Monday, April 2, 2012

Thanks To All The Visitors,
The Draw And STRIKE! Blog Is Off To A
Fantastic Start!

I launched this blog on March 16th and in the past 2 weeks have garnered over 7,000 pageviews.  

Much thanks to those at Ace of Spades, Pat Dollard and others who have linked to my posts!

I will continue to try to be one of the best new Conservative blogs on the Internet! Send tips, comments and feedback to @drawandstrike on Twitter! 

As of 4-2-2012


  1. I'm totally on your side with this blog, but you might want to actually write more of your own thoughts and views rather than treating it as a sort of hub or clearing house for other things you've gleaned from the web.

    You have to have a voice to really keep things fresh and interesting.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, and you are right, on about half the posts I do have links to other sites where I point out a story of interest.

      I do try to point out something I don't see others saying even if I am linking to other sites. For instance, in the 'And The Retractions Begin' post from yesterday, I put up links to both MSNBC and ABC New's retractions of their earlier claims based on the lower resolution video of Zimmerman's arrival at the Sanford PD.

      That was to make the case in the final paragraph that was most of interest to me - how the New Media had just forced the Old Media to make two retractions in a single week. I view the linking as a case-building tool to build a case for a point I want to make.

      But I will also have 2-3 posts a week where I will write on a subject in depth. For instance, if you haven't read these posts from March, please give them a look:

      'Why Bill Maher Is The Most Pathetic Person On TV'
      'Who's Violent - OWS Or The Tea Party?'
      'Why OWS Is Doomed [And the Tea Party Isn't]'
      'Why Hollywood Hates Act of Valor'
      'Why The Left Is Getting Angrier All The Time'
      'Understanding Liberal Pathology'
      'What Went Wrong With Disney's John Carter?'

      In 2 weeks that 7 opinion columns. I should probably write more stuff like that, I admit.

  2. You're doing fine, Brian. It's your blog, it stands or falls on what you put into it.
    I like the links, and the personal viewpoint.

  3. Yes, it works great as an echo chamber.