Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"N-n-nooooooo!  Our Narrative...
Our Beautiful, Beautiful Narrative...
You're HURTING It....
Stop It! Go AWAAAAAAY!!!!"

[Note: Title must be read in your best LOTR 'Gollum ' voice]

"White Hispanic" George Zimmerman. Make that "White[r] Hispanic"

Say, remember just 2 months ago when the MSM was relentlessly flogging the Narrative of the TrayVon Martin shooting that:

A large hulking [& possibly intoxicated] 'white Hispanic' stalked, chased, beat up and then shot dead a small tiny black teenager who looked like he was 12 years old?

Yeah. THAT narrative.  The past 2 months as the real evidence has come out has been most unkind to it.  
Yes, just your average big hulking racist cracker there. 

The latest developments:

Yeah. About all they have left is the futile hope the screaming for help on the 911 audiotapes turns out to be Martin wailing for help while he was breaking Zimmerman's nose, blackening his eyes and smashing his head off the sidewalk/street.  

Good luck with that.  

Earlier in this blog post post I discussed how we could be watching the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case all over again.  This new evidence only compounds that impression. How in the world prosecutor Corey could leave Zimmerman's broken nose and bloody head gashes off this affidavit is beyond me.  It's more likely than ever now that Zimmerman's lawyer is going to get this case thrown out before it even reaches trial.  
Hell of a job there, Angela.

The MSM tried to use it's power and influence to racially inflame this case and the New Media didn't let them do it.  Time and time again the past 2 months they've been exposed & forced to retreat, retract, try again, and fail again.  

Let's hope they got the message: that kind of BS is over.  You can't hype a false narrative for months or weeks any more now that there's a New Media that can show what you are deliberately distorting, omitting & denying.


  1. I had just started on Twitter when this broke and was astounded and the ferocious emotionalism displayed by those who completely bought into the narrative.

    While it's hard to prove, I'm sure that tweeps like Siftyboones helped keep Zimmerman alive that first week. I'd like to believe that my "think!", and reminders that internet threats are a federal crime, played a part, but I know Sifty and others were also alerting local authorities regarding some of the worst offenders.

  2. New media certainly is necessary to police the BS - just look at how Breitbart darling James O'keefe gets busted with another one of his cooked up non stories.

    Good work, new media!

    1. How many states now have voter ID laws thanks to these 'cooked up non stories' by James O'Keefe?

      Yeah, the count is at 2 last I checked.

      Thanks for playing.

    2. And where's the O'Keefe connection, fake journalist? And weird how O'Keefe's latest idiot farce isn't all over the lead on Breitbart. Sounds like fail.

    3. New Hampshire:



      Now is there anything else I can help you with?

    4. You need to go back to fake journalism school or maybe even start at the grade where they teach you how to read words.

      One link to O'keefe with no direct quote and surprise - it's Breitbart.

      Still wondering why O'Keefe's latest exercise in fake journalism isn't burning up the Breitbart.


    5. As as the most recent NC video goes, even if 2 of the people claimed to be non-citizens were in fact naturalized citizens, this doesn't change the fact fakers were allowed to vote in their place while not having to do 1 thing to prove their identity - even when the fakers offered to provide things like passports.

    6. You must have missed the video where the Min. congressman directly credits O'Keefe's MN vote fraud video for the passage of that amendment.

      Thanks for playing! :D

    7. Oh & BTW, I totally understand why you'd want to change the subject from the total & complete freaking fail of the Left's narrative in the TrayVon Martin case.

    8. Part of your ongoing subject matter is the excellence of the new media or hadn't you noticed? I'm simply on hand to police the new media in the same manner that you police the old media. We're helping each other right and left here - pun intended.

    9. You made the claim O'Keefe's Project Veritas videos on voter fraud have had nothing whatsoever to do with state's passing voter ID laws.

      I refuted that claim. I demonstrated that he has been credited with playing a role in the passage of 3 such laws in 3 different states.

      As for the 2 gentlemen who committed perjury by claiming they were non-citizens on the jury forms, see this update, which also notes NC administrators are being disciplined:

      And before you bring source fallacy, 'OMG that's O'Keefe's own website!', here's the two news organizations he links to in order to prove his point:

      Project Veritas took the two gentlemen at their word that they would not commit perjury on the jury pool forms to get out of jury duty. They stated clearly on those jury forms they were not citizens.

  3. So we're down to ONE. Weird how you originally made it sound like a trend or some kind of blistering success. Pro tip: "such and such changes voter ID laws after O'Keefe video" is misleading (read: bad) journalism. And I like how a Breitbart piece sources another Breitbart piece as back up.

    Just terrible.

    And another surprise - the one instance you could find is out of the mouth of an idiot tea party guy who probably believes everything he reads on the truly laughable Breitbart or Fox News.


    1. That video and subsequent article I linked to demonstrated that O'Keefe did play a role in the passage of that Voter ID amendment in MN.

      Even if you don't want to admit it.

    2. I admitted the ONE that actually has anybody mentioning O'Keefe - seriously, can you read? It's right above you.

      Still waiting for O'Keefe's latest sizzling scoop video full o' fail to be plastered all over Breitbart - strange how you don't address it's complete lack of prominence.