Friday, July 6, 2012

The Handwriting Is On The Wall:
Obama Not Only Loses.......
He's Gonna Get His Ass Kicked
In A Landslide

All the signs are there if you know what to look for.  Democrat members of Congress desperately running away from him, even to the point of publicly & LOUDLY announcing they will skip the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina?  


What's the tally so far?

These are just the ones who's names and pictures I could find in a 10 minute Google search.  

Obama also lost 40% or more of the vote in 3 state primaries.  Remember - those were DEMOCRATS doing the voting.  

The talking heads on TV will keep talking louder, and the Progressive Left will bury itself deeper into it's nice warm cocoon, but this won't change what will happen. 

Barring a catastrophic failure on Romney's part, Obama will lose in a landslide.  We are at 40+ months with unemployment over 8%, and Obama himself had said if he didn't get it done by now this was a one term proposition.  

The media will keep desperately spinning it, but the people who's JOBS depend on this upcoming election are grounded in reality and they have read the handwriting on the wall.  Obama is TOXIC for them right now and they want nothing to do with him.  They certainly don't want to be seen on national TV at the DNC proudly nominating President Present for a 2nd term.  

An incumbent President who's losing the fund raising war, can't get above 47% in the polls, has members of his own party running away from him, and keeps trying to talk about ANYTHING but the dismal state of the economy & jobs is fighting a losing battle.  

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