Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Understanding Liberal Pathology: 
Part II
They Hate Us But They
Need Us

From a Twitter Rant I went off on today following a Tweet from Dywan Washington II:
I'm truly baffled at the freaks in this country, who believe they are entitled to the fruits of others labor.

The first step to defeating Progressivism is understanding what drives the pathology behind it.  That's what this series is about. 

[Here's a link to Part I, in case you missed it!]

Here's my tweets from today, put up less than 30 minutes ago:

Progressives not only aren't for strong nuclear families, they've spent decades attacking and undermining the very concept.  

The support/security/help Conserv. seek from family, community, church, etc. Liberals seek from total strangers.

This is because Progressivism seeks a version of complete and total personal autonomy from family, community, church, even country

Because of this, they want their support/security/help to come because Big Brother tells strangers to give it to them.

Recipriocity is the basis of all family & community relationships. We serve and are served ourselves. Love & are loved,

Liberals want to be served without serving, to be loved without loving. They should get it from strangers cause they deserve it.

This is why they can demand stuff from others they don't even like: because no other way for them to 'make it'.

So..that's how they can turn to the 80% of the country that isn't Progressive and say: I hate you, your families, your churches.. 

 ..I hate my community, I can't stand this f**king country...now pay for my birth control, my healthcare and whatever else I want!"

Here it is as I tweeted it - start at the bottom and read upwards!

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  1. The Left is made up predominately of people who never made it to the final stage of maturity.
    They are locked into a position of "The world is a dark and forbidding place. I want my government to be my mum and dad, to protect me with Laws, and give me stuff for which I have no need to pay back."
    It's simple really, Brian. They're failed adults until the day they die. They can only peck themselves out of their eggshell - an adult shouldn't help them, because it sets in train a lifetime of dependency.

    1. "Only they can peck themselves out of their eggshell."

      Sorry - that's what you get, blogging with a hangover.

  2. Libs hate rich corporations but love their money and want to redistribute it among themselves.