Friday, April 6, 2012

Let's Count How Many Media Versions of The Same Picture Now Exist:

The original, unaltered picture: 

Now meet 'White[r] Hispanic' George Zimmerman:


Here's 4 I found showing different shades of skin tone and backgrounds. 

One of the big changes is to alter the background to light green or cool blue to accentuate the white highlights in Zimmerman's face.  The darker background of the original pic didn't do that.  

In the digital age, there is no excuse for this.  This isn't the 1980's where you had to run a scan through a copier at Kinko's to make copies of a picture.  The only reason to change the skin tone like this is to make Zimmerman look 'whiter'.  Not a single alteration made him look darker.  

If you can find more, please post links in the comments.  

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