Monday, April 30, 2012

Let's Ask Again: 
Which Side Is It That Keeps Calling 
For Certain People To Shut Up, 
& Trying To Remove Them From The 
Public Square?

If you think the Conservatives are trying to get radio show hosts banned and taken off the air, or demanding booksellers pull certain books off the shelf, or trying to drown out speakers on college campuses they disagree with, you haven't been paying attention.  

Conservatives WANT Liberals to keep talking. We WANT them to keep saying stupid crap - how else are we going to have fun with them?  

You think we WANT these people to shut up? Far from it! 
We love you guys right where you are. Keep talking!

The Liberal move to silence those they disagree with is getting more prevalent than ever.  

Disagreeing with someone and arguing with them is NOT an attempt to silence.  It's a BS dodge to try to pretend someone disagreeing with you is some kind of personal attack that is trying to 'silence' your voice.  

I will now travel about the country giving speech after speech 
in one widely viewed public forum after another about the chill wind 
trying to silence me.

This is the same crap Tim Robbins pulled when talked about that 'chill wind' that was blowing across America trying to silence those who didn't support the War on Terror.  

Waitaiminute...most C&W fans actually LIKE President Bush?!

The Dixie Chicks claimed people suddenly not wanting to buy their records was an attempt to 'silence' them for speaking their minds about President Bush.  

Me not giving you any more of my money for expressing a political viewpoint I disagree with is not silencing you.  The Dixie Chicks are free today - and always have been - to say whatever they want about any politician.  

You are entitled to your opinion but not to other people's money if they decide to spend it elsewhere.

Liberals who espouse unpopular opinions that then whine when the free market comes into play and people don't buy their records, see their movies or whatever are pathetic.  

You set out to prove to the vast majority of Americans that you have nothing but contempt for what they love & revere and then expect me to have sympathy for your pocketbook when the consequences of that manifests itself?  You let it be known you consider over 60% of your audience that doesn't share your views to be beneath you, contemptible morons and religious bigots and then you want to bawl about your declining market share?  

Here's a buck:

Buy a clue.  

Liberals do not want diversity of opinion on the subjects nearest and dearest to their hearts. They want one publicly expressed monolithic viewpoint that is allowed to be aired in public - THEIRS.  This is why Political Correctness is their method for trying to control public discourse. They don't want other viewpoints disagreeing with their own.  
'elp! 'elp! Ah'm bein' repressed by a Conservative who is 
daring to argue against the approved GroupThink narrative!

Conservatives want an honest argument.  Liberals keep trying to figure out a way to get the other guy to shut up.  

It's always "Your policy is wrong, it won't work and here's why..." versus "Just STFU and go away. Now."

Take Dan Savage. It's HIS viewpoint on Gay Marriage or the highway. There's no room for other viewpoints and even discussing it in a way that shows you disagree with him just identifies you as a bully who needs 'treatment'.  

It's hilarious that those who keep screeching that Conservatives are trying to silence them will then turn around and demand that those disagreeing with them need to STFU, join efforts to get talk show hosts thrown off the air & spam Twitter accounts to get them suspended.  
Mass reporting of Conservative accounts on Twitter for spamming & getting them suspended is the latest attempt by losers who can't handle actual disagreement to silence their opposition:

Ever wonder why Conservatives don't invest time in trying to silence their opposition? It's because unlike them, we actually DO believe in free speech.  For EVERYBODY. Even Liberals we disagree with.  

That's why we're winning and we'll continue to win the Culture War.  They can't handle the competition so they want a monopoly.    

UPDATE! George Will reminds us again how the Left goes about trying to limit the speech of others through campaign reform legislation: