest punks are drawn to OWS like flies to shit. It's an impossible task to self police the weirdos. (On the subject of Black Bloc, they only target corporate and government property. If you see supposed Anarchists smashing mom and pop shops, there's something fishy. Agent provocateurs are used to handily sway public opinion and also justify police retaliation. Look into the Miami Model as well, particularly the PR section and tell me that it doesn't sound familiar.)

      You may be right that the original movement is on its death march - hard to say - but the fact that the MSM has started to ignore it is a sure sign the overlords know some kind of trouble is coming. It will become something else and it likely will be violent because nobody is fixing the U.S. and nobody wants to. Once the middle class overcomes the fear barrier, things will move into a more European scenario.

      Even the MSM gave the Tea Party extensive coverage - even when their numbers started to drop at rallies. I watched two hours of CNN after May day and all they mentioned were the Anarchists. They allowed people to get on TV and call the OWS terrorists. The MSM has their orders.

      I would even imagine the possibility that the TP and OWS might come together at some point - in perhaps different forms - once the more right-leaning activists or just pissed off middle class people realize that neither party is going to save them.-JF

  2. I'm working on a piece right now about the relationship between OWS and Black Bloc. Interesting --and crazy-- stuff!

  3. Hey, this guy spoke at a Tea Party rally and was buds with Tea Party failure Russell Pearce:,0,6681278.story

    Turns out he was a violent lunatic.

    1. Where does it say in there he spoke at a Tea Party rally?

      My own research shows Ready attending an OWS rally:

      Not that this matters; the news story make it clear this stemmed from a domestic disturbance, not anything political.


      Interestingly, he also supported OWS.

    3. This guy seems to have never fit in anywhere. National Socialism is a political philosophy that calls for total state control of the citizen, yet he was a Republican & had links to the AZ Republican party, even running for office.