Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yes, Liberals Really DO Believe They 
Shape Reality With Their Words

Otherwise, there is no possible explanation as to how Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner can say this without bursting into laughter: 

Yes, Tim Geithner actually said that on Meet The Press on Sunday morning, April 15, 2012.  

Liberals are not results/experience oriented. Their personalities are not wired that way.  They are instead intentions/theory oriented.  They are in love with ideas, with the sound of words, with nice theories that they push to prove they care more than others.  

Note also how Geithner tries to give himself some leeway by talking about just the last 5 months.  How does that help Obama? Any energy policy changes enacted 5 months ago wouldn't have had much of an effect by now.  And Obama & Co. have been running the nations energy policy since January 2009, a hell of a lot longer than 5 months ago.  

Gas was $1.85 when Obama took office.  Here in my part of Texas it's currently $3.69 a gallon.  Geithner saying the Obama Admin. should get credit for the fact that energy prices hasn't risen all that much in the last 5 months would be comically lampooned in the media if he had worked for Bush.  

Instead, watch how fast the mainstream media memory-holes this gaffe. 

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