Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time To Get Behind
You know you really want to!

You know, Mitt Romney wasn't my first choice to run against Obama this year.  Hell, he wasn't even my 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

No, that was Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Scott Walker & Haley Barbour.  Mitt was way down there, 6th or 7th on my list.

But here's the thing: Of the people I wanted, 3 of them didn't even run. The one that did flamed out early - and spectacularly.

Sorry about that, Brian.

Romney ran.  He went to all the debates. He visited the states, lobbied and campaigned for the votes.  He won fair and square.

I know a lot of people talk about how Romney is being 'forced' on us by the GOP establishment.

If your guy decided not to run in the first place, or simply lost out to Mitt in primary after primary, let's remember what causes someone to win a primary: most of the Republican voters voted for the winner.

In 2008 we complained a lot about a system that limited our choices so that we ended up with John McCain.  The Tea Party and Conservatives swore that 2012 would be different!

I'd like to take this opportunity to again apologize for daring to 
run against That One.

And what happened?  We've ended up with Mitt Romney staring at us across the dance floor, waiting for us to make the first move.

We had Bachmann and Cain in the early going, nice Conservative credentials there, but they washed out early.  It's hard to take Gingrich seriously because he talked such a bold Conservative game in 1994 and by 1998 had pretty much transformed himself into Jim Wright II.  So much so that Conservatives abandoned him and his own party voted him out.  Watching Newt trying to recast himself as a Washington outsider & staunch Conservative was funny until I figured out many people were actually taking him seriously. 

Newt is the BIGGEST of the Big Gov. Republicans.  He IS GOP Washington Establishment, with a capital 'E'.  People desperate for an anti-Romney are glossing over Newt's problems.  

And Ron Paul? Please. We're not trying to nominate a Personality Cult figure who has 0% chance of beating Obama in the general election in November. On foreign policy alone Paul is disqualified from serious consideration. 

Every other week it seemed like some new candidate was surging to become the Not-Romney that would rally the Conservative base.  Gingrich, then Santorum.

It's been a long primary season thus far, and a lot of people were hoping for a better choice.  OK.  That's fine.  But it looks like it's gonna be Mitt.

I am not thrilled to death that it will likely be Mitt Romney's name opposite Obama's on my ballot this November.

But I gotta tell you something: From what I've seen of Mitt's record, and from what I've seen of him on the campaign trail, I will tell you something without reservation:

He'll be 10x the President Barack Obama is.

Don't buy into the 'Romney = Obama' doom and gloom some are pushing. I know feelings get hurt when your guy doesn't win the nomination - and I also know some of this is actually coming from Democrats who hope to suppress the turnout in November so they can keep it closer and get Obama that second term.

The Tea Party is still less than 4 years old.  Just because we didn't change the system enough in 4 years to get better choices in our field of candidates is no reason to whine about giving up or staying home.  

You thought this was going to be a brief fight? That we'd have whipped the bastards up there in Washington by now? If so, you were DREAMING, my friend.  

Make no mistake, we've already changed much together, but this fight isn't close to being even halfway over.  Just because a battle didn't have the kind of victory we wanted if the 'wrong' kind of Republican enters the White House this Nov. is no reason to quit the #War.


  1. I find it unbelievable that McCain had evidence that the Democrats were stuffing ballot boxes, and refused to do anything about it.
    Was he on Obamas side?

    1. McCain spent 25+ years sucking up to the mainstream media playing their favorite Maverick Republican who could be counted on to go against the Conservative base of the party. He thought when he ran himself this supposed cozy relationship would get him fair coverage.


      You have to understand the shell-shock the guy was in the first few months of that campaign when he realized not only would he not get fair coverage, they were going to twist every single little thing he said and make it into a huge scandal for him.

      After they rhetorically beat the crap out of him for a few weeks, McCain reached a point where I think he was literally too scared to push back on anything, lest it be turned into some cudgel for the MSM to beat him over the head with.