Friday, June 22, 2012

The 'Fluke'ing' Of  The 
Public Continues!
CNN Portrays 
Washington Lobbyist  
As 'Undocumented 
College Student'

Duped by a clever lobbyist? Or playing along willingly?

One of the favorite underhanded tricks the MSM uses is deceptively presenting some sympathetic figure to drive a narrative they want to emphasize to their viewers.  

One problem:  with the advent of the New Media, deceptively palming off a person as something they're not is getting harder than ever.  

Several months ago, a reproductive rights activist who specifically chose to attend Georgetown U because it's insurance didn't cover birth control was trotted out by the Democrats to address the Congress as some kind of ordinary college student.  Because they waited too long to trot out this show pony, Fluke didn't actually get to testify before Congress about the terrible burden of being forced to pay for her own birth control. 

That led to a press conference staged by Democrats to make it LOOK like she was giving some kind of testimony before Congress: 

Here's the intrepid Sandra Fluke, not testifying before Congress.

As usual, the street theater comes apart when you take a closer look. 

"You are totally going to buy this, aren't you?!"

Ms. Fluke carefully studied Georgetown's policies before enrolling. She carefully noted that contraception was not provided in insurance coverage. And then she carefully enrolled at Georgetown anyway.

She enrolled there anyway to deliberately pick a fight with the administration and get them to change their religion to suit her.

They have refused to do so, and so I understand she's now some kind of victim because of this.

Boo hoo hoo. 

Ah. OK, got it. So at first she was just a '23 year old coed'. Then she was a '23 year old coed who also happened to be a 'reproductive rights activist'. Then she was a '23 year old coed who also happened to be a 'reproductive rights activist' who carefully investigated Georgetown's policies and decided to enroll specifically to fight the University over contraception insurance.

And now? The '23 year old coed' who also happened to be a 'reproductive rights activist' who carefully investigated Georgetown's policies and decided to enroll specifically to fight the University over contraception insurance turns out to be.............30 years old. And working as a women's reproductive rights activist before she decided she wanted to go to college. 
All Georgetown U had to do to make Sandra happy was 
cease to be Catholic or something. No biggie.

The great thing is, this kind of street theater doesn't stand up nearly as long as it used to. It used to be months and months, sometimes YEARS before the public figured out how it had been played.  Usually after some reporter in a news magazine did some digging after the issue was all over, and then wrote a book about it.  

Fluke was exposed as anything but a ordinary 23-year-old co-ed struggling to pay for birth control while attending a $23,000 per year law school while the issue was still being discussed.  
You're not supposed to remember that the Dem's got caught
red-handed engaging in street theater with Sandra Fluke. No,
the only real takeaway is that Rush called her a 'slut'.

This greatly impacted the facts of the issue, though Rush Limbaugh's 'slut' joke ended up being turned into the 'real story'.  The Dems were caught red-handed using a plant to try to generate sympathy for a difficult sell.  They knew aside from the very real RELIGIOUS problem with this, most Americans would also  have a problem creating a brand new entitlement funded by the government, so trotting out a show pony with a sob story was a great way to make anybody who resisted the ploy look like a hard-hearted mean skin-flint.  

Just this week, CNN was caught using this tactic AGAIN.  

Ann Coulter proved right again: Dem's use crying, hysterical victims -
sometimes fake - so you can't talk back.

After being asked if Romney might have suspected she was ambushing him, she told Political Pulse that she works for DRM Capitol Group, a Washington-based lobbying group that appears to exist specifically to push for the DREAM Act, according to the group’s website. In fact, DRM’s website statement about Romney includes this sentence: “Undocumented youth will escalate our actions against Mitt Romney until he supports the President’s new immigration policy.”
Once more, a sympathetic show pony is trotted out with a ready-made sob story to sell a narrative the Democrats & their MSM media mouthpieces want the public to embrace.  
Watch the inevitable spin begin! OK sure, SHE'S fake, but
the ISSUE she's illustrating is real, so STFU, wingnutz!

An 'undocumented college student' crying over mean ol' Mitt's immigration stance turns out to be a paid employee of a Washington lobbying firm!  Imagine that!

Anybody think CNN got played here, or were they doing the playing?  

UPDATE: Just occurred to me: Hidalgo admitted to Political Pulse that she works for a Washington lobbying firm.  Is she really an undocumented worker then?  They hired her illegally?  The only way this story would get better would be if she turned out to really be a legal citizen PRETENDING to be an illegal.  

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