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Epic Public Employee Union Fail
In Wisconsin Pt II
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What happened in Wisconsin yesterday?  First a refresher on how we got here: 

Well let me see. First Scott Walker ran for WI Governor on an agenda of scaling back union collective bargaining rights in order to get the state's budget under control and thereby avoid having to lay off a large amount of state workers.  Democrats freaked out over his stated agenda and spared no effort in attempting to keep him out of the Governor's seat.

He won the election for Governor in 2010 anyway.

Strike One! 

Then, to the amazement of the unions & Democrats everywhere, it turned out he wasn't just blowing smoke about the union reforms he ran on.  He & the Republicans that WI voters put into power in that 2010 election went ahead & introduced a bill to do exactly what he said he would do.  

Democratic Senate reps fled the state to prevent a quorum so the bills couldn't be passed.  Democrats & Labor leaders took the fight national, drawing a line in the sand and calling for the entire nation to focus on the fight.  This circus went on for weeks. Finally the fled legislators came home, and despite weeks of loud protest by the unions, Walker's reforms were passed in the state legislature.  

Strike Two! 

Outraged Labor leaders and their Democratic allies were not going to take these legally enacted setbacks lying down!  They demanded that Walker be recalled, and worked tirelessly to bring about a recall election, gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures.  Big Labor made it official: Wisconsin was where they would draw a line in the sand & make their stand! They would make a VERY public example out of Scott Walker & send a message to the entire country that would NEVER be forgotten: DO NOT DO WHAT THIS GUY DID or you will get the same! 

Mission accomplished, & the recall election was scheduled! They held it yesterday!

And Walker won it, this time with even more votes than he got in 2010, 53% to Democratic challenger Tom Barrett's 46%!  

Strike Three! 

Hey Labor Bosses & Democrat Leadership: This is what GETTING YOUR ASS KICKED looks like! 

I'm really really looking forward to hearing the excuses about how after over an ENTIRE YEAR of unions & Democrats  carefully explaining why Walker had to go, most WI voters turned around and voted for him last night.  

The most damning thing?  According to the same exit polling Libs are using to crow that Obama is leading Romney in Wisconsin, WALKER WON 38% OF THE VOTE IN UNION HOUSEHOLDS.

Click for larger image of massive PEU Union & Democrat fail.

Think about that for a second.  This after the more than 2 years of scorched-earth tactics pursued by the unions & the Left to 'get the message out', they still lost over 1/3rd of union households.  And remember: plenty of people left the PEU unions in WI since Walker's reforms took effect; over 1/2 the membership of the state's 2nd larges PEU for one example:

A Wisconsin law that limited collective bargaining for local unions has led to a more-than 50 percent drop in membership over the past 15 months, the Wall Street Journal reported. 
The state's second-largest union, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, had membership fall to 28,745 in February from 62,818 in March 2011, the Journal said Thursday. The organization's Afscme Council 24, composed on state workers, fell more than two-thirds to 7,100 from 22,300 last year. 
A key reason membership dropped was because the labor law, championed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, forbids automatic collection of union dues. Instead, workers must voluntarily say that they want to continue paying dues to remain union members.
Democrats will do what they always do: whine they were cheated & claim somehow the message got lost, or most of the voters were too stupid to grasp it. 

They will never EVER admit they were clearly heard, clearly understood, and clearly REJECTED.  That can never happen.  Their policies are too awesome! Their cause is too righteous! etc. etc. 

But in this case? Good luck with that, Progressives.  You had over a year to make your case.  The voters heard BOTH SIDES and they picked one.  This was no mistake or failure in communication. 


Some videos from last night. First the guy interviewed by CNN who melted down on camera: 

"It's the end of America as we know's the end of America....
and I feel fine........."

Hey crybaby: WI voters have now picked the other side in an ELECTION 3 times now: first when they elected Walker & a bucketload of Republicans in 2010, then in the big WI Supreme Court showdown over Prosser, and now in the recall election.  How in the holy blue blazes is losing three ELECTIONS in a row 'the end of democracy'? 

Then here's Democratic challenger Tom Barrett, who handled a difficult loss as well as could be expected, coming face to face with some lunatic who was so mad he was conceding the race she slapped him in the face: 

Most Progressives I've met spend most of their time firmly & safely enclosed inside a bubble in which they do not allow ANY dissent or competing views - & they certainly do not give other views any CREDIBILITY whatsoever.  The Conservative right-wing view? That's only held by nuts & lunatics & stupid people, of course! 

So it's brutally SHOCKING when that bubble gets POPPED suddenly and the full force of reality comes blowing in on them.  

We saw this some weeks back when the Supreme Court finally began hearing oral arguments on ObamaCare, and the MSM journalists who had been confidently pontificating to all who listened to them for months that the law would sail through judicial review without so much as a hiccup were suddenly shocked - SHOCKED!!! - to discover there really WERE good & serious arguments on the OTHER SIDE that the Court was.............gasp!.......taking seriously!
Not to worry though! The Old Media quickly resumed it's work of getting their followers nice, safe bubbles back into place for November by relentlessly shilling the exit polls in Wisconsin that showed Obama leading Romney by a wide margin.  This, apparently was supposed to be the big takeaway of the night. 

Except those same exit polls had the Walker/Barrett race at a dead heat, 50/50.   And Walker won by 7.2 points.  

But according to Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, Lawrence O'Donnell, Rachel Maddow & plenty of other talking heads on the TV, the exit poll results are gold standard & you will see them being talked up for the next several days.  


Gotta include the inevitable 'Downfall' parody of last nights results as Hitler is told that Scott Walker has won the recall election: 

And another priceless video: The Day After The Butthurt:

THIS is what butthurt looks like!

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