Sunday, May 20, 2012

How To Make Sure You 
Don't Miss The Really 
Good Stuff On
Your Twitter Feed

Two months ago I got on Twitter and have discovered what many users of that social media already know: it doesn't take long before you are following 100's of people and the feed is moving so fast you don't have time to keep up.  

Take me for example.  I'm only following 482 people right now.  Yet since I started this post by typing the headline and this far into the body text, look how many tweets are now waiting in my feed: 

For a long time I'd just click on the 'new Tweets' and scroll down and try to find where I'd left off reading from before.  I've quickly discovered once you get past following around 200 people this is essentially impossible  

Here's a method I have come up with to make sure that I don't miss anything important. And you don't need a program like Tweetdeck to do it.  

First, pick out about 20 people from your 'Following' list who's tweets you absolutely never want to miss.  

In your browser (I'm using Google Chrome) create a new folder on your bookmark bar and label it 'Twitter'.  Go through your Following list, open up the timeline for each of these 20 Must See people, and bookmark them one at a time into the 'Twitter' folder.

Now open up Twitter itself, in 2 separate tab windows. In one window, have your main feed where you see the tweets from everybody you are following.  In the 2nd tab where Twitter is open, click on 'Connect' so you only see Tweets where other users interact with you.  

Now start opening up new tabs and in each new tab go to your Twitter bookmark folder and open up one of your 'Must Follow' users. 

Keep going until you've opened them all up.  

When they are all open in separate tabs, go back to your main feed. As users in your Must Follow tabs make tweets, you will see numbers begin to show up on the tab menu showing you how many new tweets they've made.  

Now you're free to read your timeline, and no matter how fast it goes, the tweets you really don't want to miss are being stored in the other tabs.  

See the (2) in front of Adam Baldwin's name there? That means since I opened his Twitter page in that new tab window he's made 2 new tweets.  Jammie Wearing Fool on the far right has made 1.  

There's no chance a Tweet from one of your Must Follows will sneak by you now.  They are all being stored in the other tab windows.  

In the time it took me to write this post, over 270 new tweets came through my main Twitter feed.  But that's OK because I have my 'Must Follow' tab windows up and I know who among my 'Must Follows' has been tweeting & how active they've been, and to see what they've been saying all I have to do is click on their tab window and view the new tweets.  No more scrolling down, down, down, and further down vainly trying to see if I've missed anything.  

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