Monday, April 2, 2012

Sanford PD Issues Partial Report 
That Backs Up Zimmerman's Claims

Today the Sanford PD released a partial police report that contains the written descriptions of what the officers on the scene of the TrayVon Martin shooting found when they got there:

Of particular interest is the written report of Officer Timothy Smith: 

Click on the image to see a larger verison

As you can see from his report, filed back on Feb. 27th before experts and news media began claiming there was no physical altercation between Zimmerman and Martin, and that Zimmerman had no injuries and wasn't bleeding, and that audio experts 'proved' it wasn't Zimmerman heard yelling for help, Officer Smith reports:

1. Zimmerman appeared to have been lying on his back on the ground since his back was wet and had grass stains - this puts him on his back on the ground exactly as he and eyewitnesses told police he was. 

2. Zimmerman was bleeding from a wound to the back of his head and from his nose - this proves there was a physical altercation in which Zimmerman suffered bleeding injuries, which some people used a grainy police video of Zimmerman to doubt. 

3. Zimmerman volunteered he had yelled for help. Remember, the officer is including this detail on Feb. 27, way before anybody would even try to make it an issue over who was yelling for help on an 911 audio tape, Martin or Zimmerman.

4. Zimmerman was treated for his bleeding by SFD before leaving the scene.  People tried to use the lack of any visible blood in the Sanford PD video to cast doubt on Zimmerman's story. 


  1. Thanks for the bigger picture, Brian ... gonzo

  2. Check your stats for the Ace-a-lanche!

    1. 2,065 page views in the last 12 hours - not bad for a Ace-a-lanche!

  3. Even if Zimmerman's injuries are actual, he still provoked Martin by following him in a vehicle then chasing him, albeit briefly on foot.As far as I can tell Zimmerman NEVER identified WHO he was or in what capacity he was following Martin to the point he triggered Martin's flight/fight reflex. Zimmerman opened the door for this tragedy to happen when he opened the door to his vehicle. I do believe he is heartbroken and wishes he had let the cops handle it.

    1. Oddly enough, I get out of my vehicle all the time, sometimes as many as a dozen times in a single day. No one has ever told me that this activity requires me to take whatever beating anyone in the area chooses to dish out.

      Also, you're kind of dumb. You might not have realized it, being dumb and all, but yeah. And, by "kind of" I mean "really, really."

    2. As noted in the 911 call, Zimmerman observed a suspicious person and described his appearance/behavior to the dispatcher while in his car. Martin saw Zimmerman observing him and ran. Zimmerman got out of his car and followed to determine where he was running to. After losing sight of him Zimmerman doubled back to meet with officers.

      POINT BEING, Zimmerman had no opportunity to identify himself prior to Martin fleeing and it's likely that Martin chose to confront Zimmerman.

  4. MasterChiefD: Here is where your argument fails. You say that Martin was justified in using force against Zimmerman because Zimmerman provoked him by exiting the vehicle. However Zimmerman is not permitted to defend himself.

    How is it that use of force is permitted to Martin but prohibited to Zimmerman?

  5. Since the whole truth has yet to come out - if it ever will - aren't you idiots just needlessly stoking the coals and making things worse here with this ridiculous internet Sherlock nonsense? Maybe it's time to move on and make a big stupid guessing game out of some other racially charged incident like the black Marine vet who was shot by cops in his own home. Did he have it coming? Have at it.

    1. You're kind of making my point for me there.

      The whole truth has yet to come out....but this hasn't stopped the Old Media and Al Sharpton & Co. from repeatedly claiming the KNOW why Martin is dead and why Zimmerman hasn't been arrested yet - Zimmerman's racism and the Sanford PD's racism and covering up his crime.

      Since Sharpton and the Old Media took this story national with a set narrative, almost everything people were told about this case has turned out to be wrong;

      1. White man = Hispanic
      2. Outweighed Martin by 100 pounds = Zimmerman is only 180, not 240
      3. Zimmerman told police Martin as suspicious because 'he looks black' = Old Media getting caught deceptively editing the tape
      4. Police video casting doubt on Zimmerman's story because no injuries/blood visible = retractions once a higher resolution video came out
      5. Zimmerman's gun being returned to him that very night = it was seized and entered into evidence. He may still not have it back.
      6. Police never even put yellow crime scene tape around the area of the shooting = actually they did, another false rumor
      7. Audio experts 'proved' it wasn't Zimmerman yelling for help on one of the 911 calls = debunked; they said they couldn't prove it was Zimmerman, only a 48% match to his voice and they would need Zimmerman to volunteer to yell the same words to get a true sample and they didn't have one.
      8. A small child was stalked and attacked by a very large 240 pound man = Martin was over 6 feet tall and weighed 160 to Zimmerman's 5 feet 9 180 pounds, a 17 year old vs a 28 year old.

      All that is just from the past WEEK.

      Damn RIGHT we should be waiting for the truth to come out. Do you have any idea why the Old Media keeps getting it wrong the past week? Why can't THEY wait for the truth to come out?

  6. You're doing the same thing. Your new media is equally lame and your methods are exactly the same. Your "side" just hopes to be the new MSM so that you can get in on this slanted, rush-to-judgement schtick and win the big battle. But you can't see the forest for the trees - you can't beat these guys no matter how much you try to play with the big boys.

    Move on.

    1. Get ready for your race riot, idiot. Zimmerman will never spend a single day in prison for this. Trayvon Martin caused his own death.

    2. Cool. Sounds like you've also been well programmed to be outraged. Good luck with your shitty country and feel proud that you've done your small part to make sure the downward spiral continues.

    3. How many retractions/corrections/apologies has the New Media had to make in the past week? Were they ones that tried to claim a grainy low-resolution video 'proved' Zimmerman had no injuries and then had to retract?

      Did they bring in two audio experts to 'prove' it wasn't Zimmerman yelling for help on the 911 tape and get embarrassed when it was revealed they were claiming to be able to do this without a sample?

      Did they deceptively edit a transcript and an audiotape and get caught redhanded and have to investigate themselves and issue an apology?

      Did they put out a story that Zimmerman outweighed Martin by 100 pounds when that wasn't the case?

      Show me one example where Fox News, or any New Media outlet had to issue a correction or make a retraction on the Martin case.

      Somebody certainly is rushing to judgement. They rushed out a story and have tried to inflame and incite with distortion and misinformation. Now the real facts are coming out. And they'll continue to come out.

      And we'll see who it is that keeps having to make retractions and 'modify' the story they've been telling.

  7. Once again, the bullcrap of the leftwing media is exposed. Jesse Jackass and Al Sharpton are doing nothing but being the racist pigs that they have always been.

    This is the bottom line: this will not end with Zimmerman going to prison. Either the Special Prosecutor will dismiss the case, the Grant Jury will "no bill" it, or a jury - if it actually gets to trial - will find Zimmerman "not guilty."

    So, we can have a race riot now, after the Grand Jury, or after a jury acquits. But it is coming, and so is Zimmerman going free. He will never spend a single day in prison for this, a justifiable homicide as he was defending himself.

    1. And Obama's getting a second term. Suck on that, you racist girly-men.

  8. a coward!