Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm Really REALLY Looking Forward 
To Hearing How Just How Much 
Ann Romney's Clothes Cost 
For The Next 6 Months

Not one cent of taxpayer's $ paid for that most excellent blouse.

Really, Democrats? This is the best you got?  Your going to attack Romney's wife over how much her clothes cost?

I'm almost speechless at the stupidity of this. Do they not realize how easy it is to debunk this argument?  The Romney's buy their own clothes with their own money.  A lot of Michelle's - and her families - clothes are paid for with taxpayer funds. 

Are we supposed to forget the Obama's are millionaire's just like the Romneys - both are 1%ers?  

Search online for MSM giving the cost of that Alexander McQueen gown
Michelle is wearing. If you can find it, let me know.

Do they not realize by opening up this line of attack they become susceptible to the counter-attack of where the $ comes from to pay for Michelle Obama's $540 tennis shoes and $2000+ sweaters?  Not to mention who foots the bills for Michelle's expensive vacation trips?

I keep telling myself they can't POSSIBLY  be this stupid......and then they go on and surprise me yet again.  

David Burge aka 'Iowahawk had this stupid meme pegged weeks ago: 

"Apparently I'm supposed to be more upset with what Mitt Romney does with his own money than I am with what Obama does with mine."

NEWSFLASH TO DEMOCRATS & PROGRESSIVES: Most of the American people do not share you overweening & obsessive  hatred and envy of successful people.  We got 6 months to go and if you think BS like this is your ticket to re-election, all I can say is BE MY GUEST. 

UPDATE: Just awesome. Guy who buys $88 socks is trying to gin up outrageous outrage over what Ann Romney buys with her own money.
Via Newsbusters, a spiffy example of what I said in the last post about using dumb distractions to create a sour impression of Romney. When you can’t talk about $5 trillion in new debt, talk about a $990 shirt that the candidate’s wife bought with her own money. When you can’t talk about unemployment dropping below eight percent, talk about car elevators. If this economy ends up in a double dip, we may well see an “all Seamus, all the time” format on MSNBC for the month of October. Can’t wait for Martin Bashir’s dramatic eulogy for Man’s Best Friend on Election Day eve.

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