Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just When  You Start To 
Think You Have A Pretty 
Good Grasp Of The
Gargantuan Size Of
Obama's Ego.......

....he's gotta go and do something like this and prove that you still are underestimating it. 

[Gargantuan. Great word. I so rarely get to use it in a sentence.]

It's not enough that this empty suit pontificates on how deeply flawed the US Constitution is because it didn't 'solve' race & gender issues or allow the SCOTUS to get into the wealth redistribution business and all the other stupid stuff he's been saying.  

We apparently still can't grasp just how awesome he is so he has to go and insert himself into the actual effective policies of every President that came before him from Calvin Coolidge onward with the exception of Gerald Ford.  Apparently all of their successes are now Obama's too, at least according to the White House's official website. 

[Nobody wants to remember the Ford Presidency except for the really cool falling down videos.  Oh and the weird Manson family assassination attempts.]

He was, apparently, completely SERIOUS about that claim

As you read the newly inserted blurbs about Obama photo-bombing other President's real accomplishments in this Commentary article by Seth Mandel, try to grasp how arrogant & pathetic this is at the same time: 


That's Mandel just hitting some highlights there.  Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has a much longer list: 

This sort of lame-ass resume padding just underscores that even Obama's own administration knows what a lightweight he is when it comes to actual accomplishments.  Nothing new here, anybody who's watched his career is well aware he's advanced up the ladder without ever really leaving a mark behind him anywhere. 

Remember this priceless moment? 
"Well he did write two awesome books about himself. 
So there's that."

And now 3 1/2 years into his term as President of the United States even his own team knows how inconsequential he's been so they are trying to pad his resume this way. 

Please. Think of the children!