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As If You Needed More

Incentive To Get This

Guy Out of The
White House........
"The voters would throw me out on my ass if they knew what I really
intended to do in a 2nd term, be sure to let Vladimir know that" 

Consider this one awful fact that Lee Stranahan brought up the other day on Twitter: 

We the People have already had several glimpses of things Obama would LIKE to do but presently can't because he still has to face the voters this November.  Remember that 'open mic' moment with the Russian president?

Once he gets past the 'last outpost of accountability' of the election and secures himself 4 more years where he doesn't have to worry about what the American people think about him any more, a President who has already demonstrated just how ideological he is will have free reign to do whatever he can to fulfill his progressive agenda.  

Progressives make up only around 20% of the American population.  To get power, progressive politicians have to convince people in the middle - the independents - to swing their way.  And they need A LOT of the independent vote to pull it off.  Since Conservatives make up around 40% of the population, they don't need to swing that many of the independents to carry the day in an election. 

Democrats have been very successful since the 1960's at swinging that independent vote their way.  Starting with Lyndon Johnson's re-election in 1964, the Democrat Party was hugely successful in convincing many Americans in the middle that their progressive policies were just the ticket for what was ailing the country.  From 1964 to 1968 we got the launching of the 'War on Poverty' and other social programs that tapped into American's compassion for the poor.  It's took billions of dollars spent through almost 30 years for many Americans to figure out creating a welfare state wasn't a good idea and didn't do a thing to 'solve' the problem of poverty.  

Democrats learned a lot from this however: launching compassionate-sounding big government programs with huge price tags shows Americans in the middle that they 'care' more than the other guys.  The other guys end up looking like hard-hearted skinflints that want the poor to starve, the sick to die, etc. etc. because they keep pointing out the country can't afford the new big-price program and also the new program doesn't really fix the problem anyway.  

Like in the present health insurance debate, instead of finding ways to open up competition and tweaking the free market to bring prices down, Democrats have pursued the strategy of trying to convince most Americans the 'compassionate' thing to do is give the government MORE control over the insurance market - when it's been precisely that which has caused the high prices in the first place.  

[Did you know the government has set it up so health insurance can't be sold across state lines, that policies have to cover everything under the sun, including cosmetic surgery, thereby driving prices up?  It's true - but don't hold your breath waiting for the very people that have been driving the prices up through gov. regulations to point this out to the public.  They've invested a lot of their time - and your money - into trying to convince people the greed of the free market itself is the problem, hence the need for more government control of it]

 It usually takes Americans bamboozled by this Democratic strategy some time to figure out this false compassion is being paid for by money taken out of their pockets and then mostly wasted.  When the accounting comes & it's shown how many untold billions of tax dollars were poured into the spiffy new compassionate programs vs. the results actually achieved, the voters realize they've been fooled.  It's happened so often that the strategy is now suffering from the law of diminishing returns.   It will only work several times before people figure out what you've been doing.  

Democrats have spent decades selling easy 'compassion' funded by other people's money in the form of tax dollars and these entitlements have now gone a long way towards driving up a national debt that is approaching $16 trillion.  
"I care more than you........and I'll prove it.....

And nobody has epitomized the ideology behind this strategy more than the current administration in the White House.  Despite huge opposition from the American public once they saw that 2,000+ page monstrosity of a bill, the Democrats plunged forward with it.  Many Americans weren't fooled any longer even though the Dems trotted out the same old strategy that had worked so many times before:  

"We CARE more about this problem, we can FIX it with this new program, and if you don't support our solution, you want old & sick people to die in the gutters."

This time many Americans didn't fall for it. They saw the price tag, realized it was their money that would be poured into this thing, and as usual when you looked closely you could see all the promises being made about this huge new boondoggle were untrue.  

Up to 26 million more people would be insured, but the cost is going to go DOWN? Yes, they actually claimed this.  If you like your plan, you can keep your plan & if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor? They claimed that - and it's not true at all.  Millions of seniors are going to lose their plans and Obama knew this when he was traveling around the country relentlessly selling this turd.  Thousands of doctors having looked at the bill have announced they will retire or stop practicing rather than be subjected to what's in it, so 'If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor' turns into 'If you like your doctor, you can have this OTHER doctor over here.'
"I can't wait 'til I get re-elected so I can stop lying to these morons."

Ideology drives the agenda, but to SELL the agenda they have to resort to some of the most blatant bald-faced lies imaginable.  And plenty of people watching this present administration in the past 3 1/2 years have noted how shamelessly they can lie and spin, get caught red handed, and then lie and spin some more.  

Here's the point I've been building to:  If Obama gets re-elected, he can DROP THE MASK at last. No more reason to lie.  No more reason to spin.  He & the Democrats will be able to simply be who they are let it all hang out.  No need to try to hide what they want or where they want to take the country by fooling enough of the independents any more.  

This is why it's more imperative than ever that Conservatives get out and make sure Obama doesn't get a 2nd  term.  

But let's say he does.  Let's suppose Romney has some huge meltdown and loses.  What's the best case scenario for an Obama 2nd term?  

It would be totally emasculating him by ensuring he has a Congress under Republican control to keep him in check for 4 years.  

Right now with the Senate under Democratic control Obama's got some leeway.  Take that away from him and put the entire Congress in Republican hands we can at least limit the damage he can do.  
"I will now order the DHS to stop enforcing this immigration law I don't like. 
What? No, I won't take any questions about this." 

Sure, he'll keep doing the same power grabs and unconstitutional executive orders he's been doing.  If the majority of voters return him to office he has no reason to stop doing that  since they got an eyeful of his doing that sort of crap in his 1st term.  Not like it would be a surprise.  WYSIWYG in a 2nd term.  We'd just have to accept the fact the majority of the voters didn't care what Obama's been doing to the Constitution.  

The amount of damage Obama could do to this country in a 2nd term - even with a Congress fully under Republican control - is enough to expend every effort to remove him from office next January.  Unilaterally re-writing the nation's immigration laws, and the other end-runs he's been doing around Congress & the Courts? You can expect 4 full years of that BS if he manages to pull this off.  

The next 4 months are crucial.  Let's all step up and CHANGE IT BACK.  

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