Sunday, April 15, 2012

They Only Tell You Voting Doesn't Matter
When They Are Losing

Now that the polls are coming out that show Obama trailing Romney expect full-blown WTF??!! panic moments on the Left.  

For almost a year they've been telling anybody who would listen none of these Republican candidates stood a snowball's chance in Hell of beating Obama in November 2012.  

Let's go to the polls taken since Rick Santorum dropped out: 

Fox News Poll: Romney 46 / Obama 44

Also from that poll, the killer question: 

Since many people know the economy is going to be the driving issue of this election, and Romney already has a lead on that issue, expect more misdirection from the White House on the 'contraception crisis' in America, 'War on Women', etc.  

The divided Republican and Moderate voters that were dispersed behind different candidates are now unifying behind Mitt Romney. 

This means you can expect to see the Left pull one of it's most cherished Hail Mary plays out of their playbook and try to run it for the next 6 months: 

"It doesn't matter if you vote or who you vote for.  Mitt Romney =  Barack Obama, so we might as well stick with Barack Obama.  Washington is so corrupt, it doesn't matter who's in charge.  Left, Right, makes no difference.  Nothing ever changes in that town.  Voting is useless.  Wake up! You are wasting your time!"

You know why it's so exhilarating to hear that?  Because it means they know they are losing.  The only times in 30 years I ever see them try the 'but it doesn't matter!' strategy is when they know they are losing. 

They pulled this trick in 2000 and 2004, when they could tell the elections were going to be close.  If the Progressive guy is ahead and pulling away, all of a sudden the problem is Conservatives who won't go away, not Washington bureaucracy.  When they are winning they drop the mask and bask in the glow of embracing that Washington bureaucracy and using it to further their agenda for America.  

Only when they realize they could be about to lose control of Washington do they put the mask firmly back in place and then start muttering stuff about how corrupt Washington is and how voters can't change it.  

The goal is to disillusion and discourage people from voting.  They figure if they can suppress the voting turnout, they can keep it close enough to eke out a win.  

You are going to hear DOZENS of variations of that italicized paragraph above in the next few months.  

You just watch. As poll after poll comes out finding Obama not only trailing but sinking further back, the Institutional Left, the Media Left, The Net Left will all try the same tactics with the same goal in mind: convincing as many Moderate and Republican voters as they can that their vote doesn't matter.  

The funny thing is, there is a movement afoot to change Washington and prevent the same 'business-as-usual' BS that goes on there.  But wouldn't you know it, it's the same movement the Progressive Left just spent the past 3 years mocking, ridiculing and lampooning: the Tea Party.  

The Tea Party was instrumental in fomenting one of the biggest electoral ass-kickings in American history in 2010 when they threw a bunch of Republicans and Democrats out of Washington and flipped the House to Republican control.  

The movement Progressives back, OWS - what have they accomplished in 6 months?  Thousands of arrests, vandalism, assaults, piles of garbage, and crapping in the streets.  They don't talk about changing Washington or getting out and voting.  Instead they squat in parks and make demands.  

There is a movement to change Washington, but it's not OWS.  2010 was just the start.  There's a lot more coming.  

So remember this the next 6 months as one concern troll after another all over the internet shows up to 'inform' you that your vote is useless and if you do vote, you might as well vote for 4 more years of Barack Obama.  


  1. So, when did the Tea Party save the country? And if the Repubs hold the balance of power, how come the country's still going down the pooper?

    Cheering for a failed status quo is hardly revolutionary. You're hilarious.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, BTW.

    One election doesn't change everything, just something. Imagine what would have happened the past 2 years if Democrats still had a super-majority in Congress.

    Flipping the House sure as hell slowed down descent. In 2012 expect more change, baby!

  3. BTW, when did I say the Tea Party had 'saved the country' already. I said they were bringing some real change, unlike OWS, which hasn't changed jack sh*t and isn't going to.

    Were you paying attention in 2010? Throwing out over 60+ Congressional Democrats at once and replacing them with Republicans was just a start. We're only 3 years old, 1 election under our belt thus far. The 2nd ones coming up.

    Cheering for a failed status quo? Again - keep putting words in my mouth. That's truly hilarious.

  4. The point man for Tea Party style change, Scott Walker, is doing a bang-up job. I guess it's a different style of corruption if nothing else.

  5. If it doesn't really matter, i'm sure they wouldn't mind polling places requiring identification for those that still want to place a vote.

  6. Brian, it may be worth putting in a section somewhere on the page for links to recent comments...