Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Look! Over There! 
A Horse!
Looking at my record again? Who do you think you are?!
Oh hey, look over there - HORSES!

I knew this kinda thing was coming and yet the blithering stupidity of it stuns even me.  

Remember this post, "How That 'Shiny Object' Distraction Strategy Working For Obama?":


Rather than talk about economy, I stated we could expect to see the Obama campaign and it's media shills relentlessly try to play the 'Look -  A Squirrel!' game with the public until November.  

Here's the scene from 'Up!' in case you don't know how the 'Squirrel' strategy works:

What have they tried so far to get the public to look at anything other than Romney's real job experience?

1. The War on Women
2. Ann Romney's clothes
3. The Car Elevator
4. The Swiss Bank Account
5. Eeeevil Bain Capital
6. The Sudden Fascination With Mormonism
7. 50 Year Old High School Pranks

Now we can add an 8th one! 

8. Ann Romney's horses


Yes, they ARE this stupid. Remember, David Burge aka Iowhawk put his finger exactly on the stupidity of this strategy weeks ago:
"Apparently I'm supposed to be more upset with what Mitt Romney & his family does with his money than with what Obama does with mine."  
You didn't pay 1 goddamn penny for this.

Not 1 penny of taxpayer's money went to buy or care for a single horse, but we're supposed to be outraged by this while at the same time the Obama Administration continues to pour billions of taxpayer dollars into failed projects like green tech loans.  

Energy Secretary Stephen Chu
Wasted most of $30 billion from the Stimulus bill on green tech
failures like Solyndra - but don't worry! Obama's giving him MORE
of your money!

This whole 'OMFG THE ROMNEY'S ARE RICH!!!!!' campaign strategy is beyond dumb. The Romney's are rich & spend the money they earned on things like horses & car elevators and $990 shirts?  You don't say?  

What's the problem here again?  Rich people spending their own money?  The nerve of these people! Who do they think they are! Rich people are supposed to be in the Democrat camp like Hollywood or Wall Street, giving millions to Obama's campaign! 
Yes, as the MSM hammers the Romney's over being wealthy, 
let's all forget the fact the Obama's are the 1% too.

Apparently only rich Republicans are supposed to lampooned, mocked, ridiculed & attacked for being Republicans.  If they were Democrats giving to the Democratic party this apparently absolves you of the sin of being wealthy.  

Expect to see 5 more months of the Obama campaign grabbing one squirrel after another and setting it loose as they desperately try to keep the public's attention off of Obama's economic record of failure & waste.  

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