Friday, May 18, 2012

When All Is Said & Done, 
What Will The Biggest Impact 
From The TrayVon Martin
Tragedy Have Been? 
OK, in the next 6 months we've got to flog this racism narrative. we have to
.....uh what?  What do you mean the truth came out already? 
Now what the hell am I supposed to do?!

I think it will have been demonstrating to the Old Media that they will have to change their playbook when it comes to covering cases like this.

The media learned NOTHING from the Duke Rape Case and is repeating the same patterns of behavior in which they get the initial story wrong, racially inflame a lot of people, and it takes months or sometimes even years for people to learn what actually happened. By then, the media and their allies already got whatever they wanted out of the story, so by the time the actual truth comes  out, they could care less.

The only good thing to come out of this tragedy is that the New Media can now cut drastically down on the amount of time available to those who would politicize cases like this to fulfill their own agenda. Instead of getting months & months worth of the political/social results they want from distorting such cases they now have to spend most of their time defending the false Narrative instead of getting to attack other people with it.

When race hucksters or other activists with a pet cause want to ally with the Old Media to politicize an event like this, it has a 'shelf life' between the time the event occurs and the actual facts come out.  

You have to understand one thing about those who politicize these type of events: they couldn't care less what actually happened.  They have an agenda they want to push, and the narrative they quickly form is their vehicle for doing so.  

They form this narrative in the absence of the actual facts.  In truth, they don't need or want to know the actual facts, because what really happened might make selling their narrative more problematic.  Best to manufacture a 'teachable moment' for the entire country based on speculation, rumor and racial inflammation. 

By the time the actual facts come out, they've always moved on.  Nobody cares any more because the people pushing these narratives never gave a rats ass what actually happened in the first place.  
"Oh, found out the real story? Too late, loser!"

It's always about selling their narrative.  Whether it be that America is racist or sexist or homophobic to it's rotten core, the narrative is the important thing.  Think of it like a gun.  The narrative is the gun; the 'ammo' they feed into it are stories & events they look for to fit into their gun so they can 'fire' it at people they want to attack.  

They are constantly looking for 'ammo' to feed into their 'America is racist' 'gun' so they can use it to criticize others.  

Since they start with The Narrative they want to tell, they are perfectly willing to omit or distort facts from the latest event they are exploiting to make it 'fit' the story they want to tell.  The basic narrative never changes, because the individual stories they grab to feed the narrative are just an excuse to keep flogging the same narrative over and over.  

The playbook remains the same, only the particular cases being exploited to feed that Narrative change.  

Don't miss the real impact of what happened the past 2 months as the Old Media & Al Sharpton tried their same old playbook again.  
"This CAN'T come out now.......
I'm not done playing with my narrative yet! WAAAAAH!!!"

Al Sharpton & CO. were forced to start playing defense to protect their racism narrative of this story almost from the start.  They are NOT used to that happening.  They are used to getting weeks and weeks of free publicity and riding that narrative unopposed and milking it for the maximum political/social results that they desire.  

This time right from the beginning  with the exposure of the truth from the New Media such as, Fox News, & conservative bloggers like Dan Riehl, the Old Media suddenly found itself scrambling to defend the Narrative while Sharpton & his ilk were still rolling it out of the gate.  

Instead of spending uninterrupted weeks attacking their favorite targets and pushing their racism narrative unopposed, those distorting the case so they could politicize it were forced to spend more and more of their time futilely defending the false narrative as it crumbled. 

Not only were they forced to play defense, they were forced to admit they were losing the battle. Time and time again the Old Media stumbled, bumbled and self-destructed while covering this story.  Retractions were issued, corrections made, then new retractions - then even employees being fired.  As new facts came out those trying to save the false narrative started looking like the little Dutch Boy, running around jamming multiple fingers into leaks that were springing up everywhere.  
"Hey don't worry guys, I've got the actual facts suppressed 
so far and....... ah crap."

How effective can the Left be if the amount of time they have to set the Narrative and then relentlessly flog it before the real facts come out is shrinking and growing smaller and smaller as the New Media gets more effective at exposing what they are doing?  

The answer, of course, is 'not very effective at all'.  

And that's a beautiful thing. 

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  1. TrayVon? What now - is he Dutch too? I didn't know about the oppression.

    Seriously, it's been delicious to see the MBM derailed from the all-important Narrative. I'm sorry to see that Zimmerman will be at risk for punishment though.