Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Excuse Me, You SCOAMF, But 
CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Has A 
Question For You!

"What's that hand I see there? Go ahead, Sharyl."

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Not only was there faster action on the Secret Service scandal, look what happened TODAY within hours of the LA Times publishing this story: 

This story went up at 4:30 a.m. April 18.  

So how fast did Obama leap to demand there be a probe launched of these US soldiers? 

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It had just turned 6:00 pm here in Texas when I took that screenshot, so that means this story was going up on Yahoo News around 4:30 in the afternoon - almost exactly 12 hours after the LA Times published these 2 year old pictures.  

Investigative Journalist for CBS Sharyl  Attkisson has a point - why the instant leaping to deal with scandals involving the Secret Service and the US Military, but no leaping of any kind to address a scandal that's been ongoing for 2 years now that resulted in over 200 deaths, including that of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry?  
I refused to pay a hooker. 

I posed with dead Taliban for a picture.

I died. And so did over 200 other people, with more dying every day.

Boy, does she have a point! Don't you think she has a point? Let's discuss it in the comments! 

BTW guys, Sharyl Attkisson really DOES want to know what you think: 

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  1. Of course there's a good question there, but not one we're likely to get a good answer for. Best we can hope for, I think, is to just keep asking the question to anyone and everyone.

  2. Good point. I know Obama/Holder intend to stonewall this. Not just past the election either, assuming they win it.

  3. Why did the O'Bummer want the body parts,and why is he so strongly in denial about that,now ?
    Did he decide to order hushpuppies,instead ?

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.Carry.

  4. A politician trying to dodge a screw-up? Shocking.

    Also, one of these stories is domestic, another has serious international ramifications, as in the U.S. military breaking the Geneva Convention. Again.-JF

    1. A 'screw-up' that lead to over 200 people getting shot to death - let's be accurate here. It's WaterGate with a staggering body count. They've stonewalled for a year and a half. It matters.

  5. I'm not saying it doesn't matter, I'm saying that this is all about optics and one situation is an international crime and is much less sticky to confront. And they tried to cover it up as well. You're talking about two stories here, aren't you? Well, you're doing the same thing and only focusing on one of them and not coincidentally the one that best serves your personal agenda. -JF

  6. Just curious - do you think that the military abuse story is unimportant? -JF

    1. The issue here is "Why is the investigation into the murder of the Gunwalker 200 taking so long, when minor idiocies by your troops gets an instant White House demand for action?"

      You're not curious, Anon, you're trying to derail the thread.

    2. I've already addressed the obvious reasons why one story might take precedence over the other, while admitting that Obama's actions are lousy, if not laughably predictable. I'm not trying to derail anything, but one story does not cancel the other. "Minor idiocies?" There are complex relations at stake that demand at least lip service for what the rest of the world would consider another Geneva Convention-breaking screw up. Whatever happened to hearts and minds?

      I'm not even arguing with you, simply addressing realities that, no matter how unfair or out of balance, are pretty easy to decipher the motivations behind them. - JF

  7. Bullshit you're trying to derail the thread.
    Obamas actions are lousy? One of his employees was killed by a stuffed up game he and his mates were playing, and you are trying to pin some kind of moral equivalence on troops with body parts they've been ordered to collect for forensic analysis, with a dead Patrol Agent?
    Your ability to turn your thinking and morals into something resembling a pretzel is astounding.

    1. I made no play for moral equivalency - just pointing out the (I thought) glaringly obvious reasons why this has played out the way it has. I'm aware that Brian is playing the disingenuous angle here, so I was playing along. And speaking of twisting things into a pretzel, I guess your noble outrage has nothing to do with your boiling right-wing hatred of them lefty Commies on the other side? Do any of you know what the Geneva Convention is? Or is it that some lefty commie invention?-JF

  8. No disengenuous angle here. There is a legitimate question why the White House leaps to take fast action in light of scandals involving Secret Service and US Military but has stonewalled for more than a year now on a far bigger scandal.

    Who came up with Fast & Furious? What was the purpose of the operation to ship these 1000's of high powered weapons across the Mexican border? Why was there no effort made to track these weapons? In fact, why were the AFT agents who blew the whistle on the operation specifically told not to make any attempt to keep track of the weapons?

    There's a Congressional investigation ongoing that is no closer to an answer on any of those questions than they were a year ago. They are being stonewalled by the White House and the DOJ.

    So a SS agent might have compromised the President's security on one single trip to South America. So a couple of US soldiers took some photos 2 years ago in a breakdown of discipline.

    If those merit instant investigations and transparency, what does over 200 dead people warrant?

    1. It certainly seems that Obama isn't learning anything from Nixon's mistakes. You guys seem to know the story quite well - why wouldn't Obama just try and hang Holder out to dry, even if it does go all the way to the top? Is he really hoping that this will just go away by playing hands-off or just stalling until after the election? Is Holder too powerful to cut a scapegoat deal with or is it a sign that there's proof out there that Obama signed off on it? -JF