Monday, June 18, 2012

Sam Donaldson: Obama's 
Critics On The Right
Are Obsessed With 
The Fact He's Black
The only thing I remember about Sam Donaldson - besides the fact
he wore the most obvious toupee ever - is how often he 
interrupted a speaking President, from Nixon to the Bush's. 

Yes folks, he actually said this:
And there is one more factor, let’s face it: Many on the political right believe this president ought not to be there – they oppose him not for his polices and political view but for who he is, an African American!
Liberals actually think Conservatives lie awake at night obsessing over the fact the current President is BLACK. 

They really do think this way.  

It really has nothing to do with the fact he's incompetent, arrogant, out of touch, over-reaching, engaging in frequent illegal and unethical behavior.  

No, no, that's not the REAL reason Obama is opposed so vigorously.  

Remember this post on Liberal Pathology?
This is what many Conservatives don't understand. There they are calmly and reasonably discussing a certain subject - let's say pension funds for unions, which are going to bankrupt many states before 2020 gets here if something isn't done - and all of a sudden the Liberal they are talking to will lean over the table and hiss "Why do you HATE working families?"
This is what it always comes down to . They are convinced evil motives drive Conservative policy. Therefore only evil people can adopt Conservatism. Based on this bedrock assumption, they will totally ignore any rational points you are making that count against the Liberal position and at all times keep trying to discuss your MOTIVES for daring to question the Collective Wisdom.
When they can't defeat your argument on the MERITS, they will switch to attacking your argument because it's based on WRONG MOTIVES.  

"Sure things could have gone better for the President the past 3 years, but the only reason you are opposing him is his SKIN COLOR.  Your opposition is motivated by RACISM and it is therefore invalid and reprehensible."

Your criticism/opposition to Obama & his policies is invalid because......RACIST!

Actor & Conservative blogger Adam Baldwin already wrote one of the definitive treatments on how the Left uses the PC word 'racism!' as a thought-terminating, discussion-ending cliche': 

The Man They Call Jayne says: "Get that ruttin'
thought-terminatin' cliche' outta my sight.......NOW!"

So not surprisingly, almost immediately some on the Left began spinning that the 'REAL REASON' Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro interrupted Obama is.........racism!

An instantly formed talking point on the Left was that NOBODY had EVER interrupted a President giving a speech before.  For longtime political junkies like me, this was a howler.  Really? Never? & the only reason it would happen is racism? 

OK then: meet the nation's First Black President: RONALD REAGAN

Have these people never seen Helen Thomas in action? She was only in the WH press corp for something like 45 years.  

It's June and they're already rolling out the Race Card. Again.  My. God. What a fun 5 months this is going to be.  


  1. The reason the left plays the race card so often with this President is projection. The white leftists voted for him BECAUSE he is black. The reason most blacks voted for him is BECAUSE he is black. For them, then, the only reason anyone voted against him was BECAUSE he is black, and the only reason anyone would oppose him is BECAUSE he is black. Projection. They project their motives on everyone else, because they, themselves, have no other motive when contemplating Il Douche.
    They do not stop to remember, we on the right opposed Bill Clinton for his policies. Ditto, Jimmuh Cahtuh, John Kerry, Paul Tsongas, Hubert Humphrey, etc., etc., etc.
    They do not listen to themselves or their media idols who castigate any black who is a conservative or a Republican, or God forbid, a conservative Republican. Why does the left oppose Herman Cain or Lt. Col. Allen West? They're black. Does the left oppose them because the left is racist?

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