Thursday, June 28, 2012

In One Swift Stroke,
The Supreme Court Changes
ObamaCARE Into Nifty New

Alternate Headline: Progressive Left Loudly & Proudly Celebrates Largest Single Tax Increase In American History 5 Months Before November Elections

Yes, this is really going to work out well.  

Wait a minute, don't I remember somebody loudly & proudly insisting the Affordable Care Act WASN'T any kind of a tax or a tax increase?

Why.........YES! I believe I do!

Obama & the Dem leadership in Congress knew if they wrote ObamaCare as a huge new tax increase, it had exactly 0% chance of passing the Congress.  At it was, even with Democratic control of both the House of Reps & the Senate they had to fight for 9 long ugly months to get it passed as a 'fee'.

Then, when the ACA was challenged by many of the States in the courts, all of a sudden the  Democrats shifted the goal posts 180 degrees and insisted the ACA was in fact a tax and not a fee.

And today in a 5-4 decision, 5 of the Supreme Court justices agreed that ACA is in fact a new tax and is legal under the Congress' power to tax.

But few people are noticing what ELSE the Supreme Court did in it's decisions today.  While finding that the ACA is a tax, it ALSO found that the enforcement mechanism that the Federal Government was going to use to force states to be in compliance with the ACA was  unconstitutional.  That is, the Federal Government was going to withhold Medicare funds from states that refused to comply with the ACA.

By a 7-2 vote, the Court found that enforcement mechanism illegal under the law.

So states can still opt out of this thing and the Federal Government's attempts to force compliance took a big hit.

Also, as a 'fee' imposed from Washington nationally it would be harder to repeal ObamaCare.   As a nifty new tax under the Congresses' power to tax?  Congress can repeal ACA under it's own authority.  Because only Congress has the power to tax - or rescind taxes it has passed - this makes control of the Congress more vital than ever.

The only way to get rid of ObamaCare now is to get rid of the people in Washington that are enforcing it.  That means replacing Obama with Mitt Romney & flipping the Senate to Republican control while holding the House of Representatives.  That way in early 2013 we can finally flush this turd down the toilet.

Given that the Supreme Court just turned the ACA into the biggest single tax increase in American history just over 4 months from the election this November, the American people are going to have 4 months to realize this, see the effect this would have on the economy and on job creation, especially for small businesses.

Given the way they are crowing & celebrating this decision today, I'm pretty sure most of the Progressive Left hasn't figured this out yet.

Internet humorist & all around gadfly David Burge aka 'Iowahawk' gives them a not-so-subtle reminder: 

Some other things to consider: 

1. We're still stuck in what experts call the 'worst economy since the Great Depression' so of course this is the perfect time to hit the voters over the head with a huge tax increase, right after they got done kicking your ass over ObamaCare the last time they got the chance. 

2. Chief Justice John Roberts just pulled the pin on the ObamaCare grenade and lobbed it straight into Obama's lap.  Like it or not, THIS is the issue that's going to decide the 2012 Presidential election.  Oh yes.  I'd LOVE to see what kind of distractions Obama tries to get people's eyes off this sudden transformation of ObamaCare as a huge tax increase.  

Obama & the Democrats will NOT be able to run away from this or stick Republicans with the blame for this.  They own it. Totally.  Mitt Romney is going to have an incredible amount of fun reminding everybody ObamaCare is now a tax imposed on Americans by the very people who spent almost a year swearing it wasn't a tax. 

3.  The costs of ObamaCare already more than doubled since it was passed, from $940 billion to over $1.76 trillion in just the first decade.  So they lied about it being a tax, they lied about how much it would cost, and they lied about the effects the new law would have on health care, that premiums would go down and 'if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor'.  Virtually EVERYTHING they promised about this turd of a bill has turned out to be a lie.  

AND NOW IT'S BACK.  They barely got this thing passed back in 2009, then suffered huge voter outrage over it in 2010, and just in time for the big run up to the 2012 election, like a zombie rising from the dead to haunt them, HERE COME OBAMACARE AGAIN.  Now they have to talk about it again, and Obama is going to be forced to RUN ON IT.  

Doesn't matter if he WANTS to. He's going to be FORCED to.  And Pelosi & Reid and other top Dems will have to circle the wagons around him and try to sell this tax increase to the public in order to get Obama re-elected.  

I almost feel sorry for them.  


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