Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Next Time You Hear A 
Liberal Claim The Richest Americans Don't Pay Their
Fair Share Of The Taxes 
In This Country,

Since class warfare is about all the Dem's have left in this election, let's deal with this particular bit of BS they're constantly pontificating about. 

"The rich in this country don't pay their fair share of the taxes." 

Somebody saying that INTELLIGENTLY would have to KNOW several things: 

1. How much in taxes the rich are CURRENTLY paying
2. They should then have an idea of how MUCH MORE they SHOULD be paying above what they already are paying.  

You know what you discover if you dare to ask them if they know EITHER one of those points?  

You discover that: 

1. They have no CLUE how much the rich are currently paying in taxes and
2. They have no idea how much MORE they should be paying.  

The other day on Twitter Conservative blogger Lee Stranhan couldn't resist responding to a particularly strong example of this kind of Progressive thought: 

Another Twitter user named @canuckamuk decided to 'help' @LeftsideAnnie by pointing out the latest CBO report on how the tax burden is distributed in this country shows that the top 20% highest-earning Americans paid a whopping 94% of all the federal individual income taxes collected: 
Note how @LeftsideAnnie doesn't challenge or dispute what @canuckamuk said.  She goes straight for an ad hominem because she's caught.  She obviously had NO IDEA just how much of the federal tax burden the richest 1% is currently carrying.  What's more - she's really not interested having anybody tell her - certainly not a 'Repukelickan'.  

Here's information available on-line to anybody that wants to bother to spend like 5 minutes of their life researching how much of the federal tax burden is carried by the rich in America: 

Remember - this information is publicly available to ANYBODY who wants to look for it. 

Here's the official Congressional Budget Office's breakdown of the dispersion of the federal tax burden from 2007-2009: 
What do we learn from looking at the actual evidence?  

In 2007, the top 1% highest earning Americans paid 39.6% of individual federal income taxes collected that year.  The top 20% highest earning Americans paid 86% of individual income taxes collected. 

In 2008, that top 1% met 41.8% of the burden, the top 20% meeting 94.6% of the burden. 

In 2009, the top 1% paid 38.7% of all taxes collected, while the top 20% met 94.1% of the income tax burden levied that year.  

What does that tell us? It tells us the amount of the individual income tax burden being carried by that top 20% highest earning Americans jumped 6% in a single year, from 86.0% in 2007 to 94.6% just a year later.  The last year figures are available, 2009, the amount of the tax burden carried by this 20% of the population held steady at 94.1%. 

Now remember: why are we looking at these figures?  Because Progressives keep loudly insisting the rich are still not paying their fair share of the taxes.  They aren't carrying their fair share of the tax burden!  

Even though the amount of individual income taxes collected from the top 20% jumped up a dramatic 6% since 2007, we still hear people insisting it's not enough.  


This logically means they must have some sort of number in mind.  But you know what happens if you ask them what that 'fair' % is?  

They get MAD.  They don't LIKE being asked that.  @LeftSideAnnie never answered my question: if 94% of the tax burden isn't fair, tell us what % would be fair? 95%? 97 3/4%?  How's about 99.9%?  Got a ballpark number?  

Her only 'answer' was to block me.  Imagine that.  

That's right: the people who loudly go around saying the rich aren't paying their fair share DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH THE RICH ARE PAYING NOW. 

And you know what else? 



And these people have the nerve to call Conservatives 'know-nothings'. 

HOW can you go around blathering that the rich aren't paying their fair share of the tax burden if you DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH OF IT THEY ARE ALREADY PAYING? 

Yet this is PRECISELY what these people do.  See, they don't need to know how much the rich are paying now, the point is that whatever it is they are paying, it's NOT ENOUGH. 

It's obviously not enough because the Federal Gov't is RUNNING OUT OF MONEY! Duh! 

The politicians who have created this mess don't want to admit they've caused our mounting fiscal catastrophe by not controlling their insane levels of spending.  No, it's far easier to SCAPEGOAT THE RICH and convince your stupid followers RICH PEOPLE being greedy and not paying enough taxes is a big part of the problem here.  

That's the deficit for just THIS year.

"We'd have this fixed by now and be on the road to solving it if only those GREEDY RICH PEOPLE WOULD GIVE UP MORE OF THEIR MONEY IN TAXES!"

You want more money from the rich? Ask for it fairly and openly and let the voters decide.  Stop this stupid dishonest BS about how you 'have' to take more from them because they 'aren't paying their fair share' yet.  

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  1. People stopped learning our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. What make the United States wonderful and different from the rest of the world is that government is suppose to be as small and minimal as possible. It is NOT the job of the government to take care of us. It is our job to take care of each other. The government is NOT entitled to anyone's money and neither is anyone entitled to other peoples money. You are entitled to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as God inteded for all of us. Remember, a government that gives you everything is strong enough to take away everything.