Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Barack Obama:
International Man
of Mystery!

We on the right wouldn't be making such a big deal over the issue of Obama's past if the MSM didn't cover the past of every Republican candidate with a fine tooth comb. 
Remember how Rick Perry & Sarah Palin's college transcripts were leaked to the media within hours of their announcing their candidacies, Perry for President and Palin as McCain's VP?  

The media will ceaselessly demand every single shred of background information from the Bushes, McCain, Palin, & now Romney and if their demands aren't instantly met any delay or refusal becomes national news until they get the records they want.  
"Fake....but accurate!  Er...why are you all looking at me like that?!"

In 2004 CBS & Dan Rather even got caught red-handed INVENTING fake military records from the 1970's in an attempt to smear George W. Bush. 

One reason the MSM can't convince Americans any longer that they are not totally in the tank for Obama is the way they not only didn't vet Obama in 2008, 3 years on into his term as President they make it a point to attack anybody who points out just how little of Obama's past is open to public scrutiny.  

And someone put together a picture that perfectly sums up how an extremely large part of Obama's past has been officially sealed off from public view - and the media hasn't made a PEEP about it at the same time they are digging up 47 year old  high school pranks by Mitt Romney: 


Click on image for larger version of Obama pretending to be a 
super-smart law student.

Note that's not just his college TRANSCRIPTS that are sealed.  EVERYTHING having to do with his college days are sealed - thesis papers, class attendance, all of it.  

I pointed out ceaselessly back in 2008 that if Obama's college grades bore out the Narrative that he was some sort of super-genius above-it-all-intellect like he was being sold to the public in a campaign that often crossed over into personality-cult territory, we'd have seen them long ago.  If the college stuff backed up the image of Obama as highly intelligent and a successful student, they'd have come out by now.  
"He's so....AWESOME!  How does he do it? 
How does he even relate to mere mortals like us?!"

Instead, Obama &  his enablers have taken every single possible step to suppress any look at his past that might damage that personality-cult image that was pushed in 2008.  There is only one explanation for this: release of this information would expose Obama for what he really is: a guy who didn't earn any kind of remarkable grades at all and simply had things handed to him on the basis of affirmative action.  

After having spent previous campaigns ridiculing and mocking people like Perry & Palin and George W. Bush for average grades, there is no way the MSM is going to reveal their Precious One to be anything less than a freakin' genius. 

Even as his Presidency crashes and burns, his defenders keep floating this idea that maybe he's just too friggin' SMART to be President: 


One commentator on a blog I read stated that Jimmy Hoffa's body will turn up before Obama's college transcripts do.  
"You know...that's probably a pretty good bet, kid!"

Obama's past might actually be unsealed someday - but if so it'll be long after he ceases to be any use to the Democratic party, much like it didn't become cool among the Left to notice - at least for awhile - what a pair of sleazebags the Clintons were until they had exited the White House.  
"My kindergarten records...uh well OK guys, I'll see what 
I can do.........."

Remember that during the next 5 months as you watch the media relentlessly pursue any little thing they can dig up in Mitt Romney's past, & the past of whoever his eventual VP pick is.  

There is a double standard at work here.  It's obvious and plenty of people see it.  


  1. I guess Obama's just better at pretending to be intelligent than the brain-dead hillbillies you listed. Granted, Romney has a sort of oily intelligence, the kind you find in the shifty unaccountable and pampered scions of their better fathers. - TH

    1. And? What about the actual point of the post?

      The media not making a peep over most of Obama's past being officially sealed off from scrutiny at the same time they are digging up 47 year old crap Romney did in high school?

      Your comment on the double standard would be appreciated.

    2. The Left and their favourite tactics:
      Deflect, Distort, Deny.
      You noticed, Brian, that Honesty wasn't one of them?

  2. It's a conspiracy!! Actually, it kind of is. - TH

  3. You're funny. ;)

    All I ask is if they are gonna examine Romney crap from 47 years ago they might want to point out just how much of Obama's past they can't even look at.