Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Over For Gregg Williams;
New Tape Surfaces In Which He 
Encourages His Defense To 
Deliberately Injure Specific Players 
On The 49ers

Graphic language warning on the video below:

That's pretty much standard boilerplate 'get out thar n' hit'em haaard!!!' coach talk UNTIL Williams talks about deliberately hitting 49ers QB Alex Smith in the head.  

Then Williams reminds his defense about making sure they take cheap shots to the head before getting off the pile. 

He then talks about hitting Crabtree on the outside ACL, which can only mean he's telling his players to deliberately hit Crabtree on the knee.  

That's followed by a comment about trying to make sure they put Vernon Davis' ankles 'over the pile' - which means inside a pile up of players where they can try to grab his foot and twist it or drop a knee on his ankle where the ref's can't see it.  

Telling your players to target specific players on another team for shots to the head, knee and ankle is not just crossing the line, it's obliterating it.  I don't see any way Williams can ever coach again in the NFL after this.  

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