Friday, April 13, 2012

What Do The Orchestrated Attacks On 
Ann Romney Prove?

If You Are Female And Republican, 
You Are The 'Wrong'
Kind Of Woman

Are you a Republican woman? Have a successful career and raise a family?  You're doing it wrong. 

Are you a Republican woman?  A stay at home mom who raised a family? You're STILL doing it wrong. 

Apparently, this is what the 'right' kind of woman looks like: 

Hilary B. Rosen - doing it right and being AWESOME about it! 

So all their attacking Palin for not being home with the kids in 2008 was just an excuse.  Because now they are attacking Ann Romney for choosing to forgo a career outside the home and instead be a homemaker and raise 5 kids while battling various illnesses.  

I'm starting to suspect the problem is the 'Republican Woman' part, not what they chose to do, stay home or have a career while raising a family.  

Since Hilary Rosen ignited this firestorm 3 days ago - in what is starting to look more and more like an orchestrated attack by the White House - many Progressives are doubling down on the rhetoric towards stay at home Moms instead of backing off:

Uh, how many women out there in America reflect the beliefs and practices of someone like say, Gloria Steinem?  

Well Liberals make up about 21% of the population.  

Let's say just over half, 60% of Liberals are women.  That would make about 12% of the American population Liberal women.  

How much of the women in America reflect the beliefs and practices of someone like Ann Romney or Sarah Palin?  

Well since 75% of the American population is either Conservative or Moderate, I'm pretty sure we're talking about around half of that, around 20% of Conservatives, and 17% of Moderates.  Combined that's 37%.  

The key to how an attack strategy aimed at Ann Romney and Stay At Home Moms plays out is going to be Democratic women who are not Liberal and Moderate women.  

I do not think going after Ann Romney is going to help Obama's chances with these Democratic and Moderate women.  

But they launched this attack anyway, which I think shows how desperate they are. Ace at Ace of Spades showed how there's good evidence this whole 'Go after Ann Romney' attack by Rosen was orchestrated from the White House:

Love the part about Obama helpfully stating they couldn't 'afford' to have Michelle not work at a time their combined income was over $450,000 a year.  

Just another theme in the class warfare strategy Obama has been pursuing. His two pronged attack this week was to get Ann Romney front and center in the public's attention as a liability to Mitt Romney rather than an asset, while at the same time plugging his Buffett Rule.  

Amazing how fast this strategy went awry this week, what with it coming out that the White House pays women 16% less than their male counterparts, Obama pays a lesser tax rate than his own secretary, and the Romney campaign quickly fired back with Ann more than ably turning the attack back on political operatives that launched it.  

"Uh, Joe? The War on Women thing? We're disowning that, man. 
You didn't get the memo?"

You know who's out of touch in America? Rich Liberal women, that's who.  I cannot believe the stupidity of this White House in thinking this was a great idea to try to marginalize Ann Romney early, and while the more savvy operatives like David Axelrod quickly tried to heave Rosen over the side, Joe Biden and others have apparently not gotten the memo, and continue to double down on these insane attacks.  

It's gonna be a fun campaign.  


  1. This has been a true gift from the WH and Ms. Rosen....It must remain in the forefront thru November!

  2. I think you're confusing "strategy" with "incredibly stupid thing to say."

    And it surprises you that Obama is part of the corporate elite class and benefits from all of its advantages? Or no - isn't he a Communist? Get your narrative straight. Here's a hint: the OWS have already figured out that Obama is on the big con. Just because they look like hippies to you guys doesn't mean that they're playing the party line game the way you do. A large segment of the U.S. is waking up to the fact that both parties are selling them down the river. And that segment is going to get bigger and angrier and while you're still trying to divide the country into left/right percentages and imagining dumb agendas, people are coming together to fight the whole rotten top heavy system.

    1. Obama is a rich liberal socialist to his core. If you have studied his background, you would know this. He has no problem as a rich man accepting and receiving all the benefits of that while pushing policies that attack it. Just look at Bill Ayers.

      And the usual BS that there's no difference between how the parties would govern the country. Which is why libs shudder in horror at the idea of Romney winning in Nov.

      Somebody needs to get their narrative straight here, we can agree on that.

    2. This is all just the usual Brietbart nonsense, he as well poisoned by outmoded partisan thought processes. You are so far afield from the reality in front of you that you all deserve what's coming to you. You're in for a shock, sir.

      Doesn't it strike you as kind of telling that Obama has some of the very same engineers of the financial meltdown on his team? All of his lip service to progressive ideas in the corporate financial department are just that - lip service. You can forget about all of that radical agenda gas - it's a sideshow. Once you come to grips with the fact that a president is nothing more than a figure head, you might stop spinning your wheels.

    3. You know what's funny? 3 years ago in Jan. 2009 at Obama's swearing in Progressives were looking forward to a generation of political dominance of the country. The 2010 mid-terms put the brakes on that awful fast, didn't it.

      I'm wearing partisan glasses because there's a real, actual battle going on over the direction of this country. There actually are two sides at war here. And I'm committed to winning it. #WAR

    4. You're committed to wasting your time then. Well, at least you have a hobby.

    5. You're talking to somebody who's following politics since 1984. I've seen the play out of the playbook where you pretend it doesn't matter who wins.

      It's always funny when the same people who shrieked how McCain mustn't win because it put Palin within a heartbeat of the Oval Office, and who just spent the past year laughing at the idea Romney could beat Obama will turn around and claim it makes no difference whatsoever which side wins elections.

      Because they only do that when it dawns on them they are losing.

    6. Who's pretending? If you're insinuating that my stance is designed to provide cover for Obama, you couldn't be more wrong. Romney will almost certainly lose anyway, but I'm deadly serious. Again, look at OWS and you'll find very slim support for Obama. Like them, I'm saying the whole system is rotten - right and left - and it's time to reject the fraudulent framework. People are waking up to this fact even if you're not.

    7. OWS's slim support for Obama is because he isn't Left enough for their tastes. I agree Progressives on the Left are pretty upset that Obama hasn't gotten done 1/10th of what they expected to see done once he took office in 2009. For awhile, many of them were even proffering the absurdity that Obama would be even more popular with the 75% of the country that isn't Liberal if he would only govern FURTHER to the Left.

      I am 100% balls-to-the-wall partisan. I don't apologize for that or accept your critic that this makes me blind or something. There are real issues up for grabs these days that affect all Americans.

      For all it's talk about change OWS doesn't do much at the ballot box to really change Washington. The Tea Party has - they threw out several business-as-usual Republicans and over 60 Democrats in the House in 2010. Somebody is working hard to change Washington, and it's not OWS.

  3. I am a moderate female Republican who believes Rosen clumsily tried to make the point that Ann Romney does not share the experiences of a typical American woman. It was not an attack on stay-at-home moms, it was a specific takedown of Ann Romney. And it was done because Mitt has been standing her up as his adviser on "what American women care about".

    She doesn't know what American women care about. She doesn't have to decide between her children's dental checkup and the electric bill. She doesn't have to worry about education cuts ballooning her child's class size and disrupting their ability to learn. She doesn't have to worry about being unable to afford birth control if the government continues to shut down funding to women's clinics.

    Ann Romney seems a very nice woman who has been through some trials, but she is not like us.

    1. Nice post, Safrant. Now:explain how rich liberal women like Hilary Rosen, O'Neil of NOW, and Michelle Obama have a much, MUCH better grasp of these issues than Ann Romney does.

  4. Also, let's remember what Rosen said: she attacked Ann Romney by saying she had no understanding of present economic issues because shes 'never worked a day in her life'. How is that NOT an attack on a SAHM?

    Realizing how stupid that sounds, Liberals have since tried to shift the ground of the argument to 'She's a rich Conservative woman, she's out of touch with 'ordinary women'.

    Did that really help? OK, explain how rich Liberal women are 'in touch' then.

  5. If you can find a family photo of rosen with her lesbian wife and two children, post that for comparison.

  6. Maybe Ann Romney just needs to learn the dignity of real work.

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