Friday, May 4, 2012

Democrats Still Desperately Trying To Sell
The Idea That A Cradle-To-Grave Nanny State
Is The American Dream

Hint to Progressives: this is where you keep losing the rest of us. Do you really want make this an issue?  

Yesterday the Obama campaign rolled out a new project hoping to convince women voters to pull the lever this November for Prince Hope & Change: a pretty hilarious slide show entitled 'Julia', which follows the life of a lonely isolated female from cradle to grave.

What makes the slideshow so revolting and hilarious at the same time is that it's a window into the Liberal Mind.  You see, each slide demonstrates how cruel and horrible poor Julia's life is if she's left to fend for herself on her own - and it's made clear that these are Romney's policies.  Each slide then goes on to show just how awesome Julia's life is if she's a permanent ward of the State - and those are Obama's policies.  

So those are the choices - totally on her own her entire life at the mercy of the cruel cruel world or totally on her own for her entire life with Obama handing her other people's money whenever she wants it.  Hmmmm. What's wrong with this picture?  

You know Progressives are lost in their own personal bubble when they think the idea that a warped personal autonomy that cuts you off from all the real safety nets of life & leaves you totally dependent on Big Brother to survive is just the ticket to get you to vote for them.  

Suppose I had gone to a PR firm and said: 

"I want to come up with something that will make it crystal clear that what Progressives envision as a great life for an American citizen is being a ward of the State from cradle to grave."

They could not have POSSIBLY come up with something better than this.  
Equal pay for equal work! Except, of course, in 
Obama's own White House, where women make 18% less.

Last month I put up a post detailing one of the most shocking traits of Progressives that always mystifies normal people: how in the world they can so shamelessly DEMAND the fruits of other's labor.  Totally shame free, without any sort of self-consciousness at all; not to mention even a big heaping dose of angry self-entitlement.  

You may have seen this kid on Hannity the other night. 
He's an OWS leader that has gone back to grad school &
has no idea where the $ to pay for his student loans came from
Here's that post:
Progressives not only aren't for strong nuclear families, they've spent decades attacking and undermining the very concept.

The support/security/help Conservatives get from family, community, church, etc. Liberals seek from total strangers.

This is because Progressivism seeks a version of complete and total personal autonomy from family, community, church, even country

Because of this, they want their support/security/help to come because Big Brother tells strangers to give it to them.

Recipriocity is the basis of all family & community relationships. We serve and are served ourselves. Love & are loved. Meet the needs of others and have our own needs met.

Liberals want to be served without serving, to be loved without loving, to have their needs met without lifting a finger to meet the needs of others. They should get it from strangers because they deserve it.

This is why they can demand stuff from others they don't even like: because no other way for them to 'make it'.

So..that's how they can turn to the 80% of the country that isn't Progressive and say: I hate you, your families, your churches....I hate my community, I can't stand this f**king pay for my birth control, my healthcare and whatever else I want!"

Now, with that in mind, read the Julia slideshow again.  Isn't it selling the idea that a person who is totally autonomous can't make it on their own?  But how does she end up being totally autonomous for her entire life?  

Well if she's a modern Progressive, it's because this is how she thinks her life should be. She has no family, no spouse, etc. because she doesn't 'need' those things.  

Here's what being totally autonomous looks like in real life. 

Here's the problem: through dumb choices and short-sightedness, some people end up in this kind of total personal autonomy by accident and need help. PROGRESSIVES SEEK IT OUT.  They want this kind of isolation. They pursue it.  To them, this is the IDEAL kind of life.  They are totally 'free' from any responsibility to others.  

So when they try to sell their Utopian vision of 'what the Government can do for you!' they always end up painting a warped picture of life that is foreign and repellent to most Americans.  

I just don't get it. Why is less than 20% of the 
American population Progressive? 

I've said it for years. I'll continue to say it: Progressives don't understand America or Americans.  It's like they've been dropped in here from a foreign country.  

American aspire to be successful on their own - with the help of their families, their spouse, their community & their churches.  A lifelong government safety net is for those with no other means of support, aid or security.  Wise people do NOT seek out that kind of life situation for themselves.  Progressives not only seek it out, they are then brazen enough to demand that others foot the bill for it.  

For Progressives, this is the 'best' they have to offer, their vision of an exciting future where everybody is treated 'fairly' by the Big Brother they are dependent on from cradle to grave.  

And if you think that's where most Americans are, or WANT to be, you don't understand this country.  


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  1. It's great finding out what you've been reading on other blogs!

    1. Yeah! It's obvious...because the only other site I linked to for this article was Barack Obama's campaign website.

  2. Your golden America of the middle of the last century isn't coming back. Your fear, while likely subconscious, is palpable. - HT

    1. Somebody's bubble is getting popped soon, but it isn't mine.

  3. Absolutely Orwellian right down to the name, Julia, the head of the anti-sex league in Orwells 1984. Between this huge gaffe and the " I ate dog" meme you have to wonder if the Obama re election team has read a book in it's life.

    1. You're really cherry-picking your Orwellian. This has conservatives all steamed? You pick this in a long list of things that could be called Orwellian? Why is the right always ignoring the real government over-reach in favour of Obamacare, women's health,etc., not to mention cheap diversions like the dog thing and Obama's scary radical past? While a police state forms around you, you're thinking the name Julia sounds suspicious? -JF