Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Arrogance Of This 
President Has Reached
Mind-Blowing Proportions

This is what a coward looks like:
"Are you going to take any questions?" "Not while I'm speaking."
[finishes speaking, then turns and quickly leaves, taking no questions from reporters]

Supposedly the big takeaway from the President's speech in the Rose Garden yesterday was that a very rude reporter interrupted Barack Obama while he was giving a speech.  

"Excuse me sir, it's not time for questions." 
And when the speech was over, apparently it 
STILL wasn't the time for questions.....

If that's all you heard about, some rude guy not waiting until Obama was finished to ask a question, you missed the real story.  

Yesterday, the President of the United States announced he was single-handedly re-writing the nation's immigration law without having to deal with niggling little details like the United States Congress or Supreme Court. 

This is just the latest example of Obama doing an end-run around the other branches of the US Government and shredding the Constitution when it suits him for his own political gain.   
NEWS FLASH TO THE WHITE HOUSE:  The Executive Branch of the Federal Gov't does NOT have the power to single-handedly rewrite the nation's laws when it suits it.  Writing and passing the nation's laws is the job of the Congress, with the Supreme Court checking to make sure those laws pass Constitutional muster.  In fact, the job of the Executive Branch, contained right there in the oath of office, is to protect & defend the Constitution of the United States and see that the laws are enforced.  The court challenges to this latest Obama over-reach won't be long in coming, but the fact we even have to go through this charade is frustrating.  
"Yeah well I don't LIKE that law, I don't AGREE with that law, so 
I'm CHANGING that law and you can't stop me!"

Obama seems to think if he doesn't agree with the law written & passed by the people's elected representatives in the Congress, he has the right to either totally ignore it or as in this case, actively rewrite it to suit himself.  

By re-writing the nation's immigration law to 

1. end deportation of illegal immigrants aged between 16 & 30 years of age,
2. allow these same illegal immigrants to apply for work permits

all on his own, Obama has just radically altered the nation's policy & there will be definite impact to this in a number of areas.  

Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro, who became instantly famous for interrupting Obama yesterday, immediately seized on the most important impact of allowing what could be up to 800,000 young illegal immigrants to legally look for work in the US.

In a US job market where the fake 'official' unemployment rate has been over 8% for over 2 1/2 years [actual unemployment rate well over 12%], and the labor pool is actually shrinking as more people drop out of it, this is of course the PERFECT TIME to suddenly have 800,000 people who broke the law to get in here competing with US citizens for what few job openings can be found.  

And if they are legally allowed to work here in the US now, if they can't find any work, does this mean they can now also legally file for unemployment & welfare benefits?  That IS a valid question.

Naturally, Obama didn't want to have to answer ANY questions about the radical power grab he was making, OR messy questions about what this new policy would mean for the US job market.  

Obama has done this several times before, used a Rose Garden speech to announce some big new policy or plan and then leave without taking any questions.  That is CERTAINLY  what he planned to do yesterday.  

And Neil Munro was not having any of it.  This reporter instantly seized not only on what a huge unconstitutional power grab this was by Obama, he also immediately realized what a negative impact this new influx of legal job seekers would have on the employment situation.  

He knew Obama would never willingly take a question from a reporter that day about it.  And quite frankly, it pissed him off.  It's very true as you watch the video of the exchange, you can see Munro is agitated.  I can think of a lot of smart people who could quickly grasp what Obama was doing getting pretty agitated about it.  
"Yeah, I'll just walk out there & announce this new policy & then
leave without taking any questions about it."

So Neil Munro didn't follow the script.  Obama was supposed to go out there, give this prepared speech, announce he's usurping Congresses' role in making the nation's laws, totally abdicating his own role of enforcing those laws, shredding the Constitution, plus creating a job situation in this country more confused & murky than ever, and then quickly turn and leave without taking any questions from the dozens of reporters there to cover the speech.  

Liberals want you to be VERY VERY upset at Neil Munro because he did not follow the script.  

You know what my take on it is?  Thank God there are Americans still out there who won't take this BS lying down.  Obama wanted to pull a fast one on the American people and not be called out on it by anybody.  SOMEBODY IN THE MEDIA DECIDED TO ACTUALLY CONFRONT HIM ABOUT IT.  

Isn't that the media's job? Haven't they spent decades claiming they are the watchdogs looking out for the rest of us & speaking the truth to power, etc. etc.?   Wasn't that what Munro was doing?  
The real point here is that Progressives want a LAPDOG MEDIA that will take quietly whatever Obama dishes out.  Don't rock the boat. Go along to get along. Play along no matter how outrageous his behavior gets.  

Did this arrogant prick actually expect to go out there and singlehandedly rewrite the nation's immigration law, bypassing both the Congress & the Constitution for his own political advantage and NOBODY WOULD CALL HIM OUT ON IT?

Hey lap dog media: take a lesson from Neil Munro. THIS IS WHAT A WATCH DOG LOOKS LIKE. 

Daily Caller Reporter Neil Munro: Just 1 of the over 
2 dozen reporters assembled
for Obama's speech who's questions 
Obama had no intention whatsoever of taking.

Maybe Neil Munro has been doing exactly that up until yesterday?  Maybe Obama finally crossed that line in the sand where Munro can't look away any more and pretend he's not seeing what he knows he's seeing? 

Yeah, so the big takeaway we're supposed to have from the speech in the Rose Garden yesterday isn't that Obama thinks he's some kind of King who can do whatever the hell he wants, Constitution be damned, no it's that some reporter didn't wait for Obama to finish his speech so Obama could leave without taking any questions.  

You sure? 


  1. Let us thank the corrupt media for their collective hissy fit which helped greatly in publicizing the question that answers itself!

    If they were something other than mindless lapdogs, they would have kept their mouths shut :)

  2. You must have missed the point that the corrupt media directed it's hissy fit at the one member that refused to follow the script - NOT at Obama. The were perfectly fine with what Obama did.

    Munro was almost universally condemned by other members of the media for calling Obama out.

    You are aware of that, correct?

  3. Very well put. Thanks for your concise anaylsis

  4. If it had been a Republican Pres you'd be throwing a fit.

  5. If this guy calls himself a reporter, where was his recorder or his camera or his notepad? Why is he just standing there with his hands in his pockets like some casual bystander? This was clearly a stunt designed to get right wing bloggers to blog about it and waste more of everyone's time over nothing. Mission accomplished. -JF

  6. Try Googling "Bush dodges question" sometime.