Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TrayVon Martin/George Zimmerman Case
Then & Now

The original narrative: 

Big bruising 240 pound white man cop wannabe that's called 911 46 times in the past 13 months spots a tiny young 17 year old black child that looks 12 walking on a sidewalk and decides he looks suspicious enough to dial 911 yet again and get the cops to come investigate.  While he waits for the cops to arrive, the white man mutters a racial slur under his breath into his cell phone.  The cop wannabe decides he can't wait for the cops to actually arrive and so he gets out of his vehicle and engages in a foot pursuit.  The young black child demands to know why the big bruiser of a white man is following him.  The big man then assaults the young black child. It's not a contest at all since the white man is so much bigger and outweighs his victim by over 100 pounds.  Sometime during this assault, the big white man produces a concealed handgun.  The young black child can be heard on a 911 audio tape screaming for help.  Then the big white man shoots him dead.  

That's where we were 2 weeks ago. 

Where are we now?  

A 5 foot 9 180 pound Hispanic man that's called 911 46 times between January 2004 and January 2012 spots a 6 foot 2, 160 pound 17 year old young black man walking on a sidewalk and decides he looks suspicious enough to call 911 and have a black and white come out and investigate him.  While he waits for the cops to arrive, the Hispanic man mutters the words 'these f**king punks' under his breath. Turns out it's so hard to hear what he's actually muttering even audio experts that clean the tape up later and eliminate background noise disagree on what he says.   He decides to leave his vehicle and chase the young man on foot, then turns back to get into his vehicle again, only the young man comes up behind him and verbally confronts him before he can get back in his car.  During this verbal confrontation, the Hispanic man reaches for his cell phone.  Perhaps believing a weapon was coming into play, the 17 year old launches a punch to the Hispanic man's head that knocks him down.  Before he can recover, the black youth mounts him and starts pounding his head into the sidewalk.  Trying to slide underneath the young man mounted on him to get his head off the sidewalk, the Hispanic man begins screaming for help.  In a panic, he draws a concealed handgun and fires one shot upward into the young man's chest, killing him.  


1. MSNBC  & NBC News get caught red-handed deceptively editing Zimmerman's 911 call to make it highly racial and inflammatory.  Sean Hannity and Brent Bozell demonstrate what NBC News did to the audio tape on Hannity's show. The evidence is so compelling NBC News is forced to launch an investigation of itself and apologize for the 'error'. 

2. ABC News outs the name of a 13 year old minor eyewitness while scrupulously protecting the name of Martin's 16 year old girlfriend. This is an old Old Media trick to coerce witnesses that are not supporting the 'correct' narrative - to unshield them and let public pressure push them into changing their story.  This is exactly what happened. Within several days of the minor's name being outed by ABC News, his mother goes on TV to call into question what he told police. 

3.  ABC News puts out a grainy video taken at Sanford Police HQ and claims it casts doubts on Zimmerman's story of a fight in which he suffered bleeding injuries.  Other media follow suit, then were forced to issue retractions when a higher resolution video is released. 

4. The New York Times and others insist on repeating the fallacy that Zimmerman outweighed Martin by '100 pounds'.  The difference in height and weight supposedly made it ridiculous that Martin would ever initiate violence against a far bigger man.  In fact, Zimmerman is 5 foot 9, 180 pounds to Martin's 6 feet, 160 pounds.  

5.  Zimmerman's gun was never taken from him or if it was it was quickly returned. The police report says it was taken from him at the scene and entered into evidence. There is no evidence anywhere that it was quickly returned to him as some are claiming.  

6.  Audio experts 'proved' it wasn't Zimmerman yelling for help on 911 audiotape. Until it was pointed out they had no sample from Zimmerman to make a real comparison with. They were, in effect, guessing.  And now the police report reveals the first officer on the scene, Timothy Smith, says Zimmerman told him within minutes of the shooting that he had yelled for help.  

7.  Zimmerman called 911 40+ times in the past 13 months: Debunked.  He called 40+ times since 2004. 

8.  The 'white man' was really a 'White Hispanic'. Yes, and Obama is a 'White Black'.  Liberals are attempting to save the racism narrative of the case by calling Zimmerman a 'white Hispanic' with all the emphasis on the word 'white'.  Seriously, I have met liberals on-line the past week claiming they've been referring to themselves and people like Cameron Diaz as 'White Hispanics' for years.  I am not making this up:

9. The police never did any serious investigation, didn't even put up any yellow tape at the crime scene, and Zimmerman was never going to be charged.  All wrong.  The investigation was on-going, it had never ended.  But people trying to fan racial flames wanted to claim that because Zimmerman wasn't IMMEDIATELY  charged, he never was going to be.  In fact, the DA was waiting for further investigation before a grand jury before deciding whether to file charges.  

While plenty of people may believe this is an open and shut case of clear first degree murder and therefore Zimmerman should have been charged with first degree murder on Feb. 27th, the actual facts make this a far trickier case to deal with.  District Attorneys are limited to filing charges they can prove in a courtroom.  While plenty of people think they KNOW what happened, the DA is limited to what he/she can PROVE happened.  That means forensic evidence, ballistics, and eyewitness testimony.  And what Zimmerman says in his own defense.  Some people seem surprised by the fact he's allowed to do that, since to them he's so obviously guilty.  

The problem for a lot of people the past week is that eyewitness testimony, including that of the officers on the scene, is starting to corroborate what Zimmerman claims happened. For those desperately determined to politicize Martin's tragic death to use it for their agenda, these new facts provoke an exceedingly hostile response.  

From the beginning, if this racism narrative was so obvious and could stand on it's own, why in the hell do they have to keep trying to 'help' keep it alive by distorting the facts and even trying to suppress and shout down new evidence as it comes out?  

It'll be interesting to see where the next week will take this developing story.  

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