Monday, June 25, 2012

NBC New's Brand Continues
To Plummet:
Caught Making ANOTHER 
Deceptive Edit To A News Story

Steve Capus, Head of NBC News/MSNBC
Time to fire himself? 

Ever since Steve Capus took over NBC News/MSNBC they've been caught time and again deceptively editing audio and video to give their viewers false propaganda: 

1.  In 2009 MSNBC was caught deceptively editing videotape of a man legally carrying a rifle at an Arizona Tea Party rally.  The man was black, but Contessa Brewer and friends wanted to chat about.......white Tea Party racists with guns.  So.....a little fancy editing and presto! There's your story! 

First of all, here's the guy carrying the rifle at the rally talking to the local ABC News affiliate:

Now watch how MSNBC covered this and what kind of story they tried to turn it into:

2. In August 2011 Ed Shultz deceptively edited a speech by Texas Governor Rick Perry to make it appear that he was making a racist comment about President Barack Obama.  Perry's actual comment was that the national debt was a big black cloud hanging over the country.  Watch what Ed Shultz & NBC news did with that clip: 

3. Earlier this year both on NBC's Today show and on MSNBC they were caught deceptively editing the audio of George Zimmerman's 911 call to make it as racially inflammatory as possible.  MSNBC put up a transcript on it's website that had been edited to leave out the fact it was the 911 operator that brought up Trayvon Martin's race, not George Zimmerman:

What MSNBC originally put up: 

What the 911 full transcript actually says: 

What MSNBC changed their report to read after they knew they'd been caught: 

Then, even worse, later on both MSNBC & The Today Show both aired selectively edited audiotape of the 911 call that EXACTLY MATCHED THE DECEPTIVE TRANSCRIPT EDIT PUT EARLIER BY MSNBC: 

Yet even after this - and FIRING THREE PEOPLE over this issue - NBC News & Steve Capus continued to insist this was just an 'error' and a 'mistake'.  

4.  Just the past week, while reporting for NBC News about Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania, Andrea Mitchell deceptively edited his speech to make it look like he was freaking AMAZED by the touch-screen ordering system of sandwiches at a local WaWa.  Then Mitchell immediately tied this to the totally debunked myth of George H.W. Bush being astounded by a simple grocery store scanner.  

Only problem: the entire speech Mitt gave was up on Youtube and blogger SooperMexican saw what the editing had done.  Caught red-handed trying to create a new myth & then tie it to an old myth to make Romney look out of touch, Mitchell has steadfastly refused to apologize.  

First the video clearly showing just how deceptive this editing was: 

Called out on the carpet over this by numerous other news organizations, here's how Mitchell responded to the criticism: 

John Ziegler pointed out a likely reason why Mitchell refused to apologize for deliberately misleading viewers with a false story is......this is part of her regular bag of tricks: 

So the past few days it comes out that NBC News deceptively edited an interview with now-convicted child sex predator Jerry Sandusky, and that edited interview could play a key role in Sandusky's appeal:

(Reuters) - Lawyers for Jerry Sandusky sought a mistrial before his conviction for child sex abuse on the grounds that prosecutors showed jurors an inaccurate version of a bombshell NBC News interview with the former football coach, and the mistake may now form part of the basis for an appeal. 
In response to a subpoena, NBC News turned over three versions of Bob Costas' NBC News interview with Sandusky, which aired last November on different NBC shows.
One of those versions, which was broadcast on the 'Today' show, contained an erroneous repetition of a key question and answer - about whether Sandusky was sexually attracted to young boys, Nils Frederiksen, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania attorney general said on Sunday. 
The repetition, Sandusky's lawyers contend, made it appear to jurors that he was stonewalling. 
"It wasn't noticed by (NBC News), it wasn't noticed by us, but it became obvious when it played in court," Frederiksen told Reuters.
NBC News spokeswoman Amy Lynn confirmed this account on Sunday.
OK, I'm gonna have to call BS on this 'it wasn't noticed by NBC News' excuse.  

Should be obvious by  now this is no 'error', this is deliberate policy at NBC News.  Just like in the Zimmerman 911 call, there is no way you 'accidently' end up taking out only those words that leave you with the most inflammatory version possible.  

NBC News tried to float the excuse that the Zimmerman editing was 'accidental', a claim laughable on it's face.  And here they are doing it again.  Another totally 'accidental' editing that inflames a story to create the worst impression possible of the target.  

They dealt with this the other night on the Fox News Watch program. The part about NBC's editing of Sandusky's interview starts at about 14 minutes in: 

How many times are they going to get caught doing this before some sense of professional self-respect kicks in?  


  1. Once is an accident. Twice MIGHT be a coincidence. Thrice and more shows an intentional pattern.
    "How many times are they going to get caught doing this before some sense of professional self-respect kicks in?"
    You are assuming way too much, and giving NBC and the rest of the Obama Steno Pool way too much credit. Journalistic integrity is as big an oxymoron as political ethics. NBC, in order to show their devotion to Ear Leader, has thrown away their kneepads. They are not a news organization, but the propaganda arm of the DNC. The rest of the media are not too far behiind.

    1. I'm only going by what NBC & the other Obama Palace Guard Media CLAIM about themselves.

      I don't claim it for them - I'm merely demanding they live up to what THEY claim - that they are neutral, objective & don't have a dog in this hunt.

      If they were totally honest about their bias, I wouldn't press them on this.

    2. I wasn't criticizing you, Brian. Actually, I thought your question was rhetorical. If it wasn't rhetorical, then you were giving them too much credit, as they have given the lie to their claims many times over.
      I must say I had a hearty laugh at Rachel Madcow, in an article on NewsBusters where she tried to claim she didn't have any opinions, when her show is nothing but far leftwing opinion. MSNBC is where NBC parks their left-of-Karl Marx pinkos so NBC can claim they're moderate.

    3. Good point. OPINION commentators on the news you can cut some slack if they are open about their biases. Sean Hannity & O'Reilly make no quibble about the fact they consider themselves Conservatives/on the Right and talking about the news from that perspective.

      Ed Schultz & Lawrence O'Donnell I think are pretty open about being on the Left and commenting from the Left.

      Which - as you point out - makes Maddow's statement ludicrous. She's obviously commenting on the day's news from the Left. Why not just admit it?

      It's their pretensions that get them in trouble.

  2. There have been no consequences for their actions. No dropped sponsers, no FCC investigations, nothing. And Maddow still has the grapes to go on Maher and claim to be a journalist. These people are shameless.

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