Monday, April 9, 2012

Pajamas TV Demonstrates Just How Stupid
NBC News' "It Was A Mistake!" Excuse Is

Remember, NBC fired a 'senior producer' for this offense - while refusing to say who it was.

Watch the PJTV crew demonstrate just how laughable it is for NBC News to claim this edit was not deliberate.  

I've edited video and audio myself in a program very similar to what is shown there.  You have to deliberately select what words to cut out and then paste the different sections together to fill the gaps.  It is a very deliberate process.  

For NBC News to claim this process resulted in a 'mistake' that just accidently ended up creating the most racial inflammatory version of the call possible reveals they still are not owning up to what they did.  They are just counting on people not knowing the editing process and realizing they are being lied to yet again.  

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