Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Really, REALLY Looking Forward 
To Learning An Awful Lot About 
Mormonism The Next Six Months

How about you?

What do you mean I don't talk about Mormonism enough?

Today the 1 hour of CNN I watched devoted about 40 minutes to discussing Mitt Romney's Mormon faith, and as Wolf Blitzer interviewed Pastor Joel Osteen & members of Romney's church, the chevron at the bottom for most of this read "Romney's Leadership As A Bishop - He rarely mentions his past role in Mormon church."

Yes. Like he's hiding it or ashamed of it or something.  So CNN must investigate, because Romney will not talk about his religious faith enough! 

Excuse me, wasn't the narrative that Rick Santorum just crashed and burned after a big surge in Iowa because he wouldn't stop talking about religion and social issues?  

And now Romney's ties to Mormonism need to be endlessly discussed and investigated because it's SUSPICIOUS that Mitt isn't pulling out the Book of Mormon and pounding on it on the campaign trail? 

Hey Old Media? Just a thought here. Could you at least TRY to make it not so obvious what you are doing here?  

In case anybody doubts CNN has 'Mormonism On The Brain' syndrome: 

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