Saturday, April 28, 2012

It Didn't Get Better, So 100 Members Of Dan Savage's Audience Left

I feel better about the future of this country after watching this video below.

Here's what happened: The Obama White House appointed uber-Left wing gay activist Dan Savage as some kind of 'anti-bullying' czar. He created an anti-bullying organization called the 'It Gets Better' Project. Dan was invited to give a speech at NSPA/ JEA's annual High School Journalism convention this week.  

Little bit unclear on the concept there, eh Dan?

Only during his speech Savage went into a foul-mouthed diatribe directed at Christians & the Bible that was so over-the-top that calling it 'XXX-rated' wouldn't quite do it justice.  

Watch how scores of High School students reacted to this: 

[Again, I am not joking. His language is truly awful here. If NSFW language offends you, watch with the volume down and just view the student's reaction]

Wait, they're leaving??!! They can DO  that??!!!

It looks like Dan Savage thought he had a captive audience, that these students would just sit there and take it no matter how offensive and outrageous his speech got.  

He had to know more than a few of the kids in that audience were Christians.  Were they supposed to just sit there and take it or something?  


There are plenty of people that will not voluntarily sit there and listen to your BS.  

Without captive - or stupid - audiences Liberalism wouldn't survive.  It also can't flourish in a free market, which is why Air America died but NPR still hangs around suckin' on the government tit.  

Savage's reaction is priceless.  He begins verbally BULLYING the students who are walking out on him.  South Park has now become reality! 


  1. I hope this guy gets saved before he dies his horrific death.

  2. This is funded with taxpayer money. The students who walked out respect theirselves and the value of their time. The screamers and clappers are idiots and will probably remain so.

    Consider this: while a government school wasted school time with this nonsense, thousands of these students' peers were cramming for a calculus exam.

    It is time to send this courageous defender of homosexuality to Saudi Arabia to preach his gospel.

  3. If you're going to make going after the MSM your thing, maybe you shouldn't cop their methods. "Most" of his audience left? That's shoddy journalism. Right wing sites put the number at around 100 - probably passed on from each other - but most sites are reporting about a dozen students walked out. Now I'm not the fake journalist here and didn't find out how many people the lecture hall holds, but its a university lecture hall, so I'd say a thousand wouldn't be far off. But whether a dozen or a hundred, your "most of" statement smells of sensationalist hyperbole. Now who does that sound like?

    And for the record, I think Savage is an idiot.

    1. Watch that video and then tell me that's 'a dozen students' walking out. That's only one aisle the camera captures. I count 23 students leaving. How many did you count? So much for 'most sites reporting about a dozen students walked out'.

      By 'most sites' I guess you mean the Left Wing sites trying to downplay this fiasco.

      I will however, change the headline.

    2. Also it's not some great point that only 100 got up and walked out but many stayed and cheered and clapped the BS he was saying. School administrators and parents have a right to be upset about this because this wasn't the kind of speech he was supposed to be giving.

      The kids that stayed and clapped and cheered probably would have stayed and clapped and cheered if he'd whipped it out and started whacking off up there.

      The point of the story is that this state-sanctioned, taxpayer-funded public High School conference put this guy up there, and what he said was so over-the-top offensive with his hate speech plenty of kids got up and walked out on him.

    3. Just pointing out that it's not quite as cut and dried trying to be the paragon of accuracy that the new media thinks itself. The old tricks are plied for a reason and your so-called new media does it as well. Because it works.

      So, you might ask yourself - why would you so casually and easily leap to "most of" with absolutely zero evidence that most of the students left?

      Because it is almost instinctual to pump it up a bit in order to further the narrative already formed in your mind the second you heard about or saw the video. A clearer illustration of what you lament could not be rendered.

    4. What about the narrative others helped you form that it was 'only a dozen students' that got up and left?

      I corrected my headline. Did those other sites own up to getting it wrong yet?

      How many students did you count leaving in that video again?

  4. You miss the obvious point here, anon. It's generally a minority who get bullied by a majority.
    You just saw it in action.

  5. Wow, first he attempts to compare his sexual fetish with slavery, which is ludicrous then says the reason he is, insulting Christians everywhere is because he himself has been beat up so badly because he prefers gay sex. Is this classic liberalism? Compare your phony activism with some other historic authentic cause. African Americans, Latino's, Woman everywhere should be offended by the way this citizen has attempted to downgrade your minority with his sexual choice and fetish.

  6. You know, I don't have anything against gay people. Heck, I'm even okay with gay marriage. What I"m not okay with is this prevalent idea that it's okay to make fun of Christianity. And I say this as a non-Christian. If he were beating up the Koran--which oh believe me has plenty of stuff against homosexuality and is also a ok with child bride slavery, he'd be labeled a bigot. Same thing here: he's a bigot. I'm sorry he struggled with his sexuality and coming out, but he hasn't grown the hell up until he can not be a spiteful brat about it.