Sunday, July 1, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering If
This Current White House Had
Any Credibility Left...........

The answer to that is gonna have to be no.  

Let me see if I have this right...........let's follow how we got here with ObamaCare.

1. The Democrats introduce a 2,000+ page monstrosity of a boondoggle bill that nobody read.  Plenty of members of Congress realize they are going to lose their jobs if they vote in favor of this travesty, so it takes NINE LONG MONTHS of arm-twisting & bribery for Democratic leadership to get enough Democrats on board to pass it.  

2. To get the Affordable Care Act to pass, they have to call the individual mandate a 'penalty' or a 'fee'. They know if they call this thing a tax it has exactly 0% chance of ever passing.  So it's NOT a tax. When detractors & critics point out it FUNCTIONS like a revenue-raising tax they loudly insist over and over again, STOP SAYING THAT. IT'S NOT A TAX.

3. Now that the ACA passed in Congress & President Obama signed it into law, plenty of states challenge it in court.  With breathtaking chutzpah, the Administration's lawyers do a COMPLETE 180 DEGREE REVERSAL.  Realizing they are going to lose if they argue this thing on the basis of the Commerce Clause, the White House begins arguing to the judges that.........wait for, really....wait for it......................OBAMACARE IS A TAX AFTER ALL!

4. Reasoning that Congress may not have the power to order citizens to engage in certain types of commerce under the Constitution's commerce clause, the White House decides to try to argue that the individual mandate is legal as a TAX under Congress' power to enact new taxes.  

5.  To avoid having to strike down the ACA, five of the Supreme Court justices decide to rewrite it from describing the individual mandate as a penalty or fee and instead call it a 'tax', thereby making it legal. As the penalty or fee it was when the bill was passed, it's unConstitutional, so they get around this by simply changing the mandate to a tax and declaring it legal under the Congresses' power to tax.  

6.  Democrats & Progressives across the land rejoice at the news................and then go RIGHT BACK TO LOUDLY INSISTING THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE IS NOT A TAX. 

Think  I'm joking?  That I'm making this up?  Watch:

Hey David - the Court just ruled as a penalty the individual mandate would have been unconstitutional.  To keep it as law the Court just ruled it's not a penalty any more, it's a tax and so the ACA can pass judicial review only so long as it is implemented under Congresses power to TAX.  

You know who ELSE the White House is vigorously insisting to that this isn't a tax?  Are you ready for this?

THAT'S RIGHT. They are telling the SUPREME COURT that just passed this thing as a tax, "Hey, you're WRONG about that, this thing isn't a tax, it's a penalty!"

We are beyond the realm of spin and into outright parody now.  

UPDATE:   Thanks to commentator MDGiles for pointing out something I had forgotten:  
You forgot an important part. To get the bill passed, and while still proclaiming it wasn't a tax, they used the reconciliation method, which is only used for tax bills.
That is correct.  Yet Republicans are supposed to be 'confused' about this.  This damn thing is basically whatever they need it to be at any given moment.  


  1. You forgot an important part. To get the bill passed, and while still proclaiming it wasn't a tax, they used the reconciliation method, which is only used for tax bills.

    1. Excellent point! Into the main body your comment goes! Well done!