Friday, April 6, 2012

10 'Facts' About The TrayVon Martin 

Shooting That Turned Out To Be Wrong

Here's the scorecard thus far:

1. White man Zimmerman jumped out of his car and confronted Martin and then shot him in cold blood.

Wrong. Whatever happened, there was a fight and Zimmerman ended up on his back with Martin on top of him. Martin was shot during a fight. Despite the 'white hispanic' hijinks we've seen we all know the only reason he's being called that is to keep the racism narrative on life support.

2. The idea that a small child like TrayVon would start a fight with a much bigger, 250 pound man that outweighed him by 100 pounds is ridiculous.

Wrong. Despite deliberately trying to create a public perception of Martin as a small child, he was actually over 6 feet tall and around 160 pounds, not that far off from Zimmerman, who is actually 5 foot 9 and 170 or 180 pounds, depending on who you listen to. The media reported Zimmerman's weight at 240 from an arrest back in 2005.

3. The police did no serious investigation - why they didn't even put up any yellow tape around the scene of the shooting!

Wrong. Jesse Jackson's claimed this in the media several times. It's not true.

4. Zimmerman's gun was never taken from him, or if it was it was quickly returned to him that same night.

Wrong. Who was claiming this? I've only seen it on this board. Who in the media ever claimed Zimmerman got that gun back right away? As it turns out it was entered into evidence that night and there it remains.

5. Zimmerman muttered '****ing coons' under his breath into his cell phone, proving that racism motivated this shooting.

Wrong. When your only proof of racism is something some guy is mumbling under his breath and you have to bring in audio experts to clean up the background noise and sharpen the sound and half the people that listen to it hear 'punks' not 'coons' you need something stronger than that. 

CNN's audio expert who first helped get this particular bit of misinformation going is now backtracking away from it: 

That's 5 things people 'knew' to be indisputably true when certain people decided to take this story national in order to push their 'America is racist' agenda. Since then? Let's go over the 5 examples thus far of media malfeasance in this case:

6. MSNBC and NBC News deceptively edit Zimmerman's 911 call to make it as racially inflammatory as possible. Caught red-handed, NBC launches an investigation of itself, concludes it made a 'mistake' and apologizes.

7. ABC News outs the name of a 13 year old minor at the scene. While scrupulously protecting the names of other witnesses who don't want to be identified - including that of Martin's 16 year old girlfriend on the phone with him at the time of the shooting - for some reason ABC News decided to publicly out the minor's name. Within days of her son being outed to public scrutiny and pressure, his mother begins appearing in the media specifically to cast doubt on his eyewitness testimony to police investigators.

8. ABC News shows the public a grainy, low resolution videotape of Zimmerman's arrival at the Sanford PD the night of the shooting. It uses this tape to claim Zimmerman is not bleeding and has no injuries that can be seen, and says this casts doubt on Zimmerman's story of a fight with Martin in which he suffered injuries. This implies there was no fight and Zimmerman did indeed cold bloodedly execute Martin. Other media outlets such as MSNBC quickly adopt the same claim. To counter this misinformation being pushed by the media, the Sanford PD is forced to issue a much higher resolution of the video to demonstrate Zimmerman did have a big bloody gash on the back of his head. ABC News, MSNBC and others are forced to quickly issue retractions.

9. A Florida newspaper brings in two audio experts who claim they can 'prove' it's not Zimmerman heard screaming for help on a 911 audiotape. Tom Owen claims he can only match the voice heard yelling for help to Zimmerman with 48% certainty. He says he would need a 90% match or better to scientifically prove that is Zimmerman yelling on the tape.  Ed Primeau claims he's '95% sure' it's not Zimmerman yelling for help on the tape. 

Confused, many people take Owens' & Primeau's words to mean they have 'proven' it's NOT Zimmerman calling out. It's also pointed out later that on their own websites they say to get a scientific match, they need a voice sample from the subject saying the same words in the same way - so they'd need to have George Zimmerman scream 'HELP ME!' into a microphone and then compare that to the screams on the 911 call. Without such a sample, they are in effect comparing Zimmerman speaking in a normal, calm voice with a voice screaming quite emotionally on another tape. In other words - they're guessing.

10. Several news outlets claimed Zimmerman fired more than 1 shot. In fact, Sanford PD took a gun with a full clip off of Zimmerman, meaning the one shot that was discharged was the one that was in the pipe.

Instead of waiting for all the facts to come out, a very bad, very inaccurate story was framed on first impressions to inflame a racial narrative, which some people were only too happy to use to turn this into a national story to further their agenda by politicizing this young man's tragic death.

And they've spent the past 3 weeks screaming like a banshee at anybody who points out the actual facts as they emerge.

UPDATE: Realizing nobody was buying their 'this was just an innocent mistake' BS defense, NBC News has now fired the senior producer who was behind the 911 audio tape edit....but WITHOUT giving his name.  So he could just move on to another job tomorrow?

UPDATE: I have edited this article by deciding to remove the name of the 13 year old minor. 


  1. After seeing how Obama and the media have used this case, and after reading the facts, as they've come out, I find it difficult to call the shooting "tragic." What is tragic, though, is the "lynching" of an innocent man, who shot a thug who was threatening his life. What will be tragic are the deaths that will happen because of the irresponsibility of the President and the main stream media, who thought nothing of fanning the flames of racial hatred.

  2. the good news is after zimmerman is done and all is over NBC and ABC are going to give him and his lawyers a LOT of money. and i hope the race baiters are all caught up in zimmermman's fight for his own justice from his own media lynching.

  3. Yes we need to remember in all this a young man is dead, and it's tragic. I am pushing back against people who are trying to politicize this tragedy to fit their agenda. It's entirely possible Zimmerman over-reacted and a grand jury could still return a charge.

  4. Gee, haven't you been following the case?
    Zimmerman has already been charged .... this bypasses the Grand Jury process.

    Oh, and regarding NBC firing someone. ..... well, they did fire someone. .... NBC fired the Producer's Assistant's Intern's cat.

    The cat's name is Mr. Fluffy.

  5. Anyone else think that Zimmerman could have been your nephew?