Monday, June 4, 2012

Scott Walker Has Already Won

Alternate Headline: 
Union Membership & Payment Of Dues
In WI Now More Voluntary Than Ever!

This was posted the other day at Weasel Zippers:

62,818 - 28,745 = a loss of 34,073 members since the reforms passed in March 2011, just over a year and 2 months ago.  34,073 x 2 = 68,146, so it is indeed true, if the Wall Street Journal's source is correct, that Wisconsin's 2nd biggest PEU has lost over 1/2 it's membership in less than a year 1/2 after Walker's reforms passed.  

I discussed this issue with Liberals extensively on several blogs & message boards as the fight for reform was underway.  Time & time again their defense of mandatory union membership & payment of dues as a condition of employment  would boil down to this: if you take the job, you are 'volunteering' to join the union, and so you quite logically are 'volunteering' to pay the union dues.  

This was, of course, complete BS.  It was BS then and it's BS today.  I told them REPEATEDLY the moment people in WI could stop paying the union dues AND keep their jobs they were in a HUGE FREAKING SURPRISE. 

Anybody think the over half of former union members that have ditched the unions & have ceased paying forced dues are going to vote tomorrow to GO BACK to the old system? 

Lets see a show of hands! 


  1. Wisconsin has won. Indiana has gone right to work, Michigan and Ohio will soon follow. Illinois doesn't matter any more.It is too far gone.

  2. My home state, Missouri, is a forced-union state. Although I left long ago, I work in Asia helping Asian companies (specifically Korean) invest in the United States. None of them will go to a forced-union state. I sincerely wish Missouri would go right-to-work so I could steer jobs back home.

    1. If Wisconsin plays out like I think it will, Brendon, it is going to serve as a 'test case' for many of the other states. There are plenty of other Governors & state legislatures wrestling with huge unfunded mandates on pensions & benefits to unions. Many of them want the same kind of reforms Walker has enacted, but are waiting to see how WI plays out before doing anything.

  3. Nice robocalls, Walker. What a dirtbag.