Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fact-Checking Fun:
Keith Olbermann Broadcasting Empire, Inc.
Current TV

Fact checking just the first 3 pages of Olberboy's lawsuit on twitter:


#1: The lawsuit states twice on the first page that Olbermann was 'courted' and 'enticed' to leave his job as MSNBC to work for Current TV. 

As all of us who have followed the soap opera that is Olbermann's life know quite well, he was FIRED from his job at MSNBC. He didn't voluntarily leave it to work for another network.

In a way, I can understand why Keith Olbermann would misrepresent the facts in his lawsuit against Current TV. Saying "I was enticed and courted away from my safe secure job at one network to work for another network" sounds SO MUCH BETTER than saying "I had just gotten my ass fired from MSNBC for being an insufferable prick and I was unemployed so I was happy to take the Current TV job."

#2 A contract with an employer is not lifetime tenure. Amazingly enough, Keith apparently still thinks it is because he's claiming Current breached his employment contract by firing him. 

#3 Keith claims the seriousness of Current breaching his contract by firing him was compounded because they did so 'publicly'. 

#4. Under point 2 of the lawsuit, Olbermann claims Current TV 'courted' him to leave his MSNBC job. 

#5 Keith states after being brought in to be the star of the new network and it's highest paid employee, he was shocked to learn his bosses actually wanted to spend time with him discussing things. This struck Keith as an extreme breach of protocol because it was an obvious attempt to 'isolate' him from his representatives, who are supposed to deal with his bosses for him. Because Keith wouldn't deal with his bosses, he claims he was 'punished'.

#6 The lawsuit discusses how upset Keith was that David Bohrman was hired to run the network because he, according to Olbermann, is a man 'without relative experience' when it comes to network news. 

Here's David Bohrman's wiki page. Look how many network news shows he's done: 

This is the guy who's hiring Keith is claiming was a breach of contract. 

#7 In point #4 of the lawsuit, Keith hilariously begins claiming that bad DVR programming and the absence of Keith's program from cable lineups limited viewers ability to tune in, so it was Current's fault his ratings were so low. Breach of contract! 

#8 Lots of complaints about how substandard the studio set was without mention of the fact Keith designed it himself and it cost $250,000. After Keith decided he really didn't like his self-designed set, he demanded Current fork over $$$ for improvements, and when he didn't get as much as he wanted, all of a sudden the badly designed substandard set became all Current TV's fault. 

#9 Olbermann claims...........sit down for this one....that Current TV is breach of contract because they broadcast ads for Keith's program and the Current Network using Keith's likeness....and KEITH NEVER GAVE THEM PERMISSION TO DO THAT. 

I am NOT making that up. It's right there, page 3, point #6: (1) broadcasting advertisements containing Olbermann's likeness without his consent.... 

#10 Keith claims he never gave his approval or permission of the guest hosts Current TV used when he wasn't there to host the program himself. 

I stopped on page 3. I couldn't go any further because I am laughing so hard. 

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  1. Amazing. Odormann is an arrogant, goofy, talentless prick... no wonder the libs/ progressives/ Obammunists luv him so! He's a typical lib.